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Creative Writing  

The object that I recovered is a small box, and the box is in the shape of a rectangle. I discovered the small box while searching in my old eerie basement. I spotted the box out of the corner of my eye. The glow of the beautiful crafted wood, and the outstanding art on the top of the box grabbed my attention. I found the box on the top of my shelf between my father’s old books and record LP’s. The box shined and shimmered in the dimly lighted room.

It felt like the box was actually was actually calling out to me. The pure beauty of the box shoed and attracted my eye it felt like I found treasure. The box resembled some thing that holds money, incense, or even stationary. On the sides of the box there are beautiful engravings of flowers, and other designs. There is also a picture of very old looking buildings. It looks likes it has very old looking tall marble pillars. on the top of the box next to the building is the word Krakow. This box might come from Poland because Krakow is a city in Poland. When I picked the box up I felt the engravings on the side and felt the metal hinges, and the perfectly crafted wood. There was also a word on the top of it but I couldn’t figure out what it meant or what language it is in.

A long time ago there was a very wealthy American business man named Peter. He loved to travel around the world and bring crafts and painting back to his home for his family and friends. The time that he was traveling through Europe the times were changing the leaders in Europe were starting the change. One of his many travels brought him to Krakow Poland. After walking down the streets in search of merchants who were selling their crafts he spotted a young boy selling beautiful wooden sculptures that were made out of wood. Peter’s eye found a small rectangular box with a drawing of the capital building in Krakow. The second he found the box he knew he wanted to buy it. At first he offered the poor boy a large amount of money, but the boy wouldn’t accept the money. The man tried again the boy said “I can’t take all of this money from you.” the boy just gave the box to him. After taking the box the man just left. When returning to the place where he was staying him closely examined the box. He looked at it from every corner and wondered why the boy just gave it to him. The very next morning peter return to in front of the capital and the boy was no where to be found he asked the people he saw the day before, but couldn’t find the boy.

After that day he returned home the next morning but, still couldn’t get the boy and the box out of his head. He took the box out of his bag and closely examined it again. He saw the word on the top it said “Sullience.” when returning home he researched ravenously but, could not find out what the word meant.

Later in his life he returned to Poland and, went back to that very same spot where he the boy had given him the box. At last he saw him. “Why weren’t you there the next morning” Peter said. He boy replied “I had to give my earnings to help out my family.” then Peter asked “why did you give me the box.” the young boy who is now a grown man said “ I wanted to give you something that meant a lot to me, and that it would let you remember your trip here. And for something to give to a loved one or friend.” peter finally figured out what the box meant to him , and what it meant to the poor man who gave it to him. He realized what hard work went in to the box and how it feels to have something g like it. After this encounter Peter returns home for a while.

As he grows older he ends up giving away one of his most prized possessions which is the box. He wants to give it to someone who would take very good care of it and know the irreplaceable value of the box. Peter gives the box to his son a person who knows that this box means to him. The son asks “why did you pick me instead of anyone else.” Peter replied “I know that this box also means something special to you, and you will cherish it like I did.” after this Peter passed away. Leaving the box in all its mystery to his son.

After leaving the box to his son mike, Peter soon passed away. He left everything behind with him, all of his stories from his travels, and the things that he brought back with him. After taking the box, his son stored it in his house . It was a small reminder of what his father did and accomplished in his long life. Mike also saw it as a treasure. Something that was one of a kind, and that is would never be forgotten. Mike never knew the story behind the box, and how it was acquired. but mike knew it was special , and meant a great deal to his father.




























