English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Miss Forrest,

I am a student at Catholic Memorial High School in Boston, Massachusetts. I actually live south of the city in the small town of Carver. I am writing to you because I found myself just curiously searching British poetry, and came across an untitled poem written by Emma Forrest. I get lost in certain pieces of writing, and I begin to think about what is beneath it all. I believe some of the best poetry is that in which one is almost forced to study, and read again and again.

I enjoy doing writing of my own. Whether it is poetry or writing the next page of a book, writing acts as therapy for me. I find it to be freeing and soothing, and love the idea that there are no boundaries. The stanza of this untitled poem that really made me dig deeper was: This place where sorrow laughs,

And pain hides its eyes in The dim lights. Of every color

The way these words are put together and on the other hand split up makes this piece so fascinating. Another thing is the fact that somewhere inside of me, I feel like I have experienced this place or emotion at some point before, but I am unable to put it in my own words where it has the same affect.

I feel that people can often find out something more about themselves through reading or writing a mysterious piece of art, such as poetry. Another wonderful thing is that this stanza probably does not mean the same to you, as it does to me. And something I write would probably end up in the same category. I especially find this piece similar to something I would write. When I write poetry, only I truly know what is going on, and a reader could only make assumptions of what was going through my mind.

Reading and writing is very important. I often find that it is more of an inconvenience, or annoyance for many younger people to do either. I know at least for me, it is writing like yours that makes me want to read more, and allows me to continue writing.

I thank you for even this one stanza, for it has let me dig deeper to find something more inside of me. Reading can influence many once they get into it. If you are ever in the Boston area, you are more than welcome to stop by Catholic Memorial. Your writing has touched me, and I am sure it will affect many more in the future, and more than one at Catholic Memorial.

I simply thank you, because strictly focusing on your poetry, I have grown as a person and a writer.


Daniel Ruggles