English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Tom Paulin,

Hello, my name I William Carey and I live in Weymouth Massachusetts. I attend school at Catholic
Memorial, an all boys school in West Roxbury, a small town within Boston. Going to the beach,
playing some hockey, boxing, hanging with some of my buddies and attending the usual Friday night
festivities among my friends are some of the activities I enjoy to participate in. Religion is a
very important part in my family and we practice it very strongly and occasionally. When there is
ever an argument I always love being apart of it and love giving facts to support my theory.
Reading is not really my thing, buy once in a while Ill find a good book or poem and relate to it.
It is great to know that you are strong opponent of anti-Semitism, because it shows that you are
religous. I think discrimination against a certain group of religious people is completely wrong and
cruel to some cases. Also knowing that you grew up in Belfast Ireland relates to me, because I
myself am Irish. Reading about some of your appearances on BBC reminds me of myself when I get a
point across aggressively. Taking advantage of tones of voice, strong supporting facts and bad
language is my philosophy in winning verbal confrontations, because it puts fear and confusion
against your opponent.

Desertmartin and Sea wind are my favorite writings of yours. I enjoy the challenge of trying to
translate the metaphors and trying to comprehend the sentences. The poems are challenging and each
sentence describes the setting or subject very well. After some research I came up with some serious
stats about yourself. I found out that you have acquired many awards in writing poetry and books
such as the Eric Gregory Award in 1976, the Somerset Maugham Award in1978, most recently the T. S.
Eliot Prize in 2004 and many others added to your collection throughout the years. However, it is
not only your poems I admire it’s the famous quotes and statements about the world you proclaim. The
idea that you say what you want to say is what catches my eye on you. While researching I found many
quotes that had such impact and meaning to them. Some of the quotes such as “You are either a
Zionist or an anti-Zionist” really catch the readers eye and causes controversy. Not to many people
have the gumption to say what they think to the public. Other controversial quotes are, “I never
believed that Israel had the right to exist at all” which can easily cause people to question the
existence of Israel should continue. Although I have never met you, I can tell by your beliefs and
theories that you are a very knowledgeable man.

You are probably questioning my reason in writing to you. Well, its an invitation to my school
whenever you choose, to talk about your writings and feelings you would like to express to me and my
fellow classmates. We have a very flexible schedule, so if you ever travel to Boston or just choose
to come visit Catholic Memorial, almost anytime would exchange for distance traveled to Boston and
great achievements in literature.

Please write back,
William Carey

  Robert Burns is writing this letter to a cousin of his, because his father is to sick to write
farewell letters to the family for himself. He talks much about the ranch he lives on, and how
little profit they make off the terrible rocky soils they farm off of, as he writes “Farming is a
very low ebb for us”. Near the end of the letter Burns says that he sent a piece of cheese to James,
but because of the small size of it they would hopefully send a larger piece next year if they could
make a larger profit.

I believe that the letter was written in his name to show the relatives who will step up and
inherit the fathers farm. Burns is showing leadership in the family, and his intellectual level.
Back in the day it was write for the next person I line to take on the responsibilities and prepare
for the new role in the family.

By reading the letter Robert has written to his cousin about his fathers death, it can really show
you how Burns was family oriented. Growing he was very poor but he was always well read and mature
enough to take role in the ownership of the farm. After his fathers death he would become partners
of the farm, so that probably is due to another reason why he is writing the letters for his father.

The letter was written in 1783 around the years of the Revolutionary War in America. Robert talked
about the progress the fathers farm has been doing since his father’s health has been gradually
decreasing. Probably due to the difficulty of traveling back in the day they would have to send
letters to the relatives expressing the person whom was dying their feeling for them. It was to hard
for people to travel to funerals or wakes, and the costs were probably to much. He writes this
letter at the age of 25 and is near the prime of his writing career
Robert was had not experienced much triumph in his life, until the time he wrote this letter when
his father is about to die. His earlier writings do not show much of his sensitive side. O, My Luve
is Like a Red Red Rose he shows his how he is in touch with his sensitive side in this quote, “So
deep in luve am I, And I will luve thee still, my dear, Till a' the seas gang dry”.Also due to
finding a wife and experiencing love his letters have changed.





How could we collaborate if we didnt have lanuage. The English language is spoken widely on 6
continents, and is the second most spoken language in the world. One word from the English language
is “Pride”, which seems to be a powerful word to use. “Pride” is a word that many people have fought
for and millions of people died for. Clearly in this world, the word “Pride” has been a helpful
source for people that are supporting something they believe in.

“Pride” is defined in three different dictionaries quite commonly. The American Psychological
Association defines “Pride” as a “pleasure or satisfaction taken in something done by or belonging
to oneself”. The Chigago Manual Style defines it as “A sense of one's own proper dignity or
value; self-respect”. The Online Etymology Dictionary has defined “pride” as a feeling of pleasure
and satisfaction at one's achievements, possessions, family etc”. It is easy to see that pride
gives men the satisfataction and pleasure in which allows men to have self-respect.

The Oxford English Dictionary has ten different definitions for the word “Pride”. One of the
definitions for “Pride” is a verb defined as “being especially proud of a skill” . Another definiton
is a noun defined as “ gallantry bravery, or ornamentation”. Last is a noun defined as being
“brave, stately”, which is obvious that the word “Pride” has had a positive impact on men. Both of
these definitions were generally to have been adopted in c1000. Clearly the word “Pride” has been
helpful for mankind on Earth.

Currently in todays world, people still define the word the same way as they did centuries age.
Michael Woodson a 16 year old African American student from Boston will defines “Pride” as “black,
displaying bravery and honor”. Michael Biega a 19 year old caucasion, whos a Montreal native will
define “Pride” as “showing love for a belief”. Claudia Seguin a 9 year old Ireland native that has
recently moved to Boston, will define “Pride” as “independence, and nationality”

Guilet Libby, an Afican American who was born in Haiti speaking Creole moved to the United States
at age 6 says “the word “Pride” was not a hard word to learn”. Guilet has defined pride as “honoring
ones country”, and used it in a sentence “With pride I walked into work.” Some expressions Guilet
associated it with was “saluting a flag” or “playing in the Olympics”. Han Sung Park, a 17 year old
Korean that schools in the United States tells me that the word “Pride was not a difficult word to
learn, because its very similiar to the word honor.” He uses it in a sentence as “ Show me your
pride in athletics.” Their was only one expression that he associated pride with: “Playing for a
team.” Both kids describe “Pride” as an honorable possesion to obtain.

Many famous writers have used “Pride” in their works, such as John Freeman in his poem “Happy is
His Ending Now”. Pride is used in his poem as “In those that fight and watch with pride and tears.”
Another famous writer that uses pride in their works is Jane Austen. She does not only use it in her
poem, but its the name of her poem “Pride and Predjudice”. “Pride” has helped some writers with
their works making it a helpful word.

Pride has been a helpful word to this Earth since the start of mankind. It gives a man the power to
draw his sword and fight or just to take that extra step in something so little. Almost everyman
possesses some pride within their beliefs, whether it be for a store or family, or maybe just for
their name. It gives a man a reason to be in this universe, because we all know that pride gives a
man his dignity and own importance.


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