English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Jane Rodgers,

I am a student a Catholic Memorial High School. We have been learning about British contemporary writers. As I was looking up for the author P.G. Woodhouse a saw your name and decided to read some of your novels. As I read a little of them I noticed that you are a really good writer and knew that my classmates were missing out on something. That’s why I am writing this letter as an invitation for you to come to our school in West Roxbury, Ma.

The book that a liked a lot is “Separate Tracks”. It really grabbed me because of the way you introduced your characters. It was pretty original, with both characters having family problems and then meeting up in a children’s home. It is a pretty unique way of grabbing the readers attention, by starting out with one character an then making another characters life intervene with the others. I also mentioned your work to my mom and she started to read another one of your books called “Mr Wroe’s Virgins”. She told me that you are a really good writer, and her and I both noticed the way you use the mother to child relationship a lot in your work.

One thing I want to ask is why do you only write novels? It would be easier for your younger fans to purchase more of your titles if they were books. I just want to let you know that you will and I will be missing out on a lot if you don’t come, and I know my classmates will be. So I hope you make a good choice by coming to my school and visiting my classmates and I.

Sincerely, Lincoln Wright































When people talk about their wives, many describe them as lovable and the one that they chose to live for the rest of their lives. But if we were to ask someone what their wives are like after a huge argument, many would describe them as a mad lady. Well it seems like times haven’t changed since the time that Christy Moore wrote a good song called “The mad Lady and me”. This song is a very cultural song to all married men or even people who aren’t.

This song is nowhere how the title describes it. It’s a very unique song, which you have to pay attention very carefully in order to under stand it. For instance in the last stanza it says, “We were swimming out to sea, swimming down the opera house the mad lady and me”. This line shows that him and his lady were swimming down the opera house having fun. It also seems like after many rough times him and his lady were seeing the last of each other and enjoying the moment. This is proven in the chorus when their daughter says, “bye bye Mama, goodbye brother john, fare thee well ye Shandon bells”. It’s clearly shown that their mother was leaving them and Shandon bells.

Another reason why this song is very unique is because it’s a cultural song to all people. Even the title is pretty amusing with the mad lady and me. This song also relates to all generations because when people go through rough times with certain people they know that in the end they will always love each other.

In conclusion this song is a very powerful and yet humorous song. With the goodbyes the author still realizes that him and his mad lady have been through a lot but yet they are still together and living this game called life to the fullest.





















The lives of the Dankovich family was struck when they heard the news that their mother/wife was stabbed to death. Without any leads on the crime the family had mourned for almost a year, their mother and wife had died on April 24 on the year of 2005. Even their county court judge John J. McDonald said "I feel a responcipility to society". But with everything seeming to be going bad for the dankovich family new leads found that the now 16 year old had murdered is mother. Reports say that the young teen had stabbed his mother 111 times in the Pontiac, Michagan area. This story is obviously a case in which someone is fighting for power against someone who has more power than themselevs.

Authorities have said that Diane, Dankovich's mother, had found him looking at pornographic sites and she caught him looking up how to make weapons on their home computer. The judge of this case, McDonald, said that even the 22 and a half to 34 years in prison was not enough for the 16 year old Dankovich. After Dankovich was aware that the police was after him he then ran to his families cabin in St. Helen, which was located 100 miles north of his regularly residented home.

In recent court cases Dankovich seemed to be very regretful of his actions. After answering many questions that were thrown at him he responded by answering the judge with a "Yes sir". Also in one coutr case, after the trial was done a family member of the 16 year old screamed out, "We love you". but none of these words still can't restore the actions that Dankovich had done. It has also been clearly noted that the young teen's main purpose of stabbing his mother was just to show a sense of power over his mother, who had causght him on various unappropiate websites.

The father of the family has yet to release any real comments on his son's actions but one thing he said was that he never saw this coming. the family as a whole is still a little stunned but many have said that they are going to stick by his side no matter what happens.

In conclusion, the case or the verdict of Dankovich has yet to be fully resolved. but as you can tell many of the people who are involved in this case think that Dankovich should recieve a more severe punishment.



































Many people may think that the English language is changing the world as we see it today, new forming of words to just even words being made up or taken from another language. One word that has really helped the English language and the world move on is “for”. This word not only has helped the English language, it has also helped carry on other words from the beginning of the language.

The word “for” can be defined in many different ways. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English language defines “for” by saying it is used to indicate a object, aim, or purpose of an activity. Hearing this definition made me want to ask someone what they thought the word “for” really meant to them. When David Grant, a fellow classmate of mine was asked to define the word he gave me a very similar meaning. But that’s not the only definition for the word “for”. Another is used in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it says it is used as a function word to indicate purpose. The last definition that was pretty unique also came from the American Heritage Dictionary, the forth edition, it says the word “for” means as a being. One good sentence that came along with the definition was, take for granted, which was a very unique way to use it. This goes to show the different abilities that an American word has on the way we see it.

The OED is one of the best ways to look at a real words history in society. It shows how old the word is and its importance in literature. The “for” dates all the way back to the 850’s, making its first appearance in text in the first book written, Beowulf. The definition that the word “for” was used under is of place, in front of. It appeared in the first page; “He for eaxlum gestod Denga Frean”(1). With the word “for” covering more than five pages, another definition defines “for” as in the presence of or sight of. This word was also used by the great Charles Dickens, in a Christmas Carol, “Alas for Tiny Tim”. With its graceful abilities, “for” has managed to stay in the modern day English today as we know it.

This word has continued to even be used throughout the English language today, even though it is one of the oldest words known to man. It was recently used by Barry Branoff in the brandweek newspaper in a article describing the changes that the L.A. Lakers had made in the offseason. It says, “Jackson returned to the Lakers for the 2005-06 season…”. The word “for” is also used in a very unique way in the Brockton Enterprise, it is connected with the word shadowing. On page 3 a article was written by Dennis Coffee a local member of the community who said, “I don’t want to foreshadow the event but it will likely occur.” This unique ability that a word has to be able create new words by adding itself is quiet remarkable.

Most people might think that the way everyone views a certain word might be the same but those normal shmucks on the street are wrong. When I asked a couple of my friends, Danny Adjouri and David Grant, to define the word “for”, they both immediately replied, “A word that brings a sentence together”. When hearing them both reply with the same answer it worried me. Knowing that two people define a word that has been around since the 850’s the same way made me very curious. I decided to ask a few more people, Ryan Burke and Julian Anderson. Ryan defined it as a golf term and Julian responded by saying to give possession to or get possession from. Looking at those last two results really made my point crystal clear, any word in the English language can be defined and used in a different way.

In closing, I’d like to say that the English language has a whole has definitely contributed a whole lot to the world. It has helped us to really look at things from a different point of view and be able to use our imaginations in the process.