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Dear Mr. David Edgar,

Hello MR. Edgar my name is Isaac Whitworth from Milton Mass. I go to school over at Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury Massachusetts. In my English class English 10 British literature we study a vast number of British author’s poem and books and I had just realized that you were not one of the authors in which we study through out the course of the year. Now I thought if you’re as good as the magazines say we should be studying you because we study British authors for books not plays.

But actually from what I see you actually won your first award when you were 28 man that’s deep shoot I wish I would be in the NFL when I’m 28 it was the John Whiting Award that’s deep I wonder was writing something you always aspired to or was it something that you did on the side and then persuade it when your other choices didn’t work.

What I think is really amazing about you is this one play that I actually saw which I would have seen sooner or later because I sure don’t read a lot and trust me I don’t read a lot but I watch a ton of movies and I loved it. It was when you were 23 Excuses Excuses. How do you come up with the titles for your movies? But I really liked this one part where this guy goes, “Excuse me but I’d like to excuse myself from the table and no I’m not making up Excuses.” That was funny to me because that’s what I say all the time at my dinner table and it was just hilarious the way he said it.

But really I think that it would be very nice if you came to visit us my teacher said that we don’t have thing planned through may so if your decide to drop by that’s the place you know. Because hey everyone should know about you not just randomly pick up one of your books and plays like I did ok thanks for your time

Best regards,

Isaac Whitworth



































Arthur Lloyd had written And that’s why I’ve not got ‘em on in 1891 It was written by one of the citizens in Brittan who’s wife had woken him up in the middle of the night to go search for a mouse through the whole night. The song isn’t popular today because the last time that it was rewritten was 1965. This song talks about culture for one because of custom marriages at young ages and wind up as divorces and about there history because that isn’t custom in our country and time period.

This song was based on a true story which is also why it was sung in the 1970’s because there were a lot of up and down marriages in that time period. According every night he tries to go to bed but the most he has slept for in days is two hours. And so he doesn’t even bother to put on his night closes because his wife will just wake him up and tells him to go search for it hence and that’s why I’ve not got ‘em on. And at the end he deeply regrets marrying her in the first place and wants to divorce her because of all of the torment that she had put him through and that she had annoyed him. Right at the end, “I was a fool to marry she does me badly, she says I don’t do what she says and she sick of it.” I think he had written the song to show people not to marry quickly and not to be marrying girls or having girlfriends at young ages.

This song influenced all of the people of the 1970’s and young people who say to girls I love you marry me and stuff like that. This song was rewritten in the 1970’s and that is around the time which most people either married young and the marriage worked out or they are now divorced. Like at the end where it says, ”She was a monster she forced me to do what I didn’t want to do and I drew the line at washing the front steps.” Today it’s not as worse with people divorcing from marriage but it’s still a little bad but people must had heard about Arthur’s song and heeded his warning.

This song has influenced many people who study the history of British culture especially if the divorce rate of marriage has gone down and marriages aren’t as lop sided like single parent marriages. Because back then marriages were arranged and also marriages didn’t last long because that’s not who the wife wanted to be with and either the husbands would most likely beat there wives if they didn’t obey what they were told.

This song I guess had influenced people but this song wasn’t even that popular but I guarantee it started a train to end the acts of divorce and people taking advantage of each other.






















Suppose that in 2005 unknown hoodlums had firebombed 10 gay bookstores and or any of there known hangout out spots in San Francisco, reducing them to nothing but ashes. You can imagine the shock spread through the bay area’s gay community. Well something as tragic has happened in the past 2 weeks 10 Baptist all churches were Baptist were burned in rural Alabama. 5 churches from Bibb County- Ashby Baptist, Rehobeth Baptist, Antioch Baptist, Old Union Baptist, and Pleasant Sabine- were torched between midnight and 3 A.M. on February 3rd. then about 4 days later Arsonist were destroyed or badly damaged Morning Star Ministry Baptist in Greene County, Dancy First Baptist Church in Pickens County, and 2 churches in Sumter County. And according to police and citizens this was clearly a hate crime, or is it. But then how is it for Power? Well if it’s for hatred from Jews then you’d use the analogy that if a Cuban store was burned wouldn’t you assume that it was from anti-Cuban animuses who were involved? I didn’t see how these churches being burned down shows any signs of hate.

Because Mark Potok a Director of the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center said in the LA times that hate crimes are exceedingly rare in the south which brings to my point about power. Its motivated by power because they say that it is about race and sources say that if race is involved you can see that over the years that people have taken advantage of people and over powered people because of there racial background. All clues point to one Jay Scott Ballinger one who is pointed at for Satan worship and previous burnings of churches and other places of worship. Jay was once jailed for 26 church burnings back from 1997 and had received a 17 year sentence but was released after 8. After an interview from his past crimes Jay confesses and admits to burring the churches in the past but claims innocent to the crimes pledged against him now, “How is it that you could have found me and automatically assume that there was no other accomplice. His past crimes and possibly present are considered to be national epidemics. Ballinger’s wife Angela Wood whom is 25 years old was also interviewed and claims that Ballinger would beat her if she had talked to the police and or so much as tried so stop him or convince him to stop him from doing these crimes. She claims to have helped him is any previous burnings but she said that they spread across from Kentucky through parts of California.

Besides the one Jay Scott Ballinger and his girlfriend Angela Wood there have been no other culprits or evidence of other people also assisting Jay with these crimes. But an FBI special agent Charles Regan along with other detectives say that this had to be more than one culprit and are continuing to search for other possible suspects and says, “He is giving us reason to believe that he was with someone but according to his girlfriend he had no accomplice”. Although Jay says that there’s no accomplice and that he is innocent but is not believable.

