English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Christopher Brookmyre, Dear Chris, I have come across a few of your books such as “Quite ugly one morning”. I have read some of this book and enjoyed it a lot and I just recently found out that it was the first one you have ever wrote. I am also impressed because you won the inaugural Critics' First Blood Award, which is known to be the best first crime novel of the year. I’ve also heard of the book Boiling a Frog, although I haven’t got around to reading it I have heard many good things about it and also realized that for this book you won the 2000 Sherlock Award for Best Comic Detective. My name is Ryan Fleming and I am a student who attends Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. And through out the year I am going to look forward to reading some of your other novels. I’ve heard many things about you such that you are also part of a film industry. I would like to ask you to come visit us to tell us about your books and how you got the ideas to write them. Sincerely, Ryan Fleming


























The song which I was assigned is called “Lady of Sker”, which is based on an ancient farmhouse. This was written many years ago by an artist called Thomas Evans who also was a Welsh harpist. This famous artist was born in Carnathon and passed away in 1819. The story was written in Whales, and is based on a girl who was named Elizabeth Williams, who was forced by her father to marry a man. After a while she had died and was buried in Chananelt Churchyard, and through to this day her grave can not be found. I believe this story was song was written to show the extent of pain that the man and girl went through. Although the girl was not married to the man neither liked him the father was upset because he liked the man very much and wanted his daughter to marry him. I believe it was also written to show how much the man wanted to be with her and how much he admired her as a lady. Hence the name of the song that still exists today called “Lady of Sker”. I mainly believe that this story was written to tell the people about this mysterious event that occurred a long time ago in Whales. This story influenced the people and citizens of Whales to find the long lost coffin and body of the infamous girl Elizabeth. This song influences me because it is based upon a true and interesting event about the love and feed between a daughter and her father whom forced her do marry a stranger whom she didn’t know nor have any feelings for at the time.





















The crime that I am going to talk about today is a murder that was committed in the state of Atlanta. Sources say that James Sullivan did not personally murder her but in fact they say that he paid a triggerman Phillip Harwood 25,000 $ to kill his wife. James wanted his wife killed because they were encountering some problems in the relationship and Lita Sullivan was seeking about $1 million in the divorce, including the Atlanta townhouse, a Mercedes, alimony and jewelry. This all happened around 1983 although the court dropped the case in 1992 he can still be tried today for double jeopardy. James Sullivan says he did not commit the crime, he says “I was miles away from the crime when it took place, there is no way I committed this murder.. Due to all he information collected it proves that he most likely did not kill her personally. A witness who testified against him pointed James out saying he killed his wife Lita. Although he is accused of this crime a source broke the information out that a triggerman Philip Harwood had killed Lita for a money reward by James. James Sullivan also said that Hardwood killed his wife , Hardwood fought back by saying that James Sullivan called him on the phone and said “I need you to take care of a problem, the problem was to kill his wife but he says he’s innocent for the shooting and murder of the Lita. The other possible culprits in this case involve a man named Philip Hardwood. I believe he is a culprit because he was offered a numerous amount of money to due this awful crime though of by James Sullivan. I believe that he would do this crime to gain power by gaining a lot of money and becoming more wealthy. That is why I believe he could be a culprit and possibly the real murderer of Lita Sullivan. This is tied into literature in many ways. Some of my examples are in fact he paper that I am writing right now about this horrible crime. It also ties to literature because this issue has come up in the paper before and many newspaper writers had to spend a lot of time correcting and perfecting this article. Also this may require a lot of write up by people in the law firm. This crime may also be related to in books that could be written in the future that could use hints and clues from this case in order to make a novel winning book about a ruthless crime. In Conclusion today I talked about a trial of a very wealthy man James Sullivan whom was charged with the murder of his own wife. I briefly talked about what the events in the case had. I also talked about how James Sullivan said he did not commit this crime. In fact it was a man named Phillip Hardwood. Hardwood still claims he did not commit the crime but James did call him before this crime and told him he had a problem and needed it taken care of. I also described ways that this crime could fit into the scene of literature. I believe it could tie into this because there has been many examples of this crime printed and revealed to the public and many newspapers had talked about the crime and also this paper that I am writing right now. In conclusion I do believe that James Sullivan had in fact hired a triggerman $25,000 to kill his wife Lita Sullivan.






















The word which I was assigned to do this report on was the word nation. Nation to all people mean somewhat around the same thing. People who I’ve questioned about the word gave me sentences about the word. This word is quite old it first appeared in English text sometime in the 1300’s. I believe this word is very beneficial and plays an important role in the United States because it is in the pledge of allegiance. Firstly, I am going to write about 3 different definitions from multiple dictionaries that I researched for to find the meaning of the word nation. First is dictionary.com which gave me information on nation meaning “ A large group of people organized under one single government.” The second resource I went to was the Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language which described nation as “a body of people united under a particular organization.” The third and final resource which I used was the Longman English Dictionary which told me nation meant “a federation or tribe that inhabits a tribal territory”. Secondly, I am going to write about the survey which I took with a handful of young teenagers. The first person whom I used was a friend Brian Barrett who gave me a sentence of nation such as “We are one nation under god.” The second person who I used was a friend that was foreign and spoke two languages but was not a second speaker of English he gave me a sentence of nation like this “The united states is one of many strong and powerful nations in the world. The last person I asked was also foreign as having English as a second language behind Spanish, when I asked Chris Gonzalez he gave me a example using nation as this “The word nation has something to do with people and the country and the government, I came from a Spanish speaking nation.” In my research I found that people who speak the language more fluently have a different definition and understanding of the word rather than people whom are new and have English as a second language in there life. Lastly, I am going to write about how the word appears in magazine and books and some articles. The first article which I found the word nation in the heading was “One nation under Law”, and in this article it discusses a problem we had a while ago about the word nation in the pledge of allegiance. The second article which I found the word nation in was “A nation of laws at the crossroads”, This article discussed the increase of illegal immigrants in the United States. The third source that I found was in the “Nations restraint news”, and this discussed the fast food store Wendy’s and there plan for a major corporate turnaround which would cost 100 million dollars. In Conclusion today I talked about the use of the word nation. The word nation plays an important role because it appears in many texts and is used everyday in America in the pledge of America. I also took a survey of 3 teenagers whom I know and what they would use nation as and what there thoughts of it would be. I also talked about some of the texts and headlines it appeared in and what the issue was that they were discussing with the word. Although I wasn’t able to find the exact text where it first appeared in English I know it was sometime in the 1300’s. I also provided 3 different dictionary examples of the meaning of the word and they all were similar referring to a group of people usually forming a government or tribe.