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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Mr. Pratchett,

I would first like to introduce myself, I am Vincent Coviello of Catholic Memorial high school. Your mind of mystic appeals to me and many others. This is why I'm writing. I would be wonderful to have you visit our school. Your mastery at the art of creation is inspiring. Creating vivid worlds and beings is something only the talented aquire. I love novels of fiction, especially those who reside in fantasy. The lore of Witches, Wizards, beasts and dragons swirl in my mind as in yours. You are an author that writes as J.R.R. Tolkien. Yet there is something you yeild in your writings, humor. Like the novel "Sourcery", "The eighth son of an eighth son."or in "The Art of DiscWorld." I also like how you veiw life. In "Equal Rights" you portray real life struggels of people with the twist of fantasy.

It would be a great honor and inspirationto have someone of your magnitude visit our school. Our schedual is always open. Sadly we would never have a chance to come in contact with your books in school. I believe by you visiting it could bring attention to your books and truly reveal them to inspiring readers.

Thank you for your time,

Vincent Coviello.































I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marbel Halls Despite England’s ever pushing desire to surpass in the ways of science and concrete, there still stood the ways of myth, legend and mystery. Nearly 250 years had passed before any Operas truly set into the minds of the public. The Bohemian Girl opened in 1843 by the magic thoughts and work of Michael Balfe. It premiered at the Theatre Royal, English Opera, known today as the Lyceum Theatre. It was said to be one of the best Operas of the time. The song “I dreamt I dwelt in marbles halls” derives from the story of a young girl, Arline, born of a rich English count and lost in the uncharted woods . She was found and adopted by a clan of Gypsies and there fell in love with a Polish gypsy .

The Gypsy factor played a major role in the play. Prejudice to the gypsy way was seen as early as 1535. When the Gypsy people began to move west many made their way to England. Do to the non tolerance of the Gypsy practices they were shunned. They were mostly feared do to their secrecy and their mystical ways This was a way to slowly break the prevalent prejudice against the Gypsy people as well as prejudice in general. The title of the song comes from the dream that she describes. In her fading memory she remembers her old lifer. Much of the opera's plot (based on a story by Cervantes) deals with her slow rediscovery of her family.

The song plays a great deal in the culture and history of the English people. It deals with the prejudice that was shown to a certain people and to people of different faiths and teachings. The Bohemian Girl itself would not be if it weren’t for the song. The story ties in entirely on the little girl, Arline’s dream. The song was very influential to the people of England both in seeing the persecution of the Gypsy people and unknowingly including one of their own, Arline. In the song one of the most famous of words derived from Arline’s mouth -“But I also dreamt, which pleased me most That you lov'd me still the same That you lov'd me, you lov'd me still the same, That you lov'd me, you lov'd me still the same.” In trying to remember her people once loving her. This song tells a tale to the listeners. The desire to speak an inner secret that taunts the young girls mind is reveled.

“I dreamt I dwelt in marbles halls” now is rarely heard by a commoner’s ear but has been sung many times. Enya and Meav ,two Celtic Vocalists, are best known for their rendition of “I dreamt I dwelt in marbles halls” .The Irish vocalist Meav debuted the song in the Celtic Woman concert with soprano voice. Enya ,a more well known Celtic vocalist, placed this song in her album “Moon Shepard.” The song has been kept pristine and no changes were made do to the beauty of it. For those who knew or even for those who know now, it is a song that captivates and lures. It portrays beauty and grace and tells a story that so many feel at times. The feel of out of place or sadness as well as grace and thought. That you lov'd me, you lov'd me still the same, That you lov'd me, you lov'd me still the same.
























How far would a person go to sustain life? Some may demand a operation with the power of a gun or in the case of Diana Semenuha, the ancient craft came to play.

March 2005, Diana Semenuha a well known witch ,of the Ukraine and of her living place of Odessa, was diagnosed with a rare muscle wasting condition. She sought the council of her coven and tried to thwart this diseases but nothing stopped it. The drive of life pulled her to the darkest sides of her craft. She was able to find a willing dark arts witch that would give her the recipe of life. The drive was on she would call homeless children to their “home”. She promised food and a place to sleep. She concocted here potion making the victim’s flesh pliable and began her ritual. She would bleed them and sell the rest of their blood to her new dark art coven. She profited in two ways life and wealth. When the first was dried she would kick them out and call another.

