English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  


Dear Jonathan Bate,

I am a tenth grade student, who is currently attending Catholic Memorial high school in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. I have been a student at Catholic Memorial since the seventh grade, and its been alright. This year in English class we are studying British Literature, we will also be short stories. I skimmed through the text, and I did not come by your name. I have read some articles and other things on you, and you seem to be a gifted British writer. Unfortunately, we will not be reading short stories for much longer, we will next be on poetry.

Some of the articles that I have read about you said that you are interested in romantic writing. Because of that you have written a novel called, ďA Cure for Love.Ē I have also read that you have won a couple of awards; the 2004 Hawthorn Prize, and also the 2005 James Trait Black Memorial Prize for biography writing. That is really awesome, you are a great author. It would be an honor if you would come and did a reading at my school.

But after finding out all of this information about you, it would be a great honor if you could fit us into your schedule would come and do a reading for us, I know that everyone will enjoy it. Unfortunately, if you do not come we will miss out on your stories because we will not read anything on what you have written because your not in our text. My classmates will miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of hearing some great literature. If they do not hear any of it you will have less fans and fewer books will be sold. Not because they donít like you, but because they never heard any of your readings. Please come and read, you will like it hear, itís a friendly and great environment, and you will have a lot more fans.

 Sincerely, Cory Di Stasio