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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Tim Lott,

My name is Charlie Frisoli. I am in the tenth grade at the Catholic Memorial High School. I am in the course English ten: British Literature and in the class we are reading the novel 1984. It would be great if you could come by our class hand have a reading from one of your novels.

1984, written by another British author, George Orwell, has some hidden connections to your novel Rumours of a Hurricane. In the novel, Orwell describes what he thinks the year 1984 will be like in Britain. He talks of war, crime, and political policies. This book is based on predictions that Orwell has of the future. Your novel, Rumours of a hurricane, you make connections about Orwell’s work and his theories. You actually described what Great Britain was like in the 1980’s. Both books share another similarity. This similarity is that you both tell the story though the point of view of one man. Orwell uses Winston to tell his story and you use Charlie to tell your story. Rumours of a Hurricane was nominated for best novel in 2002 by the Whitbred prize, which is a very prestigious award.

Due to the fast pace of the class, were we not able to cover many contemporary British authors, including yourself. It would be great if you could stop by our class someday and give us a reading from one of your novels. This could be unfortunate if you decline, because if you are unable to make it then unfortunately we will not be able to learn about you or read anything from any of your novels. Best regards, Charlie Frisoli






















“The Quest” was written by James H. Cousins in 1892. It was written in Dublin, Ireland. Its popularity today is measured by its feet that it got into the Oxford English book of Literature. This song is about a man who looks all around the world for his love. When he gives up he finally realizes that the love was in his heart and will always be there. This may influence us because if we lose someone close to our heart then we will no that they will remain in our heart forever. This teaches us that love remains with you even after someone is gone. This song affects the history of Great Britain because it is very possible that it affected some of the decisions that people made in there life. If they hadn’t made these decisions then they might not have became who they were. These people may have been very influential figures in British history and did great things for the empire. This song teaches us the culture of Great Britain.

The function of this song is to relay a message to the listeners and to teach culture. It teaches culture because it shows how a man in the community would waste his life looking for love. It wants to tell people that you should never over pursue love. That is what James Cousins did in his life. He went all over the place to get it. “I scaled high heaven, I stormed the gates of hell, but Her I never found.” He has looked all over the place for his true love. He has wasted a large portion of his life doing this. But then he finally realizes that the love has always just been in his heart. “Till thro’ the tumults of my Quest I caught, A whisper: `here, within my heart`.” He finally realized that the love has been in his heart the whole time and he wasn’t looking in the right place. He came to the realization that the love is gone and he has to move on in his life.

This song affects almost everyone who reads it. It teaches us a lesion that true love is in your heart, even if the other person does not feel the same way. This meaning can change a lot of things. It tells us to stop focusing on finding love itself in the outside world. With this, we will have more time to do other things. “Till thro’ the timults of my Quest I caught a whisper “Here, within my heart.” This is the point where he realizes that the love is in his heart and it has been there since the begging of the quest. So if an influence British person heard this song, then he would realize that love was just in his heard. Then he would have more time to focus on making Great Britain a better place. Even though this is no proof that an influential person heard this song, I sure that one influential person did hear this at one point in time.

I believe that “The Quest” still has an affect today. I don’t think that the message has changed though. If you hear it in today’s age, you would still get the same meaning than you would in the 1800’s. It tells us that true love is in your heart and not to over pursue you love. If you over pursue then you will have wasted part of your live, even though the writer wasted all of his life. Its influence has lasted for over one hundred years, and its meaning has not changed one bit. There is one thing different. When it was first written, it was sung as a folk song. Today, it is just simply read on a sheet of paper or on the computer. Also, there are no modern versions of this song. I believe that there are no modern versions because people would be said if someone told them to give up what they love, because they would not want to do that.

Over the years, “The Quest” has changed a lot of lives. Even though it is short, it still gives an enormous message. The message affects everyone, whether they agree with it or not. I believe that most people would agree with it, but everyone has a different option. I also think that this message will be remembered by the people who read the poem. That is why it is still sticking around after over one hundred years. That just shows that it is a good message and many people agreed with it and remembered it.

























James Laski, a city clerk in Chicago, resigned February 7, 2006. He was charged with soliciting of bribes and obstruction of justice in a widespread corruption investigation. James Laski turn corrupted so he could gain power in the Illinois justice department. The more bribes he received, he became more powerful, because money is power. He is also accused with obstruction of justice. This means that his actions hurt the justice system of Illinois rather than help it. He is involved in a widespread corruption case, which means that it could be associated with justice departments in other major states. The biggest motive for this crime is the fact that James Laski wanted more power in his department.

