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Dear Ian Mackaye

My name is kyle Thompson and I'm a student at Catholic Memorial in Boston, MA, and we have been studying British literature. Once I heard Britich literature I immediatly thought of Minor Threat. I have been drawn to your music ever since I watched the New Blood video and heard your song "Good Guys" in the Tony Cervantes part. I am sending this letter as an invitation to my school, so you can talk about your life, career, your music, and what you plan to do in the future.

Most of your songs being about skateboarding, and me being a skateboarder they go hand and hand. I listen to your songs to inspire me to skate. Some of your songs remind me of Monty Python and how they are absurd themes, for instance " Guitly of being White" which is something people dont usually think about.

The song of yours I am nost interested in is "Good Guys" and how you make the greatest point I've heard in a song which is "good guys don't wear white." When people think of a good guy its true they think they wear white, but you show the other side of that. To me it shows that good people are not always what you expect.

Through your career you have been revolutionary, not only through your music, but through the messages behind it. You have had the courage to say what others have not and having done so I tip my hat to you.

from Kyle Thompson

























The song “When The King Enjoys His Own Again” by the Irish composer Lesley Nelson-burns was sung by the Cavaliers during the English Civil War. It was written in 1640 .The song as almost no impact, mainly because it was such and old song and was sung during a time of peril. The song teaches us that the soldiers were not going to stop fighting until the King was safe and out of harms way. The song affected British politics by providing hope to the king and all who were in his kingdom.

This song was written only for this specific time period of destruction and war to the king. The song was secretly written because it could have brought more troubles of bad news to the people, also because the song was never revealed to the public. The song included a lot of astrologers like: Booker, Dade, and Dove.

The main influences were on the king and the people of the kingdom to provide hope of restoring peace and to go back to the way things were before all the chaos and destruction with the country. ”For better may The scepter sway” which meant that the king would be at rule again and restore order for the people.

The influences on today is almost none but in the song the words “Then let's hope for a peace, For the wars will not cease” show that during the war the sung about what would happen after the war, a settled peace between the two. Because it was a time of war the were very concerned about keeping the throne “Full forty years this royal crown Hath been his father's and his own And is there anyone but he That in the same should sharer be?”

There has been no recreation of the song for the mere fact that it does not need to be created for England no longer has a king and that England is not in a civil war. Also that because it was written so long ago may things that the song stood for no long applies to today’s society.






















In 1999 coach Jim O’Brien of Ohio state basketball, was charged of illegal scouting, paying off students to come to the school. He had done this because he had promised a playoff spot, so that was his guarantee; seven-foot-three Aleksandar Rodojevic from Serbia to join the team. Now in 2004 coach O’Brien is going to be fired, but he tried to keep his position as coach by improving the teams record. This crime was driven by power because Coach O’Brien wanted to illegally improve the team by paying off players to join the team to get to the playoffs.

Many People who have spoken about the case agree that it was motivated by power. Coach O’Brien said in his own defense “ Aleksandar Rodojevic was not a violation because he knew Rodojevic already forfeited his amateur status by playing professionally.” Coach also stated in his reasoning “ he gave the money to Rodojevic’s family in late 1998 or early 1999 because the players father had recently died and the family needed the money for the funeral. Rodojevic never played for the Buckeyes.” He did not tell the University officials because it was a moot point.

 Other people who were involved, Ohio State president Karen Holbrook testified during the case that “ there was still justification for the dismissal because the contract also required him to uphold Ohio State’s standards.” The judge disputed the university’s claim that O’Brien acted in bad faith and tried to cover up his actions. Holbrook later stated, “ we have forthrightly in compliance with NCAA rules and in the best interests of the athletes program and the university.”

A piece of literature that fits this case is the book Moon Raker. In the book a millionaire is caught cheating in a card game, but there was no need for him to cheat because he had money. The similar aspects are that both people cheated and both were well off without the use of cheating.

In conclusion coach Jim O’Brien of Ohio state basketball was found guilty of illegal scout and lost his position as head coach. This crime was driven by power because coach O’Brien wanted to illegally improve the team by paying off players to join the team to get a playoff spot.




























Some people say it is our opposable thumb that separates us from the animals, but I say that it is language. English stared off as a simple language and now it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. The word “dude” being 123 years old, I find to be one of the most spoken words today. I believe that the word “dude” has helped the world because it can be used in so many ways and it allows us to shorten up speech, but in a good way. In general I think English has helped the world because from people I know that speak other languages say that English is one of the easiest to learn.

There are many different definitions of the word “dude”, one of the most common uses of the word was “a man” which I found in Webster dictionary. On the American Heritage dictionary the definition was “ a way to describe a mans dress or sense of fashion.” The last source was the Merriam-Webster pocket dictionary which read “a person of the male sex.” All of these have been useful in the history of the word “dude.”

In the Oxford English Dictionary the word “dude” started in New York in 1883, but the origin of the word was not determined. In 1883 it states “the dude sound that names the birds.” The definition was a name given to a man effecting an exaggerated fastidiousness in dress and speech. The used again in 1883 by North Adams, it meant “traveling.” Another in 1883 by American VII it was “a man affected by English dress.”

In a survey I had taken on people’s thoughts on the word “dude” were similar among most, but then others were completely different. An example is by Karen Delacruz who said “a person”, “the dude at stop n’ shop packed my bags.” Then Nick Thompson said “California, as in Dude I’m from California.” Andrew Goodwin said that the word dude reminds him of the movie Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure “ Dude was used like over a hundred times in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure.” The analysis showed that 70% males and 30% females had similar thoughts on the word “dude.” 50% were around the ages of 16-18 , 20% were 18-25, and 30% were 35-56. 90% of these people were born in Boston and 10% were from North Carolina.

In another survey I had taken which was directed at foreign language speakers understanding, the results were surprising. First I asked 18 year old Elaine Klironomos and she said “skateboarder” as in “ Dude lets go skate.” The next question I asked was if there were any words in her language that were similar to dude and she replied “no because the word is used more in America.” Then I asked 52 year old Diana Theodore who said “a friend, as in hey dude what’s up.” I asked if there were any words in her language that was similar to dude, but she said “well the word dude is not used in a specific way and instead they would just say the word for friend ( which she wouldn’t tell me).” The last person I asked was 16 year old Krzysztof Wierzbicki who said “a man” as in “dude I failed the test.” when I asked him if there was a word for “dude” in his language he said “I refuse to answer your questions.”

In Literature the word “dude” as also been used quite often and is even used has the title of books. In the book “Once upon a cool motorcycle dude” by Kevin O’Malley. Another use in literature was in “Thou shalt not dump skater dude” which was written by Connie Tyrrell Burns. Another use of “dude” in literature was in book “it’s the crude dude” written by Linda McQuaig.

The word “dude” has been used many times in magazines and newspaper, and all of which have given my research on the word some credit. In the March 2006 Thrasher magazine in a section title “Excuses for still not having a mini-ramp in my backyard” it said “Dude, I totally quit skateboarding to get serious about my Dungeons and dragons career.” Then used again in the April 2006 Transworld magazine in a section titled “The Overheards” which said “Dude, did you guys use that quote of mine when I said Nate should do the loop naked.”

In conclusion, all the research I had taken on the word “dude” showed similar result as I had before doing this project, most people found the word means a man or a person, and so did the dictionaries. The word had begun far older than I had originally thought and that it had some strange definitions. After this whole paper I have come to the conclusion that English has helped the world because people use and have similar understandings of words, which makes this country great. In the wise words of Steve-O, I leave you with this “Yeah Dude I rock.”