English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  .Dear Carol Ann Duffy,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick Sorel and I am a sophomore currently attending Catholic Memorial High school. I am studying British Literature in English class this year.

We have a huge textbook full of British Authors, but I was surprised that your name wasn't in there. I wish that some of your poetry would be in that book. I read your poem "Small Female Skull" and I liked how you compared a skull to an ocarina. I also read one more of your poems called "Valentine." I thought this would be a love story but when I read the last three lines it made me think of death. The last three lines said,"Lethal, Its scent will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife." Those were one of those types of endings you would never expect.

I would like to ask if you can make some time in your busy schedule and recite some of your poetry to my class. We as a class would really appreciate it if you could tell us about your poetry. If you don't come my class would be missing out on your poetry. I also have a job in the arts and a part of my job is to write poetry. I was hoping if you could recite some poetry to give me ideas and help me with my job. You could also try to get my class interested into your poetry. I hope you will come and share some of your work.


Nick Sorel

























An old Irish song "Biddy Mulligan," was written by an unknown author but a band called the Dubliners recorded this song. This band is made up of a group of five people that started off at an I rish pub in 1962. The played songs like "Biddy Mulligan," in pubs so people could have a good tome.

Based off what the song lyrics are about I believe it has to do with Irish culture. This song is told by a person. He talks about his day to day life. It taches us how the people lived in Ireland in the old days.

This song also has to do with culture because it talks about food. "I sell apples and oranges, nuts and sweet peas, bananas and sugar stick sweet." This song does talk about culture.

This song is still played in Irish pubs today. Bands like the Dubliners still play this song and have it on their c.d.'s. I look up on the internet and an Irish pub said it still playes the song in it. The name of the bar was the Irishxchange. This song has an affect on Irish culture because it is still played today.


























On July 2001, 5 Hells Angles were indicted of racketeering. Hells Angles is a motorcycle gang in Arlington, Washington. they were terrorizing the area led by their leader richard Fabel.

He is acused of directing his gang members to do murder, attempted murder, intimidation, extortion, robbery, and stealing motorcycle parts. His motives money and power. He abused his power by making his gang do the dirty work and be sent to jail for it.

The leader says he had nothing to do with it. His attorny said,"because of his position, quite often he gets blamed for things other people get involved in." Stephen Herkins, a special agent said this," these individuals thrive on a culture of violence." Rappaport a member of the gang said,"we are just individuals who enjoy motorcycles."

A British story that I found that somewhat has to do with this incident is "The Adventure of the Empty House." This story is by Arthur Conan Doyle. The bikers commited murder and so didn't the culprit in the story. "He was murdered in his house last night."

All the gang members were arrested. they will be tried in Seattle. They will either face life in prison, $250,000 fines, or the death penalty.




























Over the years we have spoke our language, our language has evolved. Take my word for example "nick." This word was origionally spelled "nyke." Throught the years to come I think our language will still continue to evolve. In my opinion the English language is good and it should be the dominant language of the world.

Over the years my word had picked up a few definitions. Definitions that were looked up in the Oxford English Dictionary. The first defintion ever was,"a notch, groove, or slit, cut into something." This defintion is still used today. An other definition that is still used today is,"a notch used as means of keeping score." One definition that I looked up that is no longer used is,"a gap in a range of hills," I knew this definition was no longer used because it had a cross next to it.

I looked up the words in other dictionaries too. The Macmillan gave this definition,"a place on a surface or edge that has been cut or chipped." In the Webster's Dictionary the definition is,"a notch; slit." In the Wordsmyth Dictionary it said," a shallow cut, notch, or chip on a surface."\

 The word "nick" was born 1483. It was first used by the Cath. Angle. in this sentence,"A nyke." In 1523 Fitzherb Husb. used it in this sentence,"Somme plowes have a bende of yron.... the hath thre nykes on the father syde." In 1578 Banister Hist. used it in this sentence,"departing from this corner, or deep nicke, ...... there riseth a sertaine sharpe Processe."

I took a survey about my word to see how it is used now. I surveyed nine males and one female. Eight were between the ages of fourteen and seventeen two were between the ages of thirty seven and forty two. Nine of the people said it was a chip, dent, scrape. One person said,"dependable." The nine people were close to the definition of the dictionaries but the one peson was not close. All of the people said it was a name before I told them to give me the definition as a common noun.

Till this day the word "nick" is still used in our language. On an article from ebsco.com the article titled,"The effect of nitric oxide donor on nitric oxide synthase-expressing myenteric neurons in culture." The author used it in this sentence,"However, TdT-mediated X-dUTP nick end labelling stainings argue in favor of the latter." One more article from ebsco.com used it in this sentence,"Since the bacteria thrives on steamy settings like locker rooms amd enters the body through nicks, abrasions, and cuts." One thing I found at ebsco.com titled,"The Official Nick Guide to Electing the President," this used the word "nick" in a way i've never seen before. As you can see the English Language is still evolving and it will continue to do so.

I asked people who spoke English as a second language what the word "nick" meant in their language. I asked my grandmother who is from Germany and she said,"I don't know it's only a name." Giddens who speaks Creol said,"it's only a name." I asked my friend who speaks Romanian and he said,"it's only a name it doesn't excist." I guess this is a hard word for other languages.

I think the English Language should be the official language of the world.It would be so much easier on everyone's lives. We wouldn't have to take language and communication would be easier. The whole world would get along better too.