English 11: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

I was in the basement one night, looking through old belongings of my family when I came across something in the far corner I had never seen before. It was a very old hockey stick with an old logo and brand I had not seen in any sports store. At first I thought it could have belonged to my dad or my grand father, but when I asked my dad he knew nothing about it. He said it must have been here long before even he lived in this house.

Later on that night I realized how old the stick really was. It said in scratched white letters 1948.1948, thatís when the sport of hockey was first originated as an American sport. I thought that maybe the person who owned this stick could have played on the first teams of our day. He could have been a great player. I was extremely curious, so I asked my older neighbors who had lived in their house for many, many years. But they couldnít remember if there had been any hockey players who lived near them. So next I tried the Internet to try a search on what national hockey league players were from South Boston.

The search came up with four players, 2 who played for only a matter of months during the 80s, and Brian Noonan who was the only Southie hockey player to win a Stanley cup, which he did for the New York Rangers in 1994. And finally the last player played during the early 1950s. At this point I was really excited to know who this mystery player really was, and just as I thought I had found out the worst possible thing happened. The search result came up Ö. Not Available at this time. Iím almost positive not available is the player who lived in my house, but then again Iíll probable never find out who it is.