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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Livi Michael,

This is Samuel Harney from Boston, Massachusettes in the US. I would like to invite you to the states to visit our English class at school. I go to Catholic Memorial High School and I am in the 10th grade.

This year in English we are learning British Literature and our teacher likes to call the course “Back to Beowulf”. We are going to read different genres of British Literature from different times starting with contemporary authors of Britain and going back through time reading different books back as far back as Beowulf. Right now we are reading contemporary British literature so it would be a joy for you to come in and maybe share some of your work with us or talk with us about your life any time this year.

Unfortunately, your books are not in our curriculum but I have read about them and they are intriguing they look like something I would like to read. “Inheritance” is the type of book that would interest me, it seems like a mystery. I’ve also read about your awards and there are quite a few, Notably the Faber Prize and the Arthur Welton Award.

If you were not to come, we would have to stick to the same old routine of reading stories out of our gigantic literature books. Our backs could be injured lugging those monstrous books around so we would be much obliged if you could give us a break for a day so we could listen to your stories for a day. Our schedule is open and free so when ever you are free would be fine for us.

Hope to hear from you soon Best regards Sam Harney