English 11: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

The object I found in my house,was in my attic. I was Helping my mother put away old clothes for storage. I lifted a box that had some clothes in it when I heard the sound of something wooden hitting the floor. When I dropped the box to investigate so did my mother, because she heard it too.

It was so small that I didnt see it at first on the floor. When I turned on the other light in the room I saw its round shape outlining the floor. When I picked it up I was surprised by how light and compact it was for the sound it made.

When I brought it downstairs for a closer look, I saw that it could open in to two pieces, one fit into the other. The inside of the object contained small jagged spikes that were semi-rusted and bent.Once I brought it into clear light my mother knew exactly what it was. The object(she still hadnt told me a name for it) was hers when she was a young girl still living in Africa.

She told me the object was passed down from generation to generation, she had just misplaced it a couple of years ago and was going to forget about it completely.She told me that it was a grinder that she used for grinding spices up together,but said there was a whole other story to it.She claims that years before she obtained the grinder it belonged to a village medicine man who used it for grinding up his spices for potions and spells.

She continued the story by telling me when authorities came looking for the doctor for all of his crimes, he quickly disowned all of his secret belongings.Doing this he knew my great great grandmother and left her something also because he was never coming back and he was giving friends memoirs of himself.When he left the grinder to my grandmother he told her that if it stayed in the family it would always bring luck in times of hardship.I believe that my mother is telling the truth because everyday she asks me if i still have it and always gets serious when we talk about it.So to this day I keep it hanging in my room so it will bring me good luck in the future.