English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Mr. Peter Finch,

My name is Sean Carlson and I attend Catholic Memorial high school in west Roxbury MA. . I am writing to you to inform you of my British literature class’s situation. My literature class is studying contemporary British authors. We have studied and viewed the work of some of the greatest contemporary authors such as; Seamus Heaney. This brings me to my reason for writing this letter, I was wondering if you would be interested in visiting our British literature class perhaps during a free day on your busy schedule. Our class would benefit greatly from studying an author of your style because it is like no other style I have ever encountered in my many years immersed in contemporary literature. Your work speaks volumes to me it allows me to put myself in each and every story. I am fascinated with the detail that is put into your work.

I believe that the books that you have written about how to have your works published is very informative and will help young talented writers on their way to becoming a great writer. I have also found out through various sources that you give lectures and often visit schools to inform the students of how they may get their work published. The thing that I admire most about your career is one of the many tasks that you perform, and that is reading other great authors work and helping them in their quest to great literature, and I hope that you can do that for our class. We hope to see you soon here at Catholic Memorial High School.

If you don’t come and visit our school I am afraid that many talented authors may never reach the point that you have made it to in your career. Here at Catholic Memorial we have talent by the truckloads that are just waiting to be released into the world through their writing. From, Sean Carlson of Catholic Memorial High School.






































“God Save the Queen” taught us how essential patriotism is in time of war and always. This song now the British national anthem has inspired patriotism for over three-hundred years and counting. This song, originally written by Henry Carey has been modified through out the years developing it into the song that we hear today.

This song was written in the early 1700s to inspire the British military in the war with Scotland. The Scottish rebels were attempting to overwhelm the Brits with petty attacks on small towns and other British settlements surrounding England. The song makes a specific reference to a marshal in the British army (lord grant that marshal wade may be thy mighty aid) whom lead the army to victory. The victory gave other countries around the world inspiration to join the Brits in their conquest (lord make all nations see that men should brothers be and form one family).

This song is the first and only national anthem to arrange its lines in prayer form. This originality gave the anthem just what the country needed, the country was a new breed, it was a super power and it needed something to complement its newfound power and the song gave them that.

The original version of the song contained six verses. Over time the song had to adapt to the times to avoid any controversy. The six-verse song was cut down to three verses. The lines that were cut were said to be offending to Scotland and some other nations. Another change in the song involved the sex of the leader. The word queen could be replaced if a male inherited the throne. I could have chosen “God Save the King”, but I did not for a specific reason. The song , “god save the queen’ marked the dawn of a new era, an era where women were able to rule a country by themselves.

In conclusion I believe that this song is the most influential song known to British culture, even today. The song marks a time when Britain became a powerful nation and a time that women ruled for the first time.






















Money seems to be the first thing on every one’s mind these days and Thomas Noe was no exception. On one warm day in Lucas county Ohio during mid July 2005 Noe was greeted at Porter Wright “his company” by a dozen police officers armed with an arrest warrant. Thomas Noe had been embezzling funds from state investments for years to propel his best friends new -found political career. “The look on his face” said one of the arresting officers “told us everything we needed to know”, Thomas Noe knew right there and then that he had been caught. On September 12, 2005 Noe was convicted and sent to prison for the crimes he committed.

This was not tom’s first run in with the law; he was already in mid trial for funneling more than 50 thousand dollars into the president’s re-election campaign in 2004. Another culprit in the crime was the Republican Party, which had been receiving every last cent of the stolen money from the beginning. In a recent interview with Noe he said, ”this goes deeper than you can imagine, but they’re smart, they’ll leave nothing behind”. The question that remains here is “do we trust the criminal?” In a personal letter from the president of the United States Noe is formally thanked for his fund raising efforts and his contributions to the Republican Party. This raises the question “did bush know where the money came from?”

