English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Mr. William Boyd,

My name is Matthew Boyd. I am a student at Catholic Memorial high school in Boston Mass. Well the reason for my letter is to invite you to come and visit my class and me for one day. I am attending a class that is going over British literature. I have heard of your first novels called a “Good man in Africa.” I heard you attended Glasgow University in Jesus College in Oxford. How did it feel to win the Whitbread first novel award and a Somerset Maugham award? As you were selected too join the twenty best young British Novelists, all of these awards were given to you for all one book.

You also have received a lot more awards for your other novels like Ice-Cream War, The Blue Afternoon, and many more. You are known to be a hard working author and a prestige’s writer. It must have been really interesting to be a scriptwriter as well an author. You became a fellow of the Royal Society in literature in 1983. Over ten awards you have received in your life with writing and play writing, and still you manage to keep on making great work.

In your story “A Good Man In Africa,” the way you started the book with all the arguments and all the screaming was interesting and also made me want to read on. “Morgan smiled raised his own glass.” “I hate you, you smug bastard!” Yes I found that funny and exciting to be at the start of your novel. Then it follows on with “you shit you little turd, you ruined my life!” I realized that this guy Morgan had to of been a drunk or that this story revolves around drama. Well the opening to this book was humorous; I felt that it would be a good novel to read. I never got to read it yet because I have been to busy, but when I have time I would love to get into your novel.

My class and I will really enjoy your visit, and telling us about what it took you to reach such a level of writing that you’re on. Maybe you could inspire some of my classmates to become British writers and to produce awesome work like yourself. I am positive everyone will find what you have to say and talk about interesting. If you cant find any time in your schedule to visit my class then well, ok fine, but I think you will find your visit interesting and fun. See if you can help and teach myself and my classmates another thing or two about this thing that we have been studying “British Literature.” Thank you for taking time and at least reading my letter to you, but if you could find just a little time in your schedule, “then well come visit us it would be exciting.” Sincerely, Matthew Boyd





























“Erin Go Braugh” is an Irish song that means “Ireland Forever” in Gaelic language. This is a very patriotic Irish song that has to do with Ireland’s victory in war and their freedom they receive. Peadar Kearney and Brian Na Banen had created this folk song at the end of one of Ireland’s great battles to freedom. The song fought for the importance of the history of Ireland. It affected the culture and last still today. The song lets the people know when they got freed and all the people who lost their lives to help Ireland to victory.

Some influences of the song made a huge impact on Irish history. “When the green flag went up and the Crown rag came down,” It presented them with victory, and freedom. It allows the people to be thankful a happy as well as remembers their loved ones. This song was originally written in 1816, but after time it has been modified and wrote over an over again. The authors had rewritten this song after years and years or people adding lyrics and taking some away. They both were very good friends and were both born and raised in Ireland.

This song has been known to tell a story and the history of Ireland. It gave the people right to freedom, the songs also gives joy and mourns over the peace but also the people they lost. This song honors Dublin and is said that “Ireland is like a red blaze of fire.” This affected the culture of Ireland because it helped out by raising the economy and making Ireland a better and safer place to live.

The authors had created this song after the war. They actually refined this song and this is the one copy of it we have today, which is there version. They both grew up in Dublin Ireland, and were best friends since they were young kids. When they herd the song once they loved it and thought to refine it and to fix all the mistakes it had. They finished the song and then put it out to everyone of Ireland and it was a huge hit. The song grew bigger and bigger everyday because they had successfully made it to freedom and they also had a theme song to tell the story of Ireland’s history.

Today this song has had a long lasting affect on Ireland. It is their country theme song and leaves many people in tears when they recite this song. This song is herd throughout Ireland, and there is even a ferry company that ships people all over Ireland. The ferry company is called “Erin Go Braugh” named after the song. The song has an affect on the children and all those who live in the country. It allows them to know were, when, and how they got their freedom and independence, and helps them realize and give thanks to all those who made their dream for freedom come true. This song has given Ireland life and gave the people pride in their country.


























One of the two allege killers in three Southeastern Michigan slaying’s should have been put behind bars at the time of these deaths says correction officials as the murders just keep haunting people. Patrick Allan Salepak was one of the two killers, and the state is investigating why he was released from jail. Selepak is a 27 year old man who committed these crimes with his fiancée, Samantha Jean Bachynski, 19. The motive for these crimes was to gain wealth or power over these particular victims. They were charged with counts of stolen money, auto theft and other items they stole from the couples. Once they were found guilty they were charged with first-degree murder, home invasion, auto theft and using a firearm in the commission of a felony. The need for money and personal goods took over this couples mind. They were a young couple that didn’t have much and thought they could murder and steal items of others to get the personal goods they desired.