It was kind of hard to find references to literature about this one particular article but I had found one there is a book called An Anthology (Blackwell Anthologies) its kind of hard to see but there is a part in the book which refers back toward the war between Napoleon and Great Brittan and while they are at war the French invade the cities and burn them to the ground. And they burned a church down to the ground with people and a minister still in it. So it might not be as big as Scott Ballinger burning down several churches but it has the whole burning of churches.

Right now Jay Scott Ballinger is currently being held in prison until his court day which is not until march 3, 2007. But many think he’s guilty and many think not who knows. You be the judge.

































In a ball park guess how many words do you speak in a day? Or even harder how often in the same day so you use the same word. Like how many times a day do you use the word the or yes or biographical? Now lastly how many times a day do you use a word that isn’t from the English language? I remember when I was in second grade my teacher Mrs. Caccamo gave us a word and asked us to record how many times a day we used it. I remember my word was dig. I used it 3 times. That assignment really made me think about curtain words used in the English language. And I thought why we don’t get ride of the words that we don’t use on a regular basis from the English language. Why don’t we give it a try ill ask you a word and give you the background behind it and at the end you tell me wither we should delete it from the English language. Doing this might make English a better language. The word is “miracle”.

Ok the word “miracle” from the Latin root Miraculum, An event inexplicable by the laws of nature. This word “miracle” is defined in three different ways from three totally different dictionaries. First dictionary is the Eastern 1897 Bible Dictionary. It states that the word “Miracle” is an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God. Next we have the American Heritage Dictionary. This dictionary states that a “miracle” is an amazing event: an event or action that is amazing, extraordinary, or unexpected. And then we have the World Dictionary. And this dictionary had said that a “miracle” is an amazing or wonderful occurrence. Do you use the word in these forms? Should we delete it yet?

If you have kept reading so far you must be pretty interested. Well we have some more definitions about this word from the Oxford English (OED) if you wish to read on farther about this word to see if it does belong in the English language. But I warn you the OED gives a different approach to defining the word “miracle” because it uses it as references or to describe something. Like the first definition given says that the word “miracle” means, to be related by miracle. The OED also defines the word “miracle” by saying to work miracles. I’m not sure why the OED defines “miracle” like that because I was always taught never to define a word by using the word in the definition. And actually there are a few dead versions of the word “miracle” that you would have never thought to use in the way that the OED had used it like, Mirador which means a watch-tower. Or like this other one Miracular which means a Spanish house. And I don’t remember using the word miracle to mean a tower or a house. There are some other definitions that are proclaimed to be dead like Miracler but the definition of it is one who works miracles but it is used by people describing events from within the bible so yes it still is used. Do you hate the word yet or are you even more interested?

People as you can see have used the word Miracle in many different ways. One was used to describe a house, another to say an inexplicable event. Now its time to see how the people of Massachusetts have used the word “miracle” in 2006. There are new ways of using the word miracle than to be an in explicable event. If it counts my little cousin uses it as a password to get into his club at school that he and his friends had started up. Others like a friend of mine Steve Carbone use it as the title of a movie not the hockey movie miracle, or like the movie miracle on 34th street. But a movie that he had created with his friends. He had said, “Me and my friends had made the greatest movie ever. It’s called Miracle, and that’s all that we could think of for right now. Now others do use it as an amazing event but who hasn’t my job is to show you all the new and cool stuff. Like this, remember when I told you that miracle had meant a Spanish house right. A Spanish friend of mine Sergio Garcia used it that way. Because the other day after school he said to me, “This Memorial Day weekend I’m going to head back to my Miracle down in Havana.” Havana being the town he grew up. I thought that he meant like his cousin or his family. But it was actually a house his grandpa left to him and that’s what they call it in his family.

Now I have asked three people who growing up had spoken another language when they were younger. I asked then to give me their definition of the word “miracle” in both English and then whatever language that they had spoken growing up and then to use it in a sentence. First was Sergio Garcia, his definition was that a “miracle” was a supernatural occurrence. Then he had told me that the word “miracle” in Spanish is “Milagros” which is the same as the way our English dictionaries define it. Next I had asked another close personal friend of mine Steve Blaze, who said that it means an unexplainable event and he told me that the word in Creole is pronounced Marack which looks like it is old English. Then lastly I had asked someone who I can depend on my mom Jennifer Whitworth. She exclaimed that the word meant an even from God. And in her foreign tongue Patwar is spelt and pronounced Mirakle. .

The only thing that I could find about the word “miracle” in Magazines that was new and interesting was drugs. That sounds interesting. Unfortunately for the readers it’s not a smoking type drug or sniffing but a medicine drug. It’s about a drug that is capable of treatment for diabetic neuropathy and also a nerve commonly associated with diabetes. In the text it says, “The drug being tested might not yet cure diabetes but right now gives people with it a fighting chance.” (Kang, Peter Article 102) The name of the drug is miracle. The other thing was a “new” type of steroid. It said from within the article that, “There is a new steroid that just barely shows up on a drug test but some might get away with it.”(Kang, Peter Article 98) That’s something new, ok so it’s not the best thing but it works. Ok so this might affect your decision on the word a little but let’s see.

So after all you have just heard what do you think? Should the word stay or go mind you it’s only a game but do you think it should go or stay. If this were real your decision would have a massive effect on the English language. Me personally I think English is to complicated I don’t think it should be the common language, and yes that’s my reason it’s to complicated.