English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Ms Elderkin,

My name is Ryan O'Sullivan I was born on August 11, 1989 in Waltham MA, I am sixteen yers old. I go to Catholic Memorial High School, 235 Baker Street West Roxbury MA, I am a sophmore there, English 10 British Lieterature in Mr. Mcgongal's class. The reason why I want you to come to our class today is that I want you to tell use about your life and what books you have writen and also I want you to tell use about your awards that you won. Finally, I don't want you to be afraid to come to our class and talk about you self. The reason why I am writing to you today is that, I was wondering if you would come to our class and talk about your life and accomplishments in writing books. First, I heard that you were named in 2003 by the, Granta magazine, as one of the twenty 'Best of Young British Novalists'. I would like you to talk to use about how you liked in London, and what to you do there? I see from all the research I have done, you were born in 1968 in Leatherhead, surrey. You went on to college at Cambridge University and how it was to go there and learn? Next, I want you to come to our class and talk about your two famous books that you have written. First book is, Sunset Over Chocolate Mountain, that you won the Betty Trask Award in 2000. I would like you to talk about how it felt to win that award? The second book I would like you to talk about is, the Voice, that you wrote in 2003. Tell us about what inspired you to write these books and how long it took to write? The famous quote from you was, "that every book I make will be a winning award." And have you acccomplish that? Thank you for your time and onsideration, we have really enjoyed to hear of all your accomplishments and experiences with your writing. Sincerely, Ryan O'Sullivan
























The song that I pick was named “Bantry Bay”, Patrick Shuld Sham Shaw wrote it. He wrote this song in 1959 that's when he first made it and wrote it. The song was made in Ireland that was where he was born and lived, and that’s where he wrote the song as well. This song was very important to his culture and to allot of people as well. Because of it, today, they play it for the American Red Cross. The song teaches us to love our culture and our religion as well. It also teaches people to know who they are and how it effects history. It makes people drink more and may show their bad side as well and who they are. That is what the effect of British Culture, effected.

The Background of the song Bantry Bay, Patrick Shuld Sham Shaw made that. This song made a lot of money because they played it at the American Red Cross and it was on the Radio as well. The writer named Patrick Shuld Sham Shaw made the hall of fame because of “ Bantry Bay. That’s one reason why it is so famous and the other reason is because of the American Red Cross. They called this song a dancing song that they played in, restaurants and in pubs. This song is an Irish song, and most Irish people listen to it and go to pubs that are why it is played in a pub. From this song some people learn from it as well too. The circumstances of writing the song was for people to listen to when they are horseback riding and for merry dancing and also when you play sport as well. Finally that is what I wrote for the background of my song.

The Main function of the song is to make people to like it and have fun listen to it. It is played on Saint Patterns Day and also this song is mostly placed in Ireland. It influences a lot of people to dance more, like it more, and also do stuff with it. Third one of the Quotes for the song is that he made this song for people to learn what's going on today about the culture and the history that is going on today and to stop the violence and that why he wrote this song. The other function is that this song made to make the world a better place that was his final function about the song.

The modern version of the song is that the song is still played and has the same lyrics as well but the only thing that is different is that it is more popular in the United States now not just Ireland or anther states. That was the song Bantry Bay that I picked that was written by Patrick Shuld Sham Shaw and all of the functions and circumstances that the song did to the world today that is around us. The place was it was famous for playing was at the American Red Cross. That was the song he made in 1959 that influenced at lot of people to listen to it and learn from it in the world today.






























Abu Musabal Zarqawi, was born on October 20th 1966. He is a Jordanian born in Salafe Islamist milant, a guerrilla leader of and head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Zarqawi, had allegedly confessed on multiple audiotapes to having committed numerous acts of violence in Iraq. He has been killing siblings and taking hostages. The most important crime to me that he did was when he dropped the, “deadly bomb on UN headquarters which killed the top UN envoy in Iraq, Sergio Vieirade Mello and 21 other peoples that he had killed” in Baghdad on August 2003.