In recent years Noe publicly known as the state’s top fundraiser by contributing over 2.3 million dollars to recent republican campaigns, but the problem was, the money wasn’t his. His “donations” were very public and he made no effort to change that. This raises the possibility that Noe wanted to be caught. Let me explain, Noe could have been working for the democrats to get caught and give the republican party a bad image for the 2008 elections.

Noe’s personal relationship with the president could have been dangerous to the elections in 2004 if he had been captured and convicted before that date, however the news came too late for thousands of disappointed democratic voters and candidate. I think that president Bush knew where the money was coming from all along but obviously ignored it because the origin of the money had not been discovered yet.

After researching the appearance of embezzlement through out British literature I was very surprised to be left with nothing to show for it. Embezzlement is the act of stealing money from your company’s funds. The topic may have been too specific. The best example of embezzlement in entertainment is exhibited in a movie called Office Space in which a group of office workers group together to steal small amounts of money, but thousands of times and they end up getting away with it until their consioence catches up with them.

Since the case received little to no media attention, Noe could not have completed his mission if he was on the democratic side, but since the candidates that he funded won their elections it is easy to believe that he was on the republican side and achieved his ultimate goal of political power. The speed of the trial and conviction may suggest a “cover-up”. Unfortunately with the evidence as it is and the trial already over we’ll never know every one who was involved.






























For thousands of years the presence of language and communication has changed the world for better and worse. Speech gave humans the ability to function and work together as a community. These small communities of people developed into a civilization, which included thousands of different languages. The one language I am going to speak about in this essay is English. I will explain how the word “sport” has changed the world in positive and negative ways. I believe that the word “sport” has changed the world in a positive way by bringing people from all across the world together to compete in physical contests to determine who is the best.

Today we have a book known as the Oxford English Dictionary or the O.E.D. This book provides us with the first time any English word has been used in literature and every single definition for the word. “Sport” can be used in at least thirty different ways but I will only give you a few. The first time the word was used in literature it meant “pleasant pastime, or entertainment and amusement”. “The king made it his favorite sport”, would be a good example of how it can be used in that sense. Another meaning of the word “sport” is “to amuse or divert”. “He would normally sport the man to keep him busy”, is a sentence that portrays another meaning of the word. The final meaning of the word that I will tell you about is “to show off proudly” this definition is usually used with a noun to explain what exactly the person is showing off. “The woman down the street was sporting her brand new dress” this is an example of how this definition can best be used.

When I conducted my survey to research how people used the word “sport” I got mostly the same answer. When I asked my brother what the word “sport” meant to him he merely shrugged his shoulders and said “it’s like a game or something”. I continued my search for a new definition with my best friend Mike who simply said “what, are you stupid? It’s a competition”. This search was getting me no where so I turned to the one place where I knew that I would find an original answer, Mr. McGonegal, who answered “when I think of the word sport I think of a sentence like, she was sporting her new shoes that she bought, now get out of here”. This research taught me one thing, to ask intelligent people important questions.

I found it amazing that the word “sport” has been around for 566 years and is still a large part of the English language today. Since the year 1440, the word “sport” has been used in English literature. The word was first found in a book by a man named I. Ppomydon who wrote this sentence, ”whan thy had take hyr sporte in halle, the kynge to counselle gan hyr calle”. This sentence is obviously written in middle English because of the percentage of the words that we can understand. Over the years since this sentence first appeared the word “sport” has changed in so many ways by developing new definitions and changing the preexisting ones too. But in a recent article I found a new way to use the word. In a recent article that was published in USA Today the word is used to describe a characteristic of a car. The title of the article is “new lexus style does sporty right”, I have heard this meaning before, but it is nowhere to be found in the O.E.D.

In conclusion I believe that the English language has helped a lot of third world countries to get help because they can communicate with us but, I don’t think that it should become the language of the world because it will take away from other cultures originality and will destroy their roots as a people. The word “sport” and other words of the English language are changing the world and their own meaning every day and I can’t wait to see the English language in fifty years or more.