Salepak was asked a few questions for these crimes and the authorities wanted him to tell them what was going on with his issues that persuaded him to commit such slayings. They first wanted to know why he took the lives of others. What would push him too the extent of hurting others and killing good people? Department of corrections spokesman Russ Marlin says.” There has to be more then just money and power so they asked Salepak what else was there?” Did killing these people satisfy your urge or make you feel stronger and better mentally? Marlin said “I believe these people were struggling with either emotional problems or were mentally unstable. “Salepak failed having an easy time answering the questions that the officers asked him and he broke down in tears, and cried.” “Salepak is a scared man with a lot of problems!”

There are very few possibilities for any other suspects to be connected to these two besides Mr. Salepak’s old girlfriend. Salepak assaulted his old girlfriend maybe because the fact she could have been in on the horrible slayings or because she knew something about him that he didn’t feel safe her knowing. Mr. Salepak was dealing with a lot of stress an had a lot animosity toward his old girlfriend because she had information about him that if the authorities got would of ruined him even more. The D.A. thinks Salepak should be thrown right back in jail and should be their for a very long time. They also know there is a lot of power against Salepak and can easily send him to jail and keep him their for good.

There have been a lot of writings about this case and headlines in Michigan. Many writers are eating this case up because the fact Mr. Salepak was released from prison last month for no reason, they just let him go. This sounds like he has connections with the law or has bribed a dirty cop to let him free. Salepak always disobeys his parole officer and treated him badly so the parole officer said he wanted Salepak back in prison. They couldn’t just throw him back in jail for these reasons so they let him go and their now hunting more reasons to put him back were he belongs.

There is a lot of evidence against Salepak and his fiancée. The police found a dead body of one of the victims in the trunk bed of his pickup truck. When the police found him and arrested him he started to break down and cry likes a little baby, as if he was another person. A man can’t be an insane killer and then when he’s caught become so humble and sorry for the victims. The investigators just simply said he is mentally ill and has a lot of issues. If he was mentally stabled then he would never make these horrible decisions.









































The language of the word changes every day. It just doesn’t stay the same. It gets bigger and bigger all the time. The word “freedom” is a word that never started our language but was a branch off, of the word free. The word freedom goes back to the year cerca 1230, in written text. I believe the word was used a lot before, maybe in some communities and or cities. The word is extremely powerful, and means a lot too many people around the world. Many people whose family members fought for freedom among our country never mock the word or think its funny when people do. In my mind the word is helpful because people strive to reach freedom and when their down in the dumps and they hear that particular word it gives them hope to live another day.

Freedom gives people the power to speak and act freely without any restraints. This word has come along way and is still thriving through the word today, being fought over its meaning and its power. Freedom has been said in many different ways. In some published writings, the whole word freedom is said, in many others they just use the definition to make the word come out toward the reader more. There is a list of uses for the word freedom, but the same time it all means the same thing. Freedoms is a very strong word and are million uses and different ways of using it but the word will never get old in any language or part of the world.

Around the time 1230 Hali meid used freedom in a sentence and it read “nis ha benne sariliche…akast and in to bewdom idrahen, but fram muchel hehscipe and seseli freedom schal lithe se lahe in to amonnes beowdom”. The sentence is very hard to read and translate into English. A famous composer that had used the word freedom in a sentence was William Shakespeare “if you denie it, let the danger light upon your chatter, and your cities freedom”. Darwin also wrote a sentence including the word freedom, “and laughed and joke with everyone with the utmost freedom”. All sentences have contained a different use for the word, but all stand for the same reason to be free.

Many had different points on the word freedom, so I took a pole and a few sentences from a couple of my buddies. Ryan said “prisoners get satisfied when their not confined and are free”. Ryan Mquaid said “the shirt allowed me to move more freely unlike the sweater.” Many of my classmates gave me the traditional sentence that involved a political view on the word like Leblanc saying “the war is fought over freedom and for one country to over come a power that controls people’s rights”. Everyone has a different opinion about something and that also is true with the word freedom. They use it differently in a sentence and they think about the word differently when it is said or brought up in a sentence.

We all can say what we wish, or want. This is a free country because the people in this county fought for freedom and many lives were lost fighting for the rights of all people in America. We use this meaning and phrase often you can hear it daily. We never stop to think of the meaning of freedom because we all know its self explanatory, and are used so common that we know freedom is the ability to not be restraint from anything. There is a quote saying “freedom is like the air we breathe” we never ask were it comes from, or what air is we automatically know its to help us live but freedom we know means to have no limitations and freedom was not given it was fought for and we must always remember that.