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Creative Writing  

Dear, Mr. Sheers

My Name is Darrell Kelton and I am in the tenth grade. After having read some of your poems in “The Blue Book” I would love to hear some of your work in person. I attend Catholic Memorial high school and am currently in the tenth grade. The English class that I am taking is all about British literature and our class is moving backwards towards the first story ever written in English “Beowulf”.

My Interest outside of school consist of playing and watching baseball, playing chess and reading books about the X-men and world war two. Considering that you are a young man and must travel I would greatly appreciate if you took into consideration coming to our school to speak to our class. When looking at your different works I noticed that you won the Eric Gregory award and the Vogue talent contest for young writers both in the same year which is a great accomplishment. I enjoy reading fiction novels, poetry, and a lot non-fiction story’s about World War II. When you were growing up what was your dream in life. Playing professional baseball is one of my dreams and if that did not work out than I would consider being a lawyer. Being a writer is not at the top of my list of careers but if I were to become a writer I do feel that I have the passion to write a novel or poetry. If you are ever interested in coming to Boston or anywhere in the United States our English class will welcome you with open arms any day of the year.

“The Blue book” was a great collection of poems my favorite poem of yours is “Valentine”. The best line in that poem is “then holding each other in the hotel bed, like a pair of sunken voyagers who thought themselves done for” this is an tremendously intimate line. While reading this poem the reader can feel the love between the couple in the poem. I have not read your novel yet but I hope that I can read it before the summers end.

If you are ever in the Massachusetts area and you are looking for something to do it would be greatly appreciated if you came to Catholic Memorial I know that my classmates and I would enjoy to hear about you in person. If you are doing any readings or book signings I’m sure my school would let us come to see you read one of your poems or novels.

Thank you for reading letter and I hope that you consider coming to our school. I will be awaiting a response from you so that I can supply you with the information for the school and all of the other important details. Sincerely Darrell Kelton


























The Blue Bells

The Blue Bells of Scotland was an extremely important ballad to the Scots during the time of the French revolutionary and Naponic wars. This song teaches us historical and emotional values of the times. There have been many alterations to the song to match some of the Scottish issues and values of its time. Some of the main versions teach us of the sorrows for the family of a soldier. This song is not recognized by Scotland as the official Scottish anthem but it is still sung today by a lot of Scotts at different national events.

No one knows who wrote the first version of “Blue Bells of Scotland” though some believe someone in the king George’s court wrote the first versions. It was first published somewhere between 1800 and 1815. When the song was first written some believed that the song was written to give hope to Scottish soldiers fighting in the Napolinic war. The first line of the ballad “'O where and O where does your highland laddie dwell 'He's gone with streaming banners where noble deeds are done'” conveys a message of courage and bravery for a soldier going to fight for King George. Blue Bells of Scotland never really effected any political movements but was effected its self by whatever was happening in history when someone decided to re- write a new version.

“Blue Bells of Scotland” teaches’ us the historical values of the life of a soldier leaving his family in times of war, “Oh no, true love will be his guard and bring him safe again For it's oh, my heart would break if my Highland lad were slain” .Even though the song changes many times through out history the main message is the same, it talks about the hardships of the families of soldiers fighting for the grateful king. Blue Bells of Scotland Teaches us and important political lesson from the 1800’s, the people looked for loyal leaders and faithful leaders not cold blooded leaders.

When the name “Blue Bells of Scotland” was mentioned Tom Driscoll immediately said “that’s and old Irish folk song”. When asked how he knew that Tom said my mother always used to sing it during different holidays. After school when asked if they had ever herd Blue Bells of Scotland 2 of 10 students responded yes. Both of the students were Irish; however none of the students were able to recite a verse of the song. This small survey shows that this is song is still relatively popular in Irish families. There are some popular songs that stir up emotions in different cultures like the black national anthem or different revolutionary war songs but the Irish participants in the survey did not show any emotions when the song was brought up, meaning that though it is popular it is not as powerful in meaning as some other cultural songs. Since it is a Scottish song it might not have the same impact as it would have on a Scottish decent. Blue Bells of Scotland had a great emotional value, this song was written to justify King George going to war. Kings in the 1800 needed the loyalty of the people to survive and he tried to reach his people threw song and ballads to try to make them believe he cared about his people. This song was written in Scotland because Scotland still belonged to Britain at that time. “Oh what, tell me what if your highland lad be slain? Oh no, true love will be his guide and bring him safe again” this line shows a feeling of worry for the soldiers and it was songs like this that rallied the people and troops to support and stand behind there king.

