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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Courttia Newland,

I am a student of Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury. I would like you to visit our school because we are studying British Literature, and British writers. I am interested in you because you write short stories. I like to read short stories. I realized that you like to write about murders and drama. I also realized that you write screenplays. I like to watch plays.

In your short story, “The Great White Hate,” I liked that you wrote about a man Marcus Hill. As Marcus grows up he has a girlfriend. When he becomes an adult he gets married and has children with her. I like it how he was the youngest child and one of the most successful as an adult.

In your novel, Society Within, a quote stuck out to me, “I thought about it when I was readin’ The Voice one day; a restaurant in Brixton had a pizza called The Yardie, wid Yam an’ green Banana an’ all dem’ tings. So I thought – why not go a little farther? Why not ave’ a whole range ah West Indian pizzas?” The thing that sticks out the most in this quote is important to me because it shows the audience of the book how people talked in Britain.

I would like you to come to Catholic Memorial so we can get a better understanding of British Literature. I would like to read more than out of a textbook. You could come and read something you like out of your novel to our school. As a gift we would give you a free sweat shirt as saying thank you for coming .If you don’t come I would be kind of sad and unhappy but please to come to my school. Thank you for your time. Sincerely: James Mullin






























Before the 1900’s there was a war song called Owain Glyndyr’s War Song. This song was written by Felicia Hemans before the 1870’s. To the Welsh’s today, Owain Glyndwr is very important because he had a revolt against English rule in Wales. Glyndwr controlled most of Wales and established a Welsh Parliament. Then Prince Henry captured Wales and Glyndwr could only attack by using guerrilla fights. This song is teaching people that they should bring peace to others but at the same time the enemy should bring peace too. This affected British history so Wales wouldn’t try to lose control, it showed how Wales should have acted, that way they wouldn’t get captured. The history of the song is political because it teaches us about how the government works and how the general runs his army; Owain is the best general since 1400, the government runs the city of Wales it controls the army. The poem shows how the land of the wars were destroyed and how the skies light up.

Felecia Hemans is the author of Owain Glyndywr’s war song. She likes to show what the wars are like and what they are bythe big bright lights in the sky and the big booms from cannons. She wrote the song like story. A story of the war, like if she was in it fighting for her country. Felecia states a point that all going to war shall bring peace. The song influenced Wales, the land itself, because it shows how the land was destroyed, “burned in its awful beams?” This means Wales was at war and was burned in different areas. They were treated with no respect and was captured within the cities in Wales. This quote, “red shone th’ eternal snows,” means you can see the colors of bombs and bullet holes in the snow. This quote, “and all the land, as bright as it rose,” means the bombs made a huge sound and bright light that was lit up so bright that it was still bright out around midnight. All these quotes describe how the whole war scenes were described and how it looked in detail. The history is that Wales did get captured, so was Glyndwr. Prince Henry didn’t harm him. He just locked him up.

This song also influenced the general of Wales’ army, Glyndyr. The quote “and swell the rushing mountain air, with song to Glyndwr’s name.” The author wrote this song to Glyndwr so he would be remembered by all the great soldiers and people of Wales. Glyndwr was one of the most successful general of Wales, that’s why the author wrote this song to him. This quote, “a sound is on the breeze, a murmur as of swelling seas; the Saxon on his way. This means that there is still one soldier not giving up, you can hear his sword and shield clinging against the enemies sword and shield. The history on these quotes have to say that u shall never give up even if your losing.

The song is remembered today as a war song that was important to people back then because it showed how Owain Glyndwr went through his wars and survived. Most people in the united states would have no idea what song it is. Welsh people would know about Owain Glyndwr at the least. It would mostly known in Wales today. For my survey I asked my family if they knew or heard of Owain Glyndwr. 0 out of 5 didn’t know him. When I went around my block of my town neighborhood, 0 out of 23 knew nothing about Glyndwr.