There is this one beautiful piece of land that I ride by every morning on my way to school. It is a narrow strip of land that borders a cemetery and that corner a big and very busy intersections the field is located on the corner of Baker Street and the VFW parkway in West Roxbury. The field is Very narrow and long. The rest of the park consists of some small trees but, all of the leaves have fallen of these trees, and the leave are moved around the field because if the wind. The small leafless trees are now scattered through the middle of the field and large trees that border the surrounding area of the field. Since it is the end of November the grass isn’t as green as it used to be due to rain the field looks damp and muddy. The texture of the field is wet and, When it’s not wet the ground is either extremely hard. As the month of November slowly begins to end the begging signs of winter begin. This means that snow is coming, the air out side begins to feel colder, and that all of the parts that once made this field green and full of life will be gone. The day have now began to get much shorter and the night have become much longer. The people who were once at this field have slowly begun to fade away less people coming every morning, and every afternoon. As the day progresses the night comes quicker, and people start to go in earlier. The winter does a lot of different this to different people. It causes them to change their rituals and other daily routines they do. This shows that people will change everything drastically to fit one little need.

The next observation that was made was in the first week of December. The field still remained the same in some ways due to the mild weather that was happening the park looked a little different. The ground was still damp and muddy, there were still leaves scattered around the field and, the field was vacant. Due to that there was snow a couple days before; there were some small snow banks along the sides of the field due to the plowed drive way that was adjacent to the field. The snow was almost finished melting, but there were little patches of snow placed randomly across the field. The snow changed the way that the field looked. The snow made it look more attracting to the people walking, or riding by it. The way the field looks when the snow is melting means something to the people. It means that maybe the winter will not be that bad.

The third observation came in the aftermath of a snowstorm. After watching the narrow field gets completely engulfed with snow. The field which was once pale, dry, damp, and empty has now been covered completely in snow. The whole field took on a whole different feeling. It took a dramatic change in one single day going from an empty field to a new snow covered lot. The trees that covered the field and the one that surrounded the fields have also changed. The bare tree now has snow dangling from them. The tall trees surrounding now are covered with snow. The snow changed everything around the field and it inhabitants and visitors. The day off from school brought children to the field to enjoy there day. The snow made the field feel, at the time there was no one there. It was completely empty so wind, noise, or people. The quietness of the field changed the area around the field. There intersection it corners is now quiet as if the cars zooming by were never even present at the time. The use of cars and the area in which the park is located drags down the beauty of the field. It takes away a serene presence it could have.

The fourth day came after a long strand of cold days which meant the snow was still on the field, and had not melted on bit. There are footprints in the snow from the people who had visited over the weekend. Now that the snow had fallen there is more human interaction at the field. The white blanket of snow has now been broken by the footsteps of animals, and humans. The narrow field still feels quiet, empty, and serene. There has been a feeling of emptiness that has come again. There has been no one sat the field lately. There is also no sound the only thing you can hear is cars going by in the background. People have to get more in touch with nature, or just respect it by not littering and not using hazardous materials.

The fifth and final date of observation came at the end of a week of unusually warm temperatures. The field that was once covered in snow now has begun to melt. The texture of the snow has now changed to slush. There is now more ice. The ice brings a new challenge to those who come visit. The warmer air brings new wildlife to the space. Birds have been flying by and perching themselves on top of the trees. The size of the snow on the field has become smaller only little bits in the middle like it was earlier in the observations. The snow melting brings a sign to people that the days are changing and so is the season. Even though we are in the beginning of the winter we have something to look up to.

After the five observations narrow field has changed drastically. Once a snow covered field, and now it’s beginning to look like it did in early November. There have been changes in how the people around it function. These changes are documented in all of the observations.
































Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most influential writers of the 19th century and of American literature. Poe was written many works ranging from poems, short stories, and prose. Poe is most known for his poems “the Raven” and his other great work “The Tell Tale Heart.” The poem that I chose was “The City and The Sea.” In this poem Poe explores a broader form of literature and devices that you would not expect him to do. Some of the literary themes and devices are in the way he builds up excitement with his rhymes, and what the story is about.