Also, I am going to tell you his most famous quotes he said, in the first body paragraph from his letters he wrote to the White House. Al- Zarqawi, has been accused of one specific crime that he did and it is the deadly bombing at the UN headquarters which killed the top UN envoy. In Iraq. Sergio Vieirade Mello and 21 others were killed in that bombing in Baghdad on August 2003. He said, “even if our bodies are far apart, the distance between our hearts is close.” Then the Prime Minister of Iraq was named Lyad Allawi, and said, “threats by the defense minister to arrest Mr. Chalabi for deformation were unfortunate and not the position of the government.” The quote from President Bush and what he had to say about that is, “Iraq is not a state of civil war but urges its leaders to confront sectarian violence.”

Other people that were involved in the crime were people that lived in Iraq and that were relatives and family members Abu Musagal Zarqawi and also friends. They did the committing of the crimes, because they said there were incidence that happened in Haditha on the 19th of November 2005. The military claims that the Civilians died in a roadside blast. This was disapproved by an earlier investigation and the Iraqi often-accused US troop of fighting Insurgents of committing war crimes. Because of what had happened on September 11, 2001. That was one reason why Zarqawi bomb the UN headquarters.

Al- Zarqawi, is allot like the terrorist Guy Fawkes in British literature because they both like bombing and killing the US troops. This is why they are alike. Guy Fawkes he was known as the man that almost blew up the parliament but was warned and hanged for treason. One poem that was written about Guy Fawkes was, “Remember, remember the fifth of November gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason, should ever be forgotten...”

Clearly, Al-Zarqawi is out for power, so he can get revenge on the US troops and what they did to them in war and also bombing them. He is still out there leading the Iraq in more wars and bombings. The US troops are going to stop the crimes from Al-Zarqawi. President Bush won’t have to worry about getting bombed at any time and also make our world a safer a better place to live in. With this people won’t be worried about getting bombed if we stop it.




























The English dictionary there is many words in the English dictionary to choose from. But the word the came to me when I was looking for a word is the word “Film” that word came to me. Then I was like saying to my self I no a lot about that word so maybe I will use this word and I did. This word film has lots of optical and shapes and also meanings to this word. The word “Film” is another word or name for the word “Movie“. The word film is something you would watch at work or for a job interview or something important. This word film that was made in the 1600’s was very important to history today because it helps people out for job interviews and for teacher to teach there students better, and also easer for people at work, that's why it is important to history today.

The 3 Dictionaries that I have used from was to find the definitions of my word is the dictionary called Webster’s dictionary that definition says its a thin sheet strop of flexible cellulose materials coated with photosensitive emulsion, used to make photographic negatives or transparencies. The second dictionary is the American heritage one that has to say is the word film means to is it is a moving picture taken with a film camera which can be at the movies or on television. Finally the last dictionary is Dictionary. com the online Dictionary that says that the word film meant A thin, flexible, transparent sheet, as of plastic, used in wrapping or packaging. Those are the 3 dictionaries I used for the word film.

The OED has my word in many different way and looks and meanings of it that ii could mean but the word film that I used was the photography way of using it. The definition of my word in the Oxford English Dictionary is a thin pellicle or coating of colodiodion, gelatin, and etl. It is also spread on photographic paper or plates, or used by it self without a plate. The word film was made in 1601 the Holland pliny2 and another place it was used is in 1822 the Haslett Table 2 and finally used at T.H {awakens} Caissons holy crt in 1660.

The usage of this word in speech is the word film. It has lots of meanings to the word like a membrane; animal or vegetable is one way of the word film. Second way of the word is applied to the tongue is another way or the word film. Third one is the extremely thin pellicle or lamina of any material or the word film is a way of film. Fourth one is often applied to the emanation from the surface of the bodies which in the philosophy Epicures were supposed to be the objects of perception. Finally it is used in the form of the word that I use it, as is photography a thin or coating of colodion gelatin, etc. It also spread on photographic paper or plates, or used by itself instead of the plate.

The word film and how it is used in literature in over the time. The word film it is used in literature was britty fascinating because the uses in literature were called and how it was used. They used as a learning way in the poems in literature. The way it is used is a way way literature is made up by using it and leering off it because of the pictures and movies and stories you watch in literature. That’s how it is used in literature in all the films and stories.

The word film is a great and good word to history today because of lots of things like the shapes and opticals it has. It helps our world a better place by helping people in school. Second it help people by getting a good job and help people what they have to do for society. It’s good to history if we didn’t have it we would be struggling in life and in learning. By watching film it help people learn better because some people are visual learners. That why history is important to history today.