English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear, Ian Mcewan

My name is Stephen Maguire from Boston Massachusetts. I go to Catholic Memorial High school and I’m in the 10th grade. I was wondering if you would want to come visit my school and talk to my English class about your work and a little about your own life. It would be interesting to see all the books that you have written and I know, that you have written a lot of books.

I know that you have just published a new book called Saturday. I look forward to reading this book because you are a very interesting writer.

I read that you were born in Alder shot Hampshire, England it sounds like a very nice area to be born. Is it a small quiet town? I live in a small part of Boston called Hyde Park. It is local and small. You traveled to East Germany and to North Africa where your father was living.

I have seen that almost all your books have won some medal and that means you are able to write all different sorts of books and can get great recognition for all of them.

I would very much appreciate it if you could come by my school (Catholic Memorial). You are more than welcome to come by. It is up to you when you would like to come. My class will appreciate your presence. We will be able to read about you and some of your great works. Instead of bringing our large textbook to class everyday we can bring one of your books to class. Hope to see you real soon.


Stephen Maguire




















“Jock O’Hazeldean” was written by Sir Walter Scott and published in 1816. “John O’ Hazelgreen” – C.K Sharpe was the original title of the song and Sharpe was the original author composer. This song has to do with the history of Scotland. It shows that by not marring into the royal family, she could never become a Queen. This song is not popular today because it has nothing to do with our society. This song was written because it shows you what you can have if you marry a young prince. If she had married the prince someday she could have been on the top of the ruling family and have everyone looking up at her.

If this woman married the royal prince she would have had power over all the other brides that were behind her. She would have had a lot of power that no bride would have over come her. She would be in power until her death. This woman didn’t want to be the most powerful, but she really wanted to follow her true love.

She is setting an example for other brides to follow their true love no matter what anyone says. To not be forced into any marriage that you do not like, and do not have people arranges a marriage for you. By choosing a spouse that they like and not letting you have your own say in the matter. The royal family was trying to bribe the young girl with fancy jewelry and other fancy items.

I took a survey that included my brother, mother, father and grandmother. When I asked my brother if he had heard of the song “Jock O’ Hazeldean” he told me that he had never heard of it and didn’t even know what I was talking about. The only reason my mother new what song it was, was because she helped me look up information on it but besides that she didn’t know. My father was lost when I asked him about the song. My grandmother said that she didn’t know who it was she also said that it was way before her time. So this song is not known by anyone in today’s society.

The main idea of the song is that you can receive anything in the world that you want but you can’t buy your own happiness. That is within yourself and you have to find that in your own way. Therefore, she chose to find happiness on her own.





















I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was the Chief of Staff for Vise President Dick Cheney. When he was accused of perjury in Washington D.C. In 2003 and 2004, Libby was charged with giving a CIA agents name to the press because her husband who was a former U.S. Ambassador. Her husband accused the Bush Administration of lying about Iraq buying Uranium in Niger.

Libby says that he is “not guilty” of the charges against him. He also wants to have a trial in front of a jury. Mr. Libby was asked in an interview if he gave the CIA agents name to the press? His response was “No”. Another question that was asked to Mr. Libby was why did you resign as the Vice President’s Chief of Staff? His response was “I do not want to cause the people in the White House any more problems.”

After further reviewing this case, there maybe two other culprits involved. Kurt Rove who is President Bushes senior Advisor. The other person is Judith Miller who is a writer for the New York Times. These two people may also be guilty of leaking out the name of the CIA Agent.

The book in Literature that contains perjury is Sellout. The inside story of President Clinton’s Impeachment written by David P. Schippers. Most believe that Clinton lied while under oath in 1998. That would mean that he committed perjury. These two incidents are similar because they both involve the government. Did they lie? or were they misleading.

In conclusion, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby is waiting for his trial in January 2007. The prosecutors and the defense are working very hard to build each side of the case and the verdict awaits.


























Our language today is very complex because there are many ways to use the words and different ways to pronounce the words. The English language is getting bigger and new words are being everyday. “World” for example is not as old as you would think. The word “world” was originated around 1426, when compared to other words, this is very young. This word is helping the real world by proving that our world is not the only world around and also that the world can be changed by natural or physical changes. The word “world” will always be around, no one will ever stop using it.

During my survey, I interviewed different individuals and asked them their definition of the word “world.” My friend said, “it was part of the universe” and when he used it in a sentence his response was, “ The world is part of a large universe.” When I asked my mother about the word “world” her response was “the earth.” My mothers sentence was’ “The earth is one of nine planets consisting of four hemispheres.” Both of these definitions are similar. The final definition that I received was from my brother, he stated, “the public.” His sentence was, “The public is a community which makes up a better part of the world.”

I also interviewed my grandmother who migrated to the United States from Italy in the early 1950’s, her definition of the word “world” is different from people that learned English as their first language. My grandmother’s interpretation is not common, she does not know a lot about the word as it is used in English. My grandmother’s definition of the word “world” is, “a particular way of life.” She says, “There are different ways of life in different parts of the world.”

The three dictionaries that I researched all had similar definitions. The first dictionary is The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language and its definition is “inhabitants of the earth.” The second dictionary is The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms and the definition is “human existence.” The third dictionary is World Net, which states, “involving the entire earth.”

The OED is the best dictionary for the English language because it contains all of the words of the language. It also has when all the words first made their appearance in the language. When I looked up my word in the OED I saw that the first time it appeared in literature was in 1450 in Audelay Poems. Another important date that “world” appeared in literature was 1533 by Gau Richt Vay. The final important appearance in literature was in 1540 by Palsgr. Acolastus.

The word “world” can be found in many titles of many articles. This article “The world turns upside down” written by Dan Lovelace, talks about how the world can be a destructive place. In another article “World Sky” written by Travel trade gazette UK and Ireland, talks about how you can go on world tours.

In conclusion, the word “world” has a major impact in society in many different ways. People interpret the word differently, dictionaries have similar yet different definitions for the word and the world is so big that the word “world” brings us all together as one.