English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Jackie Kay,

My name is Stephen Cunniffe. I’m a sophomore at Catholic Memorial High School. I’m learning British literature this year and we are to find an U.K. author and write a letter to them. I came across you because your books draw me into imagination. That’s what I like about them.

Your book the “Trumpet” was just so edgy. A woman playing a man. The deception, lies, and the excitement. But most of all fear. Fear of getting caught, the trouble you would get in if you get into. This book help overcome sexism. Which brings me to my next thought of how you became a writer.

Did you become a writer to overcome the different hurdles that would come your way? Did you become a writer because you knew you could? Do you ever think of coming to the states and surrounding your self with different literature? If you come to the state you come visit us, for if you don’t I fear that we mat never read any of your works.

When you were adopted did life change for you. You began to write about your real family. Your story the “ Adoption Papers” touched me.

If you would you come visit my and I class at Catholic Memorial and read your favorite parts in this story.

Jackie Kay, your books are like gold to the heart and mind, full of knowledge and life basis. If you’re ever in town please come visit us. We would forever appreciate it.

Sincerely, Stephen Cunniffe






























“Gypsy Rover” is a song with an interesting tune. The song also has a love story in it. The love story leads to a twist. The song teaches about meaning of Philosophy and Culture in Ireland. An anonymous person wrote the Gypsy Rover in the 1950s.

 The love story in the love song I s between the rover and the lady of the castle. The rover sways here with a tune that he sings. The other character in the song is the father. When the lady finally leaves, her father tries to find them, because he doesn’t want his daughter to fall in love with a poor gypsy and marry a young rich man. He was surprised to find “Oh he’s no gypsy, my father but the lord of the free lands all over” said the lady.

The song was copy written by the Brobingnagian Bards. Recorded by the highwaymen in 1961. The song has a basic rhyme scheme and it flows beautifully. The song challenged love in different social classes in this case it is between a gypsy and a peasant woman or a lady as they say.

The gypsy is a fun song, but it has a message to it. The message is how people can love each other no matter their background. Its breaking the stereos of people.



























The Laci Peterson murder occurred on April 21, 2003. Her body was found in the East bay in San Francisco. The murderer was Scott Peterson, Laci’s husband. He was convicted of Laci’s death and their unborn child’s death. He was sent to Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on two accounts of murder. This was motivated by power because he wanted to control the knowledge of his affair to a limited amount of people.

When Scott Peterson was thought to be a main suspect he tried to change his appearance. He died his hair a lighter color and grew a beard. He was brought to a station on the Mexican boarder after he was recognized. It was then when he was stopped from fleeing the country. Scott’s motive was to keep everyone from knowing of an extra marital affair. This mistress was Amber Fey. Some say he felt no remorse.

Kim Peterson, a spokes woman for the Roches, “Just as Christmas is a family time, Easter is also a time for families. We request that you would allow our family to have the weekend to deal with these recent developments together in private” said Peterson. Jurors in the trial said that, “He was cold and had no emotion of what he’d done.”

If I were to relate this to an English story it would be Shakespeare’s “Othello”. Because it is a story of power over love and lust. Related to this is murder led by love, sex and scandal. A quote to describe this would be: “where a malignant and turbaned Turk, Beat a Venetian and reduced the state, I took by th’ throat and smoke him this.”

Through this case I learned hoe murder and lust come into peoples lives. Understanding why they killed was lust. Lust brought men down.






























Language is something that started from grunts and moans. Language is different because they all have different caves. Muse is commonly associated with Greek mythology.

The word I have been studying is “muse”. It originated from the Greek word “mousa” and old French “musa”. The Greek definition is nine goddesses who inspire the arts and sciences. In old French it means a waste of time.

In searching my word I picked up its etymology. One definition of muse is “noun: state of medication.” Muses Origin from Middle English is musen, Old French is muse, and medieval is “musum:”. A second definition is “noun: guiding spirit; spirits who watches over arts and sciences.” Muses Origins from medieval, Old French, and Latin “musa”, Greek- “mousa”. The sources of my definitions are from the American Heritage Dictionary, Webster’s dictionary, Dictionary.com, and The Oxford English Dictionary.

Using the Oxford English Dictionary I found some of the first uses of muse. In 1384 Chaucer used it in “So songe they mythology muse, she that cleped ys Caliope.” Againg used in 1400 by Alexander Pope. Again used in 1539 by Taveur in Erasu Proverb. Muse was again used by Alfred Lord Tennyson in “ The Coming of Arthur” “Mused for a little on his plea, but, last”. Also used by William Shakespeare in Macbeth “Do not muse at me, my most worthy friends”.

When I was surveying people I received hoe they use the word muse. The majority of the interviewed was male with a college level education. My study was conducted with men between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. All of these people interviewed were from Boston, Massachusetts. I interviewed on by the name of Pat Cunniffe he has a college education and used muse under the definition “ a spirit that inspires” he used it in a sentence “ Muses inspired some of the greatest poets in Greece”. Also wile I was conducting my study I found some headlines using muse in headlines such as “The muse is not a mused” and “Spreading the muse”.

When reading the article on banning English as a common language I disagree. The reason I disagree is that English is so commonly known that it would be stupid to change the language. When it said that 97% of the U.S. understood English making it stupid to change the language.