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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear, Kathleen Jamie

Hi how are you doing? My name is Michael Ercolano Iím sixteen years old and I was hoping you would come to my school Catholic Memorial. I would like you to visit and teach my tenth grade English class.

Iím a fan of your writing and we learn about famous authors such as P.J.Woodhouse and Shamus Heny. I feel you have surpassed both of those great authors and we should learn about you, and your work. I also feel that you can teach us so much more than what our tenth grade English text book could teach us.

I really liked no loved your work in (underline Jizzen)Jizzen. The way you wrote about things in a dark yet celebratory way. It was amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter if you donít reply or decide not to come I will understand that you are probably to busy to waste your time in tenth grade fans class, but I will regret that we would lose out on this experience

Sincerely your fan

Michael Ercolano


























The nae of the song that cought my eye and intrest is "Ye Parliament of England". This song was written during the war of 1812. I was unable to find the author of this song. I don't believe this song is too popular today. I for one have never heard the song sang before. This song was written by Americans to boost their moral and lower Britains after losing a major sea battle. This song not only affected people spiritualy, but influenced the British culture, politics, and even their philosophy on life.

The reason it would affect elections and politicial leaders is because after losing the battle they would want better leaders. They would want better leaders because they realized that they had lost a lot of men do to lack of leadership. This song may of changed their philosophy because of all the men that had died they would realize that they were throwing human lives away because they had elected bad leaders. They came to the realization that bad leaders will ultimatly destroy Britain.

The reason this song would affect the culture of Britain is that they would want to be more like America. At the time America was a growing power. When they beat the British in this battle the Battle moral went down and they started to idolize America. America was a growing super power and once they realized this they would try to copy us. We were becoming a huge influence upon Europe.

The backround of this song was a sea battle. The main function of this song was to raise the moral of America while putting British moral to an all time low. The influence this song puts out is that America was the better of Britain in the battle. The song is just trying to piss off Britain and rub there defeat in their face that they had lost the battle. Britains culture at the time was angry at thenumber of men lost due to their lack of leadership. Britain probably tried to get new leaders because they would feel like their current military advisors are failures. This song may of changed Britain as a whole.































At a Kanye West concert in London on March 1st, 2006 two fans got angry because they were not allowed in. They shot two ushers. Thankfully the two ushers are going to be ok. This is a crime motivated by power and vengeance. The reason I say these two motivations are because the crime of power was they feel better than other people, and think they donít need a ticket to attend. They are carrying guns to feel powerful. They were kicked out and wanted to avenge there selves by shooting the ushers. The criminalís names are John Scott and Emily Thomas. They have arrested Mr. Scott and are looking for Ms. Thomas.(P)

With a recent interview with Mr. Scott they soon hope to catch Ms. Thomas. He states that she has fled back to America. They believe she is the New York New Jersey area. Mr. Scott has apologized for his actions and he said that he was under the influence of drug known as cocaine. Since he has been co-operating with the police they have decided to give him no prison sentence, but he will be put on probation. Ms. Thomas how ever will not be so lucky she will serve a full sentence and more for avoiding arrest. The police do not believe that there are any more culprits. They do urge people to come forward if they have any other information about the shooting.(P)

I believe a situation like this can be found in the play entitled The Scottish tragedy of Macbeth. Noble Macbeth but at the same time not so noble Macbeth assassinates King Duncan. The reason he does this is because if he kills him without getting caught he will become king. He then goes and kills his best friend banquo because the three witches say that banquo children will become king. So he kills him. He also kills Mcduffs family and in return Mcduffs seeks vengeance on Macbeth. These relate to the concert shooting because they both seek out to gain more power and the shooters are seeking vengeance for his family. This was clearly motivated by the power of two people wanting more privileges. They seek vengeance for being kicked out of the concert. Macbeth seeks power by killing the king and protecting his power he kills mcduffs family and he seeks vengeance. They police have caught one of the criminals and are looking for the Ms. Thomas. If anyone has heard anything about this the police urge you to step forward.