English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Patten

My name is Kurtis Bonnet and I currently attend catholic Memorial high school. This year I am
taking English 10 British literature and my teacher has been trying to expose us to different types
of British authors. This is how I cam to start reading about you. Like most boys my age school is
not the favorite thing in my life and when I heard that you left school at the age of 15, I was
really impressed!

Like most young man my age I don’t read a lot. My parent tell me that all the time, but this year I
have been force to and I have to admit its not that bad. I find it interesting that although you
made your name in the 1960 a kid my age could find your work appealing. I also like the fact that
you care for up coming writers and you give them a shot by putting then in your magazine the under

I read a few things about you and I was very impressed that at the age of 15 not only did you leave
school but you also started writing for a local news paper.

I enjoyed reading Mr. Moons last case and Party pierce. I didn’t quite understand what you meant
when u said “and later he caught a bus and she a train and all their was between them was rain” in
Party pierce.

This letter is and invitation for u to speak to my class, A chance to inspire some 15 year old
young men to read and write more.









There are a lot of thing that kind be learn about an author in he or she’s letters, Things that
can’t be learned in one of their books or in their poems. For example a letter was found that was
written by Charles Dickens. He was yelling at a man who had written a bad review of his work. If you
read some of Charles’ books you would never think that he would do such a thing on Christmas. I
found a letter by Charles that reveals that he was a family man.

This letter was written on Monday the third of January in 1842. he wrote it to lord brougham. Lord
brougham was a British writer, scientist, lawyer, Whig politician and abolitionist. At the time
dickens was stating at the adelphi hotel, which is a hotel in liverpool england.adelphi is also
known as the largest hotel In Liverpool.

This letter was doing more then one thing. It was to tell Lord Brougham that charles Dickens was
not going to be in town “at any time during my absence” for a while. It also told Lord Brougham who
he was to refere to if he needed anything in regards to publishing dickens’ book “if any
propersition for a book to be published by the society should be made through Chapman and Hall by
mr. Hargarth (my father in law)”.

I feel that this letter shows that dickes is a very trusstful person. It also makes him seem like a
family man considering mr. hogarth was his brother in law.

so as you can sse their is a big difference in the way Dickens portarias him self in his stories
and the way he really is. for example in the story a holiday romance one the the main characters,
Mrs. Orange said "i really can't be troubled with these torments". that is a child
talking about her parents. but in his letter we see that Dickens trusts his family so much that he
would leave his publishing in the hands of his father in law.
























The search for power can make people do crazy things. In fact most crimes are committed to gain
power, or to in store fear which will ultimately lead to power. Alpo’s four teen murders were no
different. Alpo was an infamous drug dealer that rose to power in the late 80’s. he grew up on the
mean streets of Harlem but the majority of his murders were committed out of town. Eight of his
murders were committed in Maryland and D.C. Alpo committed these murders to secure his safety and
maintain his power in the drug game.

Many of the murders that were committed by Alpo were because of FBI informers. People were telling
the police about the drug activity in the neighborhood. By killing, what he would call a “snitch”,
he helped all the drug dealers in the city. He turned him self into a cold blooded killer “no. after
u take care of your first murder in your life your alright” said Alpo in an interview with the
F.E.D.S. magazine. Alpo said that he had transported a body from Harlem to the south Bronx to drop
it off. They asked him if he was scared and that was his answer.

Alpo was facing death row for his fourteen murders. With his back against the wall they gave him a
deal. Alpo turned into what he had once hated a “snitch” as he made what he called one of the best
decisions that he made in his life. Because he took the deal he was able to get away with
twenty-five to life.

Alpo’s most famous murder was the killing of his partner in crime rich Porter. Porter was said to be
a very flamboyant flashy person. They also said he only cared for him self. He was trying to get as
much money as he could. He cut Alpo out of a couple deals. Porter was ambitious just like Caesar.
Alpo and Brutus, of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, are very similar. It is arguable that they had
different reasons for killing there victims, but they both killed a, what seemed to be, good friend.
The only difference I could see in these two murders if that Alpo murder Porter over money, Brutus
killed Caesar for Rome.

Like many before him Alpo folded in the court room. He took the deal. Many would say he went out
like a sucker. Just like Nicky bonds and Guy fisher, infamous heroin dealers before his time. Alpo
said he was looking out for him self “some people call it snitching. I call it Po looking out for
Po”. He also says if you haven’t faced the death penalty than you can not talk. I have not faced the
death penalty but I don’t think I’d ever tell. How could you tell on some thing your were involved
in , how cold you rat.


















Imagine a world with out language. English is the most common language in the world, if you go any
were you can find some one who speaks English. The word “gangster” made its first appearance in the
English language in 1804. This word is helping the world because it does not have any special uses
like many of the other words in the English language there for easy to learn.

I searched for the different definitions of the word gangster and I found that they were all very
similar. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word as “a member of an organized group of
criminals”. The Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary defines it as “a member of a gang of
criminals”. The Webster Dictionary of Law defines it as “a member of a gang of criminals”. So as you
can see the definitions are very similar this makes the word easy to learn.

People who grew up speaking English have many different definitions for the word gangster. Ferenzts
Bonnet defines it as “some one that does something regardless of the consequences”. Jennifer Caymite
defines the word gangster as “some one who is trying to fit in”. Elijah Agard defines it as “some
one who is different”. 60 percent of the people that defined the word gangster defined it in a
negative way. 80 pecent of the females I talked to defines it in a negative way, And 20 percent of
the male did the same. Clearly this word is helping the world.

People who grew up speaking a foreign language tend to have very similar definitions. My father
Octanor Bonnet who was born in Haiti defines the word as some one who commits crimes for money. He
said that he new the word since Haiti but the call it “marl faiteur”. My mother who is also from
Haiti defines the word as “a thug. People we can do with out.” She to said that she always new the
word. Anthony Peguero said who speaks Spanish defines the word as “a member of a gang” he to said
that this word was not hard to learn. 66% of the people who speak different languages define the
word in a negative way. The word gangster is not look at in a good light in most countries. As you
can see this word is helping the world, because people from all walks of life find it easy to

I find it interesting that the word “gang” has changed so little over time. The OED has some
definitions of the word gang that date all the way back to 1175, while others like “a journey some
times with definition of extent” dates back to 1645. another definition given by the OED is “a turn
or spell at any work or exercise” this dates back to 1879. Clearly for hundreds of year the word
“gang” has been helping the English language because the definition has not really changed.
The word “gang” has a very rich literal history even though “gangster” has only been around in more
recent years. One poem that uses the word gang is Beowulf: “pact hie him to mihton gegnum gangan”
here gang means walk as he describes Grendel. Later Robert Burns uses the word to describe “the best
laid schemes of mice and men gang after agley” he means “go wrong” for gang. A well know rapper,
Coolio, uses the word in his song “Gangster paradise”: “keep standing most our lives living in a
gangster paradise” here he uses the word as in “criminal”. Because the word “gangster” is use by
many people of different walks of life proves that the “word gangster” is helping the world
“Gangster” is a word that helps the world because it is easy to learn. It has a very straight
forward definition that has not really changed over time. A lot of foreign people tend to be
familiar with the word “gangster”. It also has a very rich literal history, there for helping the