English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Ms. Cope,

My name is James Cosgrove. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I attend Catholic Memorial High School were I study Birtish literature. Unfortunatley we only study "classics" like Shakespeare and Orwell.

I am writing to you in reguards to your work. You are a very accomplished poet with numerous awards and are studied by kids all over Europe , but not as much in America. I don't know if you are mad about this but I certainly am because your work is incredible and should be studied world wide.

You know as a teacher, especially as a college teacher, that students are taught the classic poems and novels but I think and hope you agree that we should also be introduced to present updated works dealing with today's dialect and modern customs.

I became fond of you when I read a work of yours by the title of "being bord." That is when I realized your work is not "boring" but humorous just like many of your other works. Another favorite of mine is "Valentine" where you have nice short sentences but really capture the reader and let them know the main focus and how you rhyme the second to last word instead of the last.

That said, I would like to ask you a favor. This favor is to make an appearance in my English class to give us a full insight of your work and try to educate us in some of today's modern humorous styles of poetry. I really encourage you to come, because you would help break this constant chain of only "classics" and open our eyes to today's modern works. You can familiarize us with your works, how you come up with your material, etc.

I want to thank you for spending your time to read my letter and hope you will open our eyes to some modern humor which your work perfects. I am begging to come, please.

 Sincerly Your Loyal Fan,

James Cosgrove























"The Wild Colonial Boy"

This song is called "The Wild Colonial Boy." The writer of this song is anonymous. This song has been redone by many bug named musicians. This song has been featured on many CDs featuring classics. The song is about a man named Jack Donohoe who was a crook, that was transported to Australia and escaped. He conitnued a life of crime till he was ambushed by police and was shot to death. The original song was written around 1830. It was written in Ireland, but made its way to Australia where it became a big hit because he was a local legend.

The song is not as popular today as it once was. This song teaches us about the struggle of starting a new life in a different country and John's struggle and how he had to go back to his old ways. This song influenced the Australian culture because it was about a "bad" man who was praised as a hero and teaches us about politics dealing with the repercussions of Donohoe's crimes. This was also historically true and is written in the Australian history books about the 1800's most notorious criminals.

According to the song's lyrics, it tell us that a 18 year old man from Castlemaine, Ireland was transported to Sydney Cove, Australia in 1825. Three years later he was convicted of a highway robbery and was sentenced to death. He escaped and waged war with the wealthy for more than two years in the country side around Sydney. On September 1, 1830 he was ambushed by police near Cambellton, Australia were he was shot to death. This story is based on the life of Jack Donohoe and aftermath of his death. Not much is known about Jack because records of prisoners were not around then or were not as accurate as today's standards. All we know is he was a young man. He lived a life of crime. We do know that he lived in Castlemaine with his mother and father. He was an only child.

Jack Donohoe was solidified in Australia as the general of the poor, in the uprising of the rich. He told the poor they had a chance to survive and succeed but the greedy rich were keeping all the money for themselves.
























On February 14 of 2006 Lebanese Prime Minister was assassinated. While in the back seat of his car (surrounded by a blockade of other government vehicles) a large explosion detonated near his vehicle. The bomb killed him, along with his bodyguards, and over 130 innocent bystanders. A small terrorist group known as Victory and Jihad from Greater Syria claimed responsibility for the attack. Their motive is was due to the constant government disagreements between Lebanon. Some Syrians feel Lebanon has forcefully taken control of part of Syria’s population. Victory and Jihad felt that this forced control was directly due to Lebanon’s Prime Minister.

The US has made comments on this incident. We are supportive of Lebanon and are enemies of Syria because they are a terrorist country. We have demanded that Syria remove their long-range and medium-range missiles. Also we have insisted that Syria eliminate its chemical weapons stockpiles. The ironic thing is that US’s allies Israel and Turkey have far more missiles and also Israel and Egypt have far more chemical stockpiles yet we are ignorant to make any requests on them. According to president Bush, “ all of these accusations are false and totally incorrect.”

To us in the USA this seems to be a horrific crime, which it is, but in the Middle East terrorist attacks on political leaders are common. The laws are very sketchy over there and this is how a lot of people see it fit to resolve their political problems.

This incident can be compared to the great peace leader Gandhi. Gandhi was considered great to his people but was considered a threat to his enemies. Gandhi did great things for his Indian people like the great salt march, etc. Yet he, a peaceful man, like Gandhi was assassinated because others felt his actions was wrong and affected them negatively.

My conclusion to this report is that obviously terrorism is wrong but over there that is how a lot of political problems are handled. We have many customs over here Middle Easterner’s consider wrong such as in imprisonment, because they believe in quick execution. Do I believe that Hariri got what was coming to him? Of course not.





















Language is probably the reason why humans are the predominant creatures on this planet. Most other animals have different ways of communicating, but none of them are so detailed of that of humans. Communication in the form of a language is found in everyday life. For the most part people in the U.S.A. speak English. English is Earth’s dominant language. People spend years and years learning our language. My word is “record”. Record has many different meanings such as “stored files, a vinyl album, or an unsurpassed accomplishment”. Record has bettered the world because the word has been connected to medicine as in “medical records” and at the same time brought modern day heroes together as in “world records” or million dollar artists producing “platinum records”. The word record has many different definitions and pertains to many categories. For instance record has a medical definition of “an account, as of information or facts, set down especially in writing as a means of preserving knowledge. It also pertains to technology with a definition of “in certain disk organization methods, a record is a block of data read and written at one time without any relationship to records in file. As a verb record was first written in c.1225. As a noun the word record was first written in c.1300. According to Webster’s Dictionary record means to digitally or by means of analog capture music, film, etc. Three famous authors have used the word record. One of them was Couper in 1789, in Annus Memorial. Another author who used record was Chaucer in 1374, this was actually the first time record was used in the English text. Chaucer used the word in his poem Boeth. Also the author Gowen used the word record in 1390 in his novel Confessions. People perceive the word record in different ways. I surveyed different people and they gave different definitions. One definition given by Amanda Cosgrove was “a vinyl disk that plays music”. Another definition given by Jackie Cosgrove was “files of previous information”. Also the definition of “an unsurpassed accomplishment” was stated by Jack Cosgrove. I also surveyed three foreigners. A survey a man named John O’Conner whose native country was Ireland. When I asked him how does he use the word record he replied “to write something down”. I also interviewed Jackie Fieore whose originally came from Italy. I asked her the same question and her reply was “a black vinyl disk”. Finally I interviewed a man named Kerry Holland who was also a Ireland native and I once again repeated the question. His reply was “to capture sound”. The word record has been used as far back as Chaucer’s day, but as some definitions die others are being born today. In the June 2006 issue of Addiction Magazine author Lucy Burns uses the title “the use of record linkage to examine illicit drug use in pregnancy”.