The Blue Bells of Scotland is a historical song that teaches us the value of loyalty and courage of a soldier fighting in the British/Scottish army. This song will continue to change but it lyrics and meaning will remain the same for Scottish people everywhere. We do not know who wrote the original but we do know the impact it had on rulers and the people of Scotland so long ago. Many Scots still sing this song today during parades and different national holidays. Scottish CD’s with classic ballads always included blue bells of Scotland though it is not the most important it is still important to Scottish history. The lyrics of this song are not usually sung on CD’s and at a regular concert but at festivals and other national events the lyrics are always sung. In modern times when people remade blue bells of Scotland they usually just remake the song for a different kind of instrument, the words are usually left as they are.

























In 1995 there was a massive massacre in Srebrenica by the Bosnian Serb army led by General Mladic. During the Bosnian war the Bosnian Serb army seized Srebrenica which was being protected by the United Nations. After non stop bombing for five days Mladic entered the city and took all the men and boys and interrogated them for “suspected war crimes” .7, 500 Muslim men were killed during the invasion. Mldacic was able to return to Yugoslav while Mr. Milosevic was still the Yugoslav president. After Mr. Milosevic was arrested Mladic was forced to flee the country, he is now the most wanted European war criminal. Mladic killed all of those Muslims to stay in power and crush the hope of the opposition. Mladic knew that if he made and example out of the people of Srebrenica than less small groups would try to oppose him.

General Mladic was appointed to lead the invasion by the president of former Yugoslav president Milosevic. Because Yugoslav did not have permission to invade Srebrenica they violated the Geneva Convention. For years after his war crimes he was able to live free under the protection of his government but he was forced to flee when the government was disbanded. Mladic wanted to keep Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Yugoslav people’s army’s control. Mladic was hoping to stay in control of the people and crush there quest for independence. The war was won by the Serbs but they were cited for the most accounts of Genocide. Despite all of the destruction, the most important battle which sealed Mladics fate was the Srebrenica massacre. After this event he would be labeled a war criminal by the UN forever.

Mladic was not the only person who was investigates for war crimes in The Bosnian war. The president of Yugoslav Slobodan Milosevic who ordered the attacks and started the Bosnian war was arrested and taken from power. Milosevic dies after just five years in prison and never got to stand trial. After Milosevic lost power Mladic was forced into hiding and was not able to appear in public. Mladic has not said much after the war but in June 1995 Mladic put a price on his own head saying he would turn himself in f his family and bodyguards were given five million dollars compensation for his arrest. Since the Srebrenica massacre Mladic has been in a state of depression due to personal problems suffered in his family. Mladics daughter committed suicide in her senior year of college because of the ridicule that her father endured in the media. Many people believed that Mladic would stop running and turn him in after this incident. Before the war Mladic said “we can not let our people rule of butchers” talking about the Croats and Muslims. When Mladic said this like a good leader he was trying to win the sympathy of the world in the media by making his nation look like the victim in the conflict.

After the attacks on the Muslims and people of Srebrenica power started to be sucked away from Mladic and the Republic of Yugoslav. There are many books that have been written about massacre and loss of power in British history, because the struggle between the Irish Revolution and the British there have been many slaying and massacres over history. Those are real Bullets: Bloody Sunday is a book that does a good job of depicting the violence between Ireland and Britain over the years. There have been other Genocides or massacres in British history, the Boston Massacre was one of the most famous examples and it led to a massive revolution. When you are a world super power and you have control of many satellite nations for Britain to keep order and control they must demonstrate dominance by any means necessary. Mladic was in the same situation and was forced to take action against the Muslims and Croats who revolted. Mladic won the war and took back power, but like most men with power he was bound to loss it all.

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar after Caesar gains power and is name dictator for life people around him begin to plot ways to bring him down because they feel it dangerous for someone to have unlimited power. Brutus said that Caesar was “and ambitious leader” he also feels Ambitious leader cannot make decisions to benefit the people. Brutus was also the leader of the conspiracy to take down Caesar after he was named dictator for life. Mladic after the war for three years made public appearances and was able to live out in the open when Milosevic was still in power. Like Caesar Mladic was oblivious to the fact that people around him were coming to a close. During the war Mladic was very confident and cocky when asked what he would do if the UN bombed him Mladic said “If they bomb us we ill bomb the Croats and the UN for a week straight we are not afraid”.

