English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  .Dear Brian O’Driscoll,
My name is Johnny Repucci, and I’m a sophomore at Catholic Memorial High School. Currently we’ve
been reading contemporary British authors. As we move on, chances are we’re not going to get to
read your book “Lions Diary” Although that's not what your famous for I feel you have allot to
offer my school. Your success on the field has inspired many, such as myself. I play hockey and
and strive on pressure as I’m sure you do. I’m italian in name, but Irish at heart and I’ve been a
fan of Rugby for a few years now and would really appreciate if you’d come talk to my school about
your experiences .

What intrigues me most about your book is that basically you wrote it straight up. As well its
about rugby. Mostly I admire the way you are humble and are not corrupted by your success. Your
book really lets me to get to know you. I understand allot of your earlier years were spent on the
field. Me and you are very similar because I’ve spent allot of my life on the ice, practicing for
the love of the game. But mostly, its great you documented a great piece of rugby history to share
with your fans.

Your book, “Lions Diary” is refreshing from all the forced readings I receive at school. Mostly I
respect your attitude in general. Me and my friends would call you a “chill” guy. “I still respect
him as a player and I'll still go for a drink with him. Things happen in rugby.”. I like this
quote because I’m the same way. Also, the details you experience on the day-to-day give fans the
inside look on what its like on the road.

Moreover, I would really enjoy if you were to visit my school and share your experiences with the
Lions. You have lots to offer, and Boston has a allot to offer you. If you didn’t know Boston's
irish heritage in huge. The culture and atmosphere would make you feel at home. Lastly it’s rare for
anyone to meet an international superstar/athlete/author. I hope you will consider visiting us soon

Your good fan,
Johnny Repucci
  William Blake was successful author, poet and artist. Though he was not known for writing letters,
he had wrote them. Will Blake wrote many works and was a great British author. He wrote this letter
on August 16th, 1799 to Rev. D. Trusler. The letter contains styles of design of a species. He
reveals to Mr. Trustler that he finds the material slavish. Mr. Blake was not only good at
literature, but gave people advice.

This letter was written in the industrial error in England. MR. Blake was in the prime of his
works and was probably confident in his opinions. Furthermore, Mr., Blake had found the material of
the time to suit his liking.

This letters function is to further more express his concern with the styles of designs of a
species. The styles of designs of a species is most likely a book. The letter expresses that Blake
does believe the letter complies with what its subject pertains entirely to.

We can learn from this that William Blake was comfortable with his opinion upon what his problems
with Trusler’s styles of designs of a species. He is a helpful, yet stern man. Although he is
considerate to Truster’s material, he badgers and is forceful about what he should do.
In the end perhaps it’s fortunate that we remember him more for his literature and poetry, than his
letters, but his letters teach us nonetheless.










Treason is most vile of crimes one can commit against his nation. 119 Nambian men were believed to
conspire against their government in 2003. The men were going to leak information about the defense
systems and militaristic ways of there nation to help overthrow their government and gain power.
However they were unsuccessful in their efforts and were prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
The social climate in Namibia was stern it still is. What drove these 119 misguided souls to draw
their plans against their own government was power. They desired to weaken the infrastructure and
slowly during its breakdown siege the opportunity for leadership and anarchy. Their plan was to team
up with neighboring nation Botswana to break down regimes and destroy all that remained of Namibia.
One must ask himself who was the catalyst in this operation; although it is still known many
believed it was a fired government agent. It believed he was planning on one day to run for office
but his dreams would never be realized.

Much like Macbeth, a group of renegades wished to take one man out of power and put themselves in
his position. The men had only wished to be the greatest as did Macbeth. They all went unsuccessful
as did Macbeth.