English 11: Writing Portfolio

Catholic Memorial High School


Creative Writing

The Great Chief

 As I sit in my room and contemplate life’s greatest mysteries I make a sudden glance over at my night table next to my bed. Fascinated by what I saw, I approached the strange object with caution. At the base of my reading lamp there was a small stone. The stone was in the shape of a triangle with two indents on the sides close to the bottom. It was not smooth, but almost chiseled and had shades of gray. The stone was no longer than two inches, and no wider than one. Dazed in confusion the rock lays in the center of my palm while I keep asking myself, “What is it?” Then the answer hit me like a ton of bricks, this stone is a Native American arrowhead used for hunting bison along the old Louisiana Purchase circa 1805. I remember I had gotten the arrowhead in Montana from an old wise man on the side of a dusty road.

The old man was tall and slim, and his skin was wrinkled and dry from the arid weather. I had stopped to ask directions to the nearest gas station and he insisted that he would show me something spectacular. The old man took off his large brim hat and pulled out the arrowhead. I was so enthralled by its beauty I immediately asked where he had gotten it. The old man proceeded in telling the story about the great Chief Running-bear.

Chief Running-bear was the leader of the most feared and hostile tribe in the West. Fighting wars with other tribes and conquering their land was what he was known for. At one point in his conquest Running-bear controlled the vast area of land known today as Montana. Thousands of bison would travel through the fields on the chief’s land upward onto other tribal regions. Running-bear was selfish and felt as though all of the buffalo should belong to his tribe. He had felt that all buffalo that travel into different tribe areas were traitors to his tribe and should be murdered on the spot. Packs of natives traveled out to the borders of the land searching for the traitor bison. One by one the animals got picked off, Running-bear ordered men and woman to chisel more arrowheads for the hunters because the bison were not learning their lesson. Running-bear’s plan was foolish, over just a few weeks buffalo became very endanger. All that was left was piles of rotting bison carcasses, ultimately causing the Chief’s tribe to starve. Running-bear was so ashamed of his actions he took the last arrow of the tribes army and impaled it threw his heart. The blood of the great chief ran threw the soil and the rivers of the land giving life to everything it touched. His people spread Running-bear’s blood over the dead buffalo, ultimately giving them new life. The tribe and the buffalo flourished ounce again thanks to the arrowhead and Running-bears heart.

As the old man finished his story and looked into my eyes, he placed the Running-bear’s arrowhead into my palm then pointed down the road. I look down at my hand while I was overcome with astonishment and looked up to thank the old man, but he had mysteriously vanished. I will always cherish this arrowhead and respect the earths glorious bounties it has bestowed us.

I place the precious stone back on my night table with a smile, and realize the true value of life. The story of Running-bear had provided me with the answer to one of life’s mysteries. Hopefully someday I will travel back to Montana and find that old man again.





















Mark Twain (1835-1910) was one of the greatest writers of him time. Twain writing style focused mostly of the average American of him time. He is mostly known for him masterpiece “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Twain was also popualry known for writing short stories. One of his most famous short stories is the timeless piece “Luck”.

In “Luck” Twian uses the military and military names such as “Lietenant-General Lord Arthur Scoresby”. Twain dose this to show respect to those who have served in the military. By him uses very high profile army names, he separates them from regular sociaty.

Also another tequenique Twain uses in his writing is humor. This story is about a row of unpredictable events that produce humor. This aspect of the writing relfects twain life and the joys he had in it.

Strangly the word “Luck” is only used a small amount of times. This shows how the story dose not want u to concentrate on the aspect of luck, but of rather the funny conincidental events that take place.

In conclusion, the story had been very enjoyable to read. All of Twains writing styles and teqqnique make the perfect short story.