Mladic was and ambitious leader and is a confident man like Caser he was on top and at his climax in power was one of the most powerful men in the world. But “no man can become to beautiful before the Gods curse his face” meaning that you can only be that perfect for a short time until something or somebody knocks you down.

























The English language is the greatest language in the world because it produces great baseball terminology like homerun, hit, and sacrifice fly. The English Language is a relatively new language compared to many of the other ancient languages and was put together using roots from the words of many other languages. The word all has been around since the time of old English. The first time it appeared in print was the year 1016 C.E. the English language is the greatest thing that has happened to the world. English is spoken in more countries than another language and is still growing. English is the bridge to all languages and without English translations and communication would be much more difficult.

The OED the top dictionary in the world defines the word all as “the entire or unabated amount or quantity”. This is the most common use of the word all, about 93% of the time the word all is being used to describe the whole amount. Some other unique and obscure definitions found in the OED are “everything” and “the entire number of, the individual component of”. The first time the word all did appear in literature was in 886 in the O.E chronicle. On its birth date the word all was used in the sentence “And him all angle cyn to cirde” the word is one of the oldest word in the English language and was created from the German word Alle.

The more common dictionary like the Marion Webster dictionary uses the word all in the following “The entire or total number, amount, or quantity; totality”. This definition is almost exactly the same as the OED definition; the only real difference is that the wording is a little more simplistic than the OED version. There are other unique ways to use the world “all”, The On-line medical dictionary uses ALL as the abbreviation for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. All is also the name of the money in Albania. Though these definitions are not the same exact wording as the OED they are very much alike and are not that much different from one another. The Webster dictionary and the OED both use the word all to represent an entire amount.

There are many different meanings for the word all In the English language. The first meaning is most dictionaries is “Being or representing the entire or total number, amount, or quantity”. The first meaning in any dictionary almost always has something to do with amount and quantity. Some of the other common definitions for all are “Being the utmost possible of” or as an adverb all is used to show the “whole” thing. When used to show whole the word all still shows an amount of something. No matter what part of speech the word all is used in it usually shows the amount of the object you are discussing. The word all was first used. When asked Robert Stevens who attends Northeastern and studies German said that all in the German language is spelled Alle

In the survey for uses of the word all most of the results were the same. 70 percent of the kids asked in this survey attend catholic memorial. When asked to use the word all in a sentence Brian Barret said that he “takes a shower all the time” when asked if he meant all as the whole time or the majorirty of the time he said all the time. Out of the ten people surveyed 8 said that there definintion of the word had to do with the whole thing. More than 50% related all to poker sayings like “I’m going all in”.

The English language is helping the world because it is a bridge to bring many nations together. Even though people view the United States as a bully that is taking over, they still should embrace English instead of casting it off because it is “destroying there culture”. It is fine to have pride about your own heritage but you still have to move along with the times. If your not being able to communicate with worldly people around you than you become a hindrance to society. In most countries is spoken so it would be much easier to teach everyone English so that we could have a language everyone understands because it makes it easier to get things done. The word “all” is one of important words, and without “all” a lot of phrases in our everyday vocabulary would be changed or even vanish. Imagine playing poker I’m blank in? Even though some words are small they can still make all the difference in the world and what we say everyday. The way the English language is growing it will not be long before it has taken over every single country is the number one or two languages in every single country

The word “all” definition has not changed much over the history of the English language. The term all mostly used to describe a large amount or the whole amount has recently been redefined and made into one of the most famous poker phases “all in” there are several poker video games that included the title all in. Sometimes while watching poker on TV you will see someone wearing a hat or a t-shirt that says “I’m all in”. Ryan Burke a sophomore at catholic memorial said that poker is the first thing that comes to his mind he hears the word “all” is poker. Out of the 15 people who were surveyed eleven of them thought about poker when they herd the word “all”.

When interviewing Angelina Martinez who was born in catevert and the main language of her family is catvertian. When asked what the world all meant to her she replied “I think it means everything”. When asking Nicholas her son he said “its like all or like um like all of something, I don’t know everything”. Both Nicholas and Angelina said that the word “all” was one of the first and easiest words that they had learned.

Some famous writers have used the word all in there writings. Since it was such a common word there were many writers used the word all in there writings. In 1386 Chaucer used the world all in his writing the Kutz T. Later shakephere would use the word in his play William II in the line “You have but mistooke me all this while”. The word all has pretty