Felecia Hemans wrights the song representing who they are and what they’ll do. She likes to describe the settings of the war because they lit up the whole sky and she thought it was beautiful. She also wrote about general Owain Glyndwr. She wrights about Owain because he was the most popular and strongest general ever, leading Wales through big wars and little battles between other nations.
























On February 2, 2003 Friday afternoon Jennifer San Marco returned to her old job for a little visit. This postal service was located in California, three years ago where she used to work. San Marco started a rampage. She killed five employees and shot a neighbor back in New Mexico, where she used to live. It was motivated by power because she wanted to seek revenge because she had problems with different races in her old job. The investigators were at the scene and saw that San Marco was dead. She committed suicide. San Marco thought she was going to get away with this rampage, but she has mental problems and killed herself; she got away but not in a good way. Six of the victims were minorities.

Back in New Mexico, neighbors were interviewed and said “we found a body with a gunshot wound to the head.” Some other neighbors in New Mexico said “San Marco has been yelling and screaming racist comments to random people.” The postal workers were interviewed one of them said “she was being treated in a mental hospital in 2001, two years ago.” Investigators refused to tell a motive because it was so cruel and rude. Since San Marco had been racist, she bothered with the people about racism to make them upset. When they got upset they didn’t do anything, so she kept bugging them. I thought she was trying to tell the workers to stop treating her differently. A former plant worker, Jeff Tabala, recalled that San Marco was particularly hostile to Asians at work. He said all of the dead were minorities: “three were black, one was Chinese American, one was Hispanic and one was Filipino.

Before San Marco became a postal worker, at age 44, she worked as a Santa Barbara police dispatcher in the mid - 1900’s and passed an extensive background check and psychological exam. She left after a few months because the job was too stressful. This is where she got the gun for the rampage. A deputy clerk in the town of Milan said she once requested a business license to start a publication called “The Racist Press.” A man named Raney said that San Marco felt that the post office was out to get her in a way. Raney thinks that this is a good motive for San Marco.

San Marco is related to British literature because of the book called Frankenstein that we have just read. Frankenstein is related to the women because this she has come back for revenge just like the monster goes back and kills its creator’s friends. The two relate because they both have conflict and reasoning to their crimes. The monsters reason to kill the friends was when its creator cloned him this is when the monster got mad. San Marco the women committed suicide like the author’s siblings in Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. Mary’s family fell apart, someone drowned, someone committed suicide, and someone was murdered. This relates to San Marco because she kills seven employees that she didn’t like, just like the monster in the book Frankenstein. Frankenstein had power because people would listen to him, but when thy didn’t they were attacked. San Marco had power because she had a racist problem and got back on the people by killing herself so they couldn’t do anything about it.

Jennifer San Marco was a mentally challenged person who rampaged over racist remarks who stayed in a mental hospital for about a year or so. I think San Marco has no life and is crazy because she was depressed and stressed. She didn’t know what to do after the death she committed in New Mexico, so she started a rampage over people she didn’t like that worked in her job. She committed suicide at the crime scene. I guess she just beat herself in her own little game!




























There are strong support for language acquisition and understanding being positively influenced by assimilation to the host country’s culture. A North American creation of a distinct American dialect is the English language. Humans use language to communicate with other people. There are different languages because people have different backgrounds and culture from all over the world. A duck is part of nature and the ocean as a crazy person could just be a normal person inside. The word “quack” is helping the world of an English word because it shows animals and its characteristics, and can show the act of human beings.

There are many other definitions in other dictionaries. In the website dictionary.com a definition for “quack” is an untrained person who pretends to be a physician. In the American heritage dictionary they said a characteristic sound uttered by a duck. The Merriam Webster dictionary states a medically unqualified human being. These dictionaries give a normal everyday person definition. There not like the Oxford English Dictionary that can be from Middle English, Old English or Modern day English. Another word for “quack” is quacksalver meaning one who boasts of his skill in medicine and slaves or of the efficacy of his prescriptions; a charlatan, a quack and a mountebank. “Quacks” pretend to cure diseases as a “quack” medicine or a “quack” doctor.

