English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear George Steiner,

My name is Will Harvey and I am a sophomore at Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury,
Massachusetts. My English class is studying British literature, the living authors, and going back
to the first book ever written in English Beowulf. For my English class we had to research a
contemporary British author. I am writing to you asking if you could come speak to my class about
your books and writings

Your name caught my eye when I was looking around. I came across that you live in
Cambridge, England. My grandmother was born there and I have family over there and it was nice to
see that you do too. Also, I noticed you were born in Paris. It is nice to see you grew up in such a
beautiful city, I am sure it must of inspired you in your writings. One day I hope to visit England
and Paris, they are both great sight seeing places.

After more research, I started looking at your works. You wrote many good selling books
and won many prizes. Your writing is still around in things like the New Yorker which is a great
newspaper. In 1998 you won the Truman Capote life time achievement award for literature and were
elected fellow of British Academy that is amazing. You are a great writer and won many awards,
which must be an achievement

Where did you come up with the idea to say Adolf Hitler is still alive? When I was
reading your book The Portage to San Cristobal of A.H. I started to think maybe Hitler still could
be out there. History, especially studying wars is one of my favorite classes so reading about
Adolf Hitler hiding out, and still being alive was interesting. “ And how could he be that sure of
any other human being, leaving another man to step into his own fire? When everything around him was
betrayal.” Great inspiring line, it made me think of how Adolf Hitler left after starting the war
and ran away when he could not win. Even with all those loyal people with him he still left and ran

I learned a lot about you just from reading one book and researching your life. I
believe people will be interested to listen to you and it would be a great learning experience if
you could come talk to my class. Unfortunately, we are reading back to the earliest books. None of
my classmates will ever get to listen to your writings. It would be great if you could come, you
seem to have a very interesting life and an inspiring writer. I hope you see you or hear from you

Will Harvey

  William Blake is a famous British poet. On August 23 1799 he wrote a letter to Revd Dr Trusler in
Englefield Green, Surrey to talk about painters and paintings and how it is ok that they have
different views on a painting and how he can be just as good as the rest. In this letter you find
out about William Blake that he like paintings and is a good artist and just because one person
doesn’t like a certain piece of art doesn’t mean no one else will.

Around this time when William Blake was writing to Dr. Trusler they were talking about Angelo
Rafael & the Antique making great sculptures and that some people might not like their ways of
sculpting or painting but that doesn’t matter it is a persons opinion. Also in 1799 Blake painted
Christ Blessing the Little Children and The Flight into Egypt.

The letter is trying to say that there are more great people. Wisdom comes from within like the
great philosophers say. “I have therefore proved your Reasonings Ill proportioned which you can
never prove my figures to be. They are those of Michael Angelo Rafael & the Antique & of the
best living Models.” He is talking about how those are some of the greatest painters and sculptors
and he could be just like that.

Well most of William Blake’s letter reveals to us how he likes painting. Blake believes that
in the yes of some people he could become one of the greatest painters or sculptors. He can paint
and sculpt just as well as any other person depending on the persons views. “ this world is a world
of imagination and vision I see everything I paint in this world, but every body does not see
alike.” No one has the same exact views as other people that’s why we are all different and can
think freely for ourselves and that is what William Blake is saying in his letter. In the eyes of
some he could be a great.

The letter really isn’t related to how he writes other poems or stories. “On what wings dare
he aspire? What the hand dare seize the fire?” In these two lines from one of his poems William
Blake has an “AABB” rhyme scheme. Blake in his letter doesn’t use a rhyme scheme and he also doesn’t

talk about how he could be a great. In the letter Blake says how he a great painter and could be one
of the best, in his poems he doesn’t talk about painting in this one particular he talks about


















David mills was charged with attempting to exploit Italy’s state of limitations. Allegedly Mills
accepted a $600,000 bribe in exchange for giving “favorable” testimony in Mr. Berluscnoi’s behalf in
two corruption trails during the 1990s. The Alleged bribery took place in February 1998. In December
2004 evidence was found, a letter signed by Mr. Mills confessing that he took the bribe. This crime
is driven by power because Mr. Berluscnoi was trying to stay out of trouble by bribing a testimony
for the crime that he committed.