James Laski has pled not guilty to his crimes, but his attorney says he plans to change his plea to guilty in upcoming weeks. People in Laski’s department have mixed reactions over this. Some believe that he was corrupted while others believe that there is no way that he was corrupted. Joe Novak, who was an aide with Laski for the mayor in the early ninety’s, said “He always thought that Laski had sticky fingers.” Community leader Mary Ann Dybala, who worked with Laski to keep Midway airport open, said “She never saw any hint of corruption or evidence that Laski was involved in this crime.” Laski has not given any of his statements to the public up to this point.

Due to the fact that this is a widespread corruption case, the odds that there are other culprits are very high. It is very unlikely that Laski was acting on his own. But so far no one else has been charged and there are not any suspects either. He was trying to get money for the “hired truck program”, which is used to raise money for the city. Laski has been caught on tape shaking down friends for money to put in this program. So you can assume that other people involved in the hired truck program are guilty of receiving bribes that they then invested in the hired truck program. It is unknown if any one else will be charged with similar crimes that Laski received.

The people that gain from this crime are other people who where bribing people for the hired truck program. Now they know that they shouldn’t do anything for the program because the federal government has a close eye on it. The hired truck program gained form the money, but it will probably be shut down due to the corruption involved in it. I think that bribery has been involved in literature, but I don’t think a scenario as complicated as this one has been involved in any type of literature. But there have been other forms of corruption in literature. One example is Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar”. In this play Mark Antony arranges Caesar’s murder, and then grabs power of the government. This is a classic case of corruption in government. So James Laski drew the short straw by being the person that the federal government caught in this corruption case.

I think that James Laski has made a poor decision. He broke the law, and he got caught. Now that he has been caught he is going to go to court and probably to jail. He will spend a substantial amount of life in jail. And he didn’t even commit the crime for his benefit. He did if so he could benefit a city program and be thanked for it. The only thing that it did was made him go to jail and he losses a lot of friends. In my point of view the risk wasn’t even worth the reward. I can’t even see what this guys reward was. It’s just a stupid crime committed by a stupid person. I believe that crime doesn’t pay, and it clearly didn’t pay here.



























Language is the thing that intellectuals use to communicate with other people. Our language is English. People around the world use different languages, like Russian and Japanese. Also, animals have there won unique language that they use to communicate with other animals. English began as a small language in 800, but 1200 years later it has grown to the biggest language in the world. The word I have chosen from the English language is gun. The word “gun” is a weapon that fires projectiles at another object. This word has hurt the world, because it is used as the mean weapon of warfare and all warfare hurts the world.

The main definition of the OED is a “weapon consisting of a metal tube which a projectile is fired at a high velocity into a relatively flat trajectory.” The word gun comes from Middle English. It is used as “gonne” in “The old Norse Gunhilder”. Gun can also be used as a cannon with a long barrel. Another definition is a portable firearm. If gun is used as a verb it is gunned, and gunning. A phrasal verb is “gunned for”. This means to go after someone. The language it comes from is welsh, and it is used as “gwr”. It is used first in 1339, in Riley’s “Lond. Mem.” Its sentence is “Vicitata gonnes, et quiue roleres ud eaden.”

Gun is usually used as a noun. But it can sometimes also be used as a phrasal verb. I took a survey of ten people and asked them a couple of questions about my word. Matt Hedberg said a gun was a weapon that fired bullets. His sentence was “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Derek Powell said that a gun was something that you shot people with. His sentence was “A gun killed me.” Richie Anderson said that a gun was something that invokes fear. His sentence was “We used guns in the heist.” Ryan Burke said that a gun was a safety device. His sentence was “I fought a man with a gun.” All of my definitions came from teenagers. Also I asked a foreign language speaker, Juan Sanchez, and his reply was “a weapon that is used for killing.” As you can see the word gun can be used many different ways in the English language.

The word “gun” has been used in language countless times. It has been around since 1339, 667 years. It has been used in literature many times. One example is the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel: the fates of human society”. This novel explores the idea that guns are an awful part of the world and they should never be used. There is also a novel called “The History of Guns”. This displays all guns from the invention of the weapon. It also shows a picture of each gun and gives a brief description of the gun and a brief history. The “Blue Book of Gun Values” gives a price of any particular model of each gun.

The word gun has a major impact on most people’s lives. No one wants to be shot by a gun, so therefore we are afraid of guns. Also, we used guns to exert our authority, police officers have guns so they can keep peace. But how can a gun create peace? We also use guns to attack other nations in war. War leads to major loss of live on both sides and they only reason they do is because they don’t like each other. Is it worth it to settle a dispute by killing each other. And they kill each other by using guns and other horrible weapons. Without guns, the world would be a better place.