The word “quack” is in Middle English and was first used in 1493. The middle English word for “quack” is “quek.” The word “quack” has two common definitions that are in the Oxford English Dictionary, to pretend to have medical knowledge; to dabble ignorantly in medicine. Another definition of the OED is a pretender to medical knowledge or skill. “Quacks are people who practice quackery.” They are in the business of selling false hope to ill-informed people who suffer. Biggs uses quack in an article New Dispense, “to be quacked forth in Beartolmew Fayr (Biggs 782). The OED states in Literature that quackery was mixed with medicine for heeling. This was used throughout different cultures (Biggs 782).

The word is mostly used in poetry. The author of The Rain Song, Alex Rogers uses “quack” in a sentence, “when da ducks quack loud an’ da peacocks cry,” Alex uses a comparison with how each animal can talk in a different sound or language. Another poem Retaliation, with the author of Oliver Goldsmith, uses “quack” in a sentence. The scourge of imposters, the terror of quacks: 80 Come, all ye bards, and ye quacking divine, Come and dance. Goldsmith here uses quacks as criminals and bad, crazy people. The poem Nell Flaherty’s Drake, with an author of anonymous uses quack in his writing of literature, “May his duck never quack, may his goose be turned black and pull down his stack with her long yellow back.” He thinks the duck is dead and will never live again.

The word “quack” showed up in numerous articlesthat caught my attention. One of the articles is “Why Are Doctors Known As Quacks?” The author was not applied but the name of the source was called The Times (UK). The article is about people who talk really fast who are known as quacks also known as doctors. These doctors are quacks because they are always talking and yapping while they work, either with patients or other doctors and nurses. The second article is “Students Quack Up In Physics Lesson.” This article is about out of control students who won’t stop talking in their physics class in school. The author of this article is Igzazio Messina and the source is The Blade (OH). These students are known as quacks because they can’t be controlled and are talking non-stop. No one can calm them down so they can’t continue class. Another article called “Fads, Quacks, and Changing Times,” is about the history of fad promoters. A modern description of a quack person is the exploitation of the human desire for longevity and exemption from pain, advantage of confusing stories of health-related matters.

When people today use the word “quack” they use connotation. Most of the people I interviewed in my survey knew that “quack” was somehow related to duck noises. My brother Jonathan Mullin thought of a sentence, “ I saw the duck quack in the water.” Mike Munichiello gives a sentence, “I like to quack when I’m bathing myself.” Eighty percent of the people were only fourteen to eighteen years old that thought of a duck noise. Twenty percent, the rest of the people thought of a crazy person whose ages were forty-five to fifty years old. A sentence was “I saw the quack in the jail cell,” from my mother, Marie Mullin. Another sentence is “I caught the duck and it quacked,” from my dad Marty Mullin.

Foreign speakers use English language so they can communicate with other people, like we do. They use different language because they have a different culture than us. When foreigners use the word “quack” they say it’s usually for a duck noise. The word quack in Spanish is “graznido.” In French the word quack is “charlatan.” My friend Diego Arriendando and speaks fluent Spanish. His sentence was, “graznido de patos en el agua.” This means ducks quack in the water. Some children learn more than one language from birth or young age. They have two tongues, now they can be more responsible for other languages being spoken, so they can understand them. From their point of view, they see English as a foreign language.

The official language of Massachusetts would be English because of our constitution. An official language is a legal status in a state. For “quack,” the official language is Old English, the bilinguals of “quack” would be a policy of English experience. My knowledge have increased of “quack” because I had no idea of it being related to medicine and medical conditions. The history of the word “quack” has change for me a lot. I thought it was only duck noises and mental people but I was wrong. If you take another word and put it next to the word it changes its use. For example “quack salver.” I learned how “quack” was used differently like medical wise. “Quacks” used quackery to cure diseases.