Mills first told his accountants if the evidence letter that he got the money from helping Mr.
Berlusconi negotiate some "very tricky corners, to put it mildly,” stated Mills. Now he is
claiming that the money was from another client the Neapolitan ship magnate Diego Attanasio.
Attanasio claim though, at the time the money was given he was in prison and did not make the
payment. While Mr. Berlusconi denies that he even knows who David Mills is.
The second part of the trial of David Mills is still undergoing and had just started up at the
beginning of March. Mills for both the trails is said to get up to 20 years in jail for both, twelve
for the first trail and 8 for this trail for corruption. There is evidence that Mills admits to
writing to his accountant about accepting the money from Berlusconi but just does not state which it
was for.

“Kings of Cocaine: Inside the Medellin Cartel—An Astonishing True Story of Money, and
International Corruption” is an astonish true story about the cocaine dealings into America and
other places from Columbia. The book talks about cocaine being smuggled into places and when they
got caught they would bribe or in the beginning bribe people so they could get past security and
into the countries. The cocaine’s billion dollar illegal company bribes thousands of people to make
it here and just like David Mills allegedly did they accept.

Well the second trial of David Mills is still going on. I believe that the verdict on Mills is
obvious. He states that the money was from Attanasio but he states that he was in jail, while at
first Mills said he did receive money from Berlusconi but he denies knowing him. I believe with the
evidence of that letter that Mills will be found guilty. Berlusconi paid him a lot just to get out
on top, and well it failed.

















Anything can be said about words. Attributes about is can come from our word usage and how we talk.
My world is invincible. I believe my world helps the world in several ways. First off my word is the
same usage and keeps language the same over time.

Over time “invincible” has not changed much. The American heritage dictionary defines as “
incapable of being overcome or subdued.” The random house unabridged dictionary defines as,
“incapable of being conquered defeated or subdued.” WorldNet defines as “incapable of being overcome
or subdued.” all three definitions are almost the same meaning and stay the same for all these

The world was first introduced in 1412- 1430. Lydgate used in “chronicle of Troy.” he Old
Oxford Dictionary defines as, “That cannot be vanquished or subdued.” Another author that uses the
word is Caxton in his book, “Eneydeus.” In 1890 in “Armada,” Maculay uses a form of the word in his

People do not always use the word as it is meant to be used in context. Mostly the word has
the same definition for generations, but in word usages people have different views. 30% of the
people I questioned said a movie that recently came out when I asked what they thought of when they
heard invincible. Another 15% said something that had to do with football pertaining to the recent
movie. Mike Kelly a sophomore at CM said, “ I think of Celen Deon.” When I asked why, he answered, “
Because of here songs that she wrote and her career has just been amazing.” Mike uses the word to
describe somebody’s life, while my brother Matt Harvey said, “It means to be stronger than anyone
else.” People have many different views on what it could mean.

I Questioned several people who use English as a second language on their thoughts of
“invincible.” They all said something about how they do not remember learning it or they just picked
it up along the way, they were never taught it. They could all define and use the word in a sentence
easily. Raquel Llera-Stern defined as “being able to overtake anything,” and her sentence was, “ The
invincible man made it trough the plane crash with out a scratch.” Ever non natives pick up the word

Recently a movie called “invincible” came out about a guy playing football when he was much
older than the rest. Also a book about Richard Nixon is coming out, called “ The Invincible Quest.”
Recently some articles have been talking about new ways of using the word. In the march 24th version
of The Australiar, Tom Pierik wrote, “Woolmer, 58, did not think he was invincible…” This usage is
talking about his life and how he did not think his life was in danger.

I believe that words do help the world. Words stay the same for generations, maybe a few here
and there that people use differently or in their own way. Even people who use English as a second
language it is easy for them to pick up the words and learn what they mean. language brings everyone
together and one day maybe everyone will speak the same language.