A living child was found and was capable to make it to the police. He didn’t consume all of the numbing potion making it capable for him to make it to the police. At first police took caution in fear of what power she truly possessed. But when she was caught in the act the police raided the home. They found seven children strapped and drugged. “nothing of this nature has ever been witnessed.” Said one of the officers on duty. The room was only light by black candles and an inscribed silver goblet and knife were found. She willingly went with the police seeing nothing wrong with her actions. “he said “It was a fair exchange and no force or violence was done.” Diana said to the authorities. She believed it was a fair exchange.

The police are incapable to find or care to find the dark arts teacher, mostly do to fear in their superstition. Diana’s original mother coven says, “We hope that the light of the Mother Goddess will open her clouded eyes.” They want nothing to do with her but wish the best for her. Diana is still under custody but is on bail. She yet is held and constantly is evaluated by the police. The seven children didn’t make it and it wasn’t a major loss seen in the polices eyes since they were homeless.

A witch is easily found in any old read, The weird sisters of Macbeth, Meade of Jason and the Argonauts and even Merlin of the King Author novels. Yet the drain of blood for a life force is rare. The most revered and heard of is the Dracula novel and sub novels of the bloodsucking race.

























The English language took root and branched across the world. Yet despite English’s ever growing power over the world it would not be anywhere without the help of other languages. English is an eclectic language filled with words of different origins and meanings. Even though English may take in other words it does not help other nations. English overtime has become a way to control the world. To make the world speak one tongue. One word in the English language which I chose is siren. Siren has mystified people from the dawn of time and is one to this day that is. The word Siren has been around since the beginning, found in every language and every culture. Yet the word siren was first written in the Odyssey. Siren from the Latin, Serena of the Italians and Spanish or Syrian of the French are other ways the word siren has been found. Siren derived from seirazein, which means to bind. Siren during the golden age of mythology was seen as 3 or 5 sisters who lived on an island called Sirenum scopuli. Approaching sailors were drawn to them by their enchanting singing, causing them to sail on the cliffs and drown.Their appearance changed over time to bird women to a more common mermaid. With time the word evolved. The sirens on police cars or ambulances still send out a loud cry for “sailors” to overt. Siren can also label a person who ,when sings, can bewitch an audience. Siren also labels a person who has an uncanny ability to charm the sexes. The word siren has bewitched its way into literature. It most commonly refers to a person who is considered desirable but in a dangerous way, “She yielded to the siren song of a higher salary.” The most predominant placement of siren is in the myth stories of ancient Greece. Such as the Odyssey, Jason and the Argonauts and many others. Despite the word not being written down, siren prayers, was constantly used by sailors and fishers. The word siren even made its way in to the novel “Night”. Stating “the cry of the sirens to initiate their move“. In the novel “The Silmarillion”, J.R.R. Tolkien uses the word to describe Galadriel , a elf goddess, “Her bewitching voice was that of the sirens.” Shakespeare used siren in Romeo and Juliet to describe Juliet in the eyes of Romeo. Siren has also made its way in music. The Grammy award winning song, “Waiting for the siren’s song, not only uses the word in the title but also in the song itself. Sirens were also placed into burial rights of soldiers and royals. Instead of two angels placed at the gate of the tomb. Two sirens were to bring sweet music and protection to the soul of the diseased. These carvings are most seen in England, Ireland, Italy and Norway. Even though siren has made its mark in literature and history its not used as mush in speech, at least not on purpose. Starbucks ,the famed coffee shop, gets their logo and name from Starbucks one of the siren sisters. The O.E.D has many definitions for siren, do to its vast meaning. The first definition was “that of a device which compressed air or steam is driven against a rotating disk to create a loud noise“. It also signifies a salamander species. Yet the most popular is that of the mythos. One definition that is rarely heard comes from the American Dictionary, Siren deriving from Sirenian, meaning the species of dugong and manatee, a large herbivores sea mammals with large flat tails, used to swim.. Almost every foreign language has the word siren. Sirena, of Italian and Spanish and Syrena, of French. Other languages have a completely different spelling for siren. Like the German word Lorelei but still obtain the meaning. Siren in foreign countries is mostly used to describe a seductive person. Yet at times the word became very associated with war. During World War 2, siren ,for the English, meant find cover. When the siren called you were to find safety from the bomb attacks. The siren has made their mark on the society. Either in alarming people to move or find shelter or to describe the seductiveness of a person. “The siren’s call lured the unsuspecting .” The word siren has made an effect in the world but not one of a major scale. Siren can be understood across the board especially in the romance languages. Even though siren is understood easily by the English language, siren derives from the ancient Greeks. So with that said English isn’t chiseling another word into the world, its borrowing one of the ancient world