English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Polly Cark, I am a student at catholic memorial high school. In my English class we are studying british authours . We have learned a lot about some of the older writers. I was wondering why you are not in one of our books. I want to know if you can come to our school and talk to my class about your style of writing.

I know that my class will love learning about you because every one in my class likes reading and writing poems .If you don’t come to my class we will never know what it really takes to make it as writers in to day’s world.

In 2004 you were in the top ten poets in the ms lexia magazine. I think that shows that u are truly one of the great writers of to day. So please come to my school and talk to my class and talk about your work. From a student that admires your work , Tom gomperts















A cult is a surrogate family headed by a strong leader who takes the place of a farther figure. During the late 1960’s Charles Manson never had to commite a crime to get this lasting notoriety. After being released from prison at the age of 31, Manson’s appealing charisma got him a “family” of followers. To obtain his power over them, The family lived on a ranch outside Los Angeles where he convinced his followers to his thoughts and ideas. By the summer of 1969 Manson’s manipulating had paid off causing two nights of butchering seven people dead.

Some possible motives for the murders are unclear but they have a few. 1 Manson was highly hostile to society, pathologically so, and wanted revenge. 2. Manson Got a “kick” out of death and control. During the trial, once witness said that Manson doesn’t know about love…….love is not his thing. Death is his thing. Manson is still in prison today. Every time he has went his parole hearing he was shut right down.

On one hearing Manson whore a swastika on his forehead. During his stay in prison Manson has received more mail then any other prison in the united states prison system. He is said to get about 60,000 fan mail a year.

Charles Manson reminds me of the play Macbeth. Macbeth is about a soldier who is told by witches that he will become king. After Macbeth becomes king he has the power and has people start killing people that Macbeth feared would take over his throne. This is kind of like Charles Manson because he has people go out and kill for him.

























When I was 3 years old my first run in with the word town, is when Ifirst learned the name of my "town" Charlestown. I remember learing this word and always thinking of where people lived, and for me it was mostly Charlestown .

When i looked in the O.E.D (oxford English dictionary) I found 2 dead definitions. one of the definitions was "an enclosed place, or piece or ground". the second one was enclosed land surrounding or belonging to a single dwelling.

A definition from the Princeton University is that town means "an urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller then a city". Another definition I found in the Webster's dictionary "bigger then a village but smaller then a city". i also found this definition in the American heritage dictionary. As you can see the definition for town (or once spelled toune)is very similar to a lot of people.

When i looked into the O.E.D for usages in speech for my word I found that a few writers we have study used my word. Chaucer had used the word town in his prologue the Canterbury tales . this is the line he used it in "478. A poure person of a toune...wyd was big parishe and houses fer a sounder. dickens also used my word in one of his works. "dombey xxx, A stately relative who was out of town".

I think i found a new usage of the word town,well a word that comes from town. Townie I couldn't find it in the O.E.D so I think its a new word that broke off from the word town. Townie means a person from a town people that live in a town such as Charlestown. We call our self's townies.

Overall I think the word "town" is a good word in the English dictionary. Many people have a word for town,and it helps to notice between a town and a city. I personally think that town has no bad influence in our world we have today so there for it is a good word that does no bad it has no racism in its back round, so I think town will live in till all speech dies.