English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear, Mr. Peter Ackroyd

Hello my name is David Bean and I am a student presently in my sophomore year at Catholic Memorial. Here at Catholic Memorial we are studying British Literature. I am here writing to you today because I am inspired by your many pieces of work and how great they are. I am especially fascinated by your work “Voyages Through Time: Escape from Earth”. It is truly a great piece of fiction. The way you blend the past and present, fact and fiction is an unique characteristic about you and how you cooperate it in to your works is something that I enjoyed a lot. A piece that I look forward to reading in the near future is “The Plato Papers” I enjoy futuristic fictions a lot and this seems like a book that I wont be able to put down.

 Another book I would not mind taking a look at is your biography of William Blake, which you had avoided the two traditional views of Blake as either a madman or enlightened visionary, if you do not see him as either I would like to know what your stand is on Mr. Blake. I know that you are greatly acclaimed for both your inventive biographies and diverse fiction, I also know that much of your work revolves around the city of London. This is interesting because I have stayed in London for quite a while through out my summer vacation a couple years ago. While I enjoyed my stay in the great city of London, I did not catch your screenplay “The Mystery of Charles Dickens”. Although I did catch a segment of it on BBC, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Although you should know, Mr.Ackroyd. That I am here writing to you today, to ask if you may make time upon your busy and hectic schedule to pay us a visit here at Catholic Memorial. We would greatly appreciate it if you can share your great experiences and accomplishments. Although we are studying British Literature, I have taken the liberty to see if our class book had any pieces of your work published in it. Sadly id did not, so again I hope you may take the time out of you busy schedule to share you work with us, because it would be a sure tragedy if more young adults do not study your work and enjoy it as I have. Sincerely, David Bean