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Creative Writing  

Dear Roger Robinson,

Hello! My name is Kevin Vixama, I am a tenth grader studying British Literature. I live in the City of Boston and attend a Catholic High School called Catholic Memorial. But enough about me the main reason I/m writing to you is that, I love and appreciate your type of literature. For example I know you write short-fiction and you are also a lyricist.

The main reason why you’re writing is influential, you were chosen by “Decibel” as one of 50 writers who have influenced Black-British writing canon over the past 50 years. I think that is very important for the black community especially because you could be someone or your writing could be something that African Americans look up to and enjoy. So I think you are a important icon in the Black community.

Also what really is interesting is that I usually enjoy comedy skits or poems. So I was surprised that I enjoyed and liked your debut poetry collection suitcase. Also another I liked about you is that you released an album just this year {May} so that is very impressive to me because I like music and enjoy listening to music.

In conclusion the big thing I wanted to ask you if you wanted to perform or read one of your writings of literature to our British Literature English class. Maybe you could influence the other students by your multi successful abilities in writing and music. Our classroom and school is open for any date through May{2006}. Thank You, And Have a nice Day.

Best Regards, Kevin Vixama






































The song that I have chosen for essay the second was “The Battle of Harlaw”. The people and the composers who wrote this song were Lesley Nelson Burns and John Renfro Davis this song was written around 1549. This battle was important for Scottish people because they received the land they were fighting for despite losing more than 900 of their men in the army. This was considered a great asset to their history for Scottish people.

The Battle of Harlaw took place on July 24, 1411. The main reason for this battle was because “Lord of isles” and his invading “Highlanders” had an army of lowlanders controlled by the earldom of mar. Robert Stewalt the opposing army member had challenged Donald who is wit the Lord of the isles a fight. They were fighting basically for land, which was a big thing at that time.

In the song they are two composers one of them was Lesley Nelson Burns and John Renfro Davis, they said they were influenced to write this song because they appreaciate and acknowledge the fight, the Scottish people had to overcome and had to go through. This song is still influenced today because it is recognized as one of the best songs in Scottish historical history.

In conclusion this song was important because it restates the Battle and the struggle they had. This song is another way for them to celebrate their victory in a positive way. This song was kept for so many years because it was a great accomplishment for the Scottish people.

























Zacarias Moussaoui was publicly charged with terrorism conspiracy which was six in charges in total, on December 2001. Moussaoui who is 37, is a member of Al Qaeda, the terrorist group responsible for the tragedy of September 11 attacks. The progression of the investigation is that he will be executed or spend the rest of his life in prison. I believe that is motivated by power because he is one of the terrorist around Sept. 11 and basically it was for power. In conclusion it was for power and a message sending to the U.S.

There has been interviews and conferences with Missouri. In court and in trial he has had many outburst for example, he has aid things like “God Bless Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda…..” That’s the statement he said after cursing out his lawyer with a random outburst. Another interview example is that he has a ritual of praying everyday, and they asked him if he can delay that he furiously said ”No, I’m going to pray” this means that he doesn’t care abut the case and trial that he is on.

Other possible culprits were the other Al Qaeda members that were involved on the Sept. 11 attacks, including the ones that gave up their lives flying airplanes into buildings and the ones they were unsuccessful at trying to crash planes into other American monuments. In conclusion there are many Al Qaeda members that are still alive and still have not been found by the police yet.

Appearance in literature are that many authors made different types of poems about 9/11.. There are memorials about 9/11, everyday there is something posted or something being said about 9/11. And the disaster it caused for people around the world on that day. A famous author Guy Fawkes who is known for terrorist poems in literature. A poem which is known is Gunpowder plot which is probably one of his most famous poems about terrorism.

In conclusion Zacarias Moussaoui and his Al Qaeda crew might have done this for power but the main thing they wanted to send a deadly message to the U.S. Also for power because they went after the towers were millions of people run in and out each day.
































Since 1871, the English language has grown ten times more through the centuries. The English language is probably the most powerful and dominant language in the world. Constantly it is growing to each and every country and spreading throughout the world. Basically the thing is that the English language is growing significantly. The word I chose to debate about is “Game“. The word game is a very common word which usually mean the same thing. For example, taking part in a competition etc. This word has helped the English language because the word “Game” is a word to express many things but meaning the same, also it is a easy word and understandable.

From the OED the word game first appeared in text in 1787, from the “Beggars Opera” the sentence says “Good bye captain….die game captain.” In this sentence the word “Game” is used as a game such as a battle. The next time it was used in text was 1815, from “The Ruffian lay perf still and silent” the sentence was “ he is a game to due game any night said Dinucunt.” In this sentence the word “Game” is also used as a battle or competition.

Another source using the word game {from the Urban Dictionary} one definition was {n} something you play, usually a competitive activity, another unordinary definition is {n} a measure of smoothness with the opposite sex, finally the last unordinary definition is {n} lines of moves you see to get the opposite sex into bed. All of those entries were from Urban Dictionary. From the American heritage 4th edition the word game means {n} in a position of advantage, winning or succeeding. Also from the wordnet 2.0 the word game means {adj} disables in the feet or legs. These entries were a couple of unordinary definitions you would find.

From the 10 survey homework the word game was used in numerous ways for example, competition, seducing opposite sex etc. from the survey data almost all ages and all ethnic groups use the word game. But different environments uses it different but basically it is the same, but going back to the survey everyone was on the same page on using the word game no differently then what I have stated before through other definitions.

Articles with the word game in the headlines were a couple that stood out were “It’s not all fun and games” which is out May 1st 2006. Another headline that stuck out was “Mind Games” after reading this was interesting it was just stating different ways you can play mind games to hurt, help, or just fool around with somebody. Articles with the word game in the body was a little difficult because millions of articles has the word game but basically meaning the same thing a competition, a sport, and seducing the opposite sex.

In conclusion the word game has different meanings {obviously} but depending on the situation and the circumstances you will be able to know and identify the different way a person is using the word “Game”.