“The City in The Sea” by Edgar Allen Poe explores a literary device with his rhyme scheme. We all recognize Poe for his dark, dreary, and depressing moods in his work, but here he explores a less melancholy mood. In this poem he uses the rhyme scheme to build up excitement. At first he talks about a dark dead city “where the good, the bad, the worst, and the best have gone to their eternal rest. After this quote he changes moods by the end of the poem “but lo, a stir in the air the wave there is movement there!” this is an example of how Poe uses words that create actions. He is taking a dead city and bringing it back to life. That is the first example of how Poe uses a literary device he doesn’t use in any other of his works.

Poe changes his usual mood for this poem, but unlike his other poems he goes from a dark and depressing mood to an optimistic mood. He does this in the poem by building up excitement with words that produce actions an example of this is “ Gleams up the pinnacles far and free – up famed doors – up spines- up knightly halls- up Babylon like walls.” that example is true because he uses action to show this supposed dead city to be brought up to acclaim. That is how Poe brings the city out dead with an optimistic view.

The third literary device that Edgar Allen Poe uses is in his themes in the poem. One major theme of “The City in The Sea” is the sea. The first of example of the sea as a theme is in the title. Poe also makes more examples to the sea later on in the poem “these open fares and gaping graves yawn level with the luminous waves.” Poe also talks about the current of the sea. “For the ripples crawl at last.” that is how Poe uses the sea as one of his themes.

Edgar Allen Poe’s “the City by The Sea” show a transformation of sort by Poe. This poem shows him leaving his usual dark and dreary mood for a more optimistic mood. there were many literary device that are seen in his rhyme scheme and one of the themes of the poem.



























Soccer is one of the most popular played sports in the whole world. Soccer has grown greatly in America over the past 20 years. Having two teams with eleven players on the field try to kick the ball into goal plays soccer. The game is played in two separate halves of forty-five minutes, and there is extra time added on at the end for all of the penalties given out. The team with the most goals wins, but the game often ends in ties. Soccer was created in England in the 16th century. Soccer is an ever-growing sport everywhere in America, and that what makes it American. The rate that this sport is growing here makes even more American everyday.

When We Americans think of soccer we think of people starting riots, and extremely boring games that end in ties. Soccer is becoming one of the most growing sports in America at the professional ranks. This sport is becoming one of the largest played sports for young children, and teenagers. Many high schools and colleges have adopted programs. Soccer is especially popular in suburban areas around the us there are also many new professional soccer organizations in the States. When Americans think of pro soccer we think of teams in the o.k. Such as Manchester United and Liverpool. The American Organization is called major League Soccer and has teams form the entire major cites including New England, Washington, Dallas, and New York. The season coincides with major league baseball so it doesn’t get a lot of press. Soccer is growing everyday, and it is shown through out amateur and professional organizations.

Soccer has been given many criticisms over the years good and bad. I gave a survey out to my classmates. The major league soccer’s has a hard schedule to compete with other sports. Many critics like Jackie Macmillan from the Boston Globe said, “ the revolution will have a hard time getting publicity running at the same time as major league baseball. Pat Carr said, “ The game is useless and not American.” There are some pea poles that believe that the sport will make it. Taylor Thelma of he New England Revolution said “ it will be tough to make it in Boston, but soccer will make it in this town.” (12 SI) Junior Booby Collins of the varsity soccer team said that “ the team has grown every year and will keep growing.” after the survey and interviews we have seen to different sides of the arguments. This shows how some believe it can work here and how it couldn’t work in American.

Soccer is seen in literature in poems, stories, and articles. Soccer is a worldwide phenol. The national geographic ran an article called ‘ Why the World loves Soccer’s.” The article tells of how soccer has taken a hold on the whole world, and how it gives hope for young people around the world. “ Soccer is the governing body oaf Africa is aware of the PR Damage caused by juju. And there is a mix of soccer in politics.” This tells of juju from the Ivory Coast going to France to play. That is how soccer is represented in literature.

Soccer is an ever-growing sport, and it continues to grow. Soccer is becoming more American by the day. Soccer has risen greatly over the past couple years and will continue.




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