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Dear Andrew Miller,

Hi, mane is Ashcon Nejatian and I am in the 10th grade at Catholic Memorial High School and I was learning about British Contemporary Authors. I have heard that you were born in Bristol, England and a couple of summers ago I had visited that part of England it was a pleasant place to be during the summer. You and I also have something in common, we both like to travel a lot and have visited many countries, just like me. Although you were not in our textbook my classmates and I would like to learn more about you and the novels that you have written. I also would like to learn interesting facts about yourself.

I admire that you went to the University of East Anglia and graduated from there and have studied creative writing and finished your Ph.D. in Critical Creative writing at Lancaster University. Another British Contemporary Author that my English calls and I read was Doris Lessing and both of you like to write about more realistic novels. Also another thing that I admire of you is that you have received many awards for your the outstanding novels that you have written. I will be looking forward in reading the following novels “Casanova,” “Oxygen,” and “The Optimist”.

The novel that got my attention was “Ingenious Pain”. I like how the fact that you wrote about a person in the 18th centaury who was a heartless brain surgeon named James Dyer and is unable to feel pain that meets a strange woman that has a miracle healing Powers that turn the brain surgeon into mad shock. A memorable quote from the novel was when Dyer said, “can I get help,” to Mary who helps Dyer to get healed and later they become friends.

My classmates and I would truly like to meet you and would be grateful if you come and visit us. We would learn a lot from you about British Literature and about yourself, if you come and visit us.

Thank you






























William Crump a British singer who composed the song “Any Old Iron”, according to Music Hall. Later on, over the years, however William Crump changed his name to Harry Champion. He was born in Shoreditch London in1866. At the age of 15 he became involved in music and knew he would want to compose in front of live audience for a living when he grew up. Harry Champion wrote the song “Any Old Iron” in 1895, at his hometown, Shoreditch England. The song was not popular at first, but later on the years “Any Old Iron” was favored during World War I. On close inspection it teaches us the cultures of philosophy of England in the 19th century.

 The song “Any Old Iron” is about how once a child’s uncle had died and the child became unhappy and upset. The would always remembered the uncle and never forgot about him. This song teaches us about how loved ones that have past away will never be forgotten and right now they are in a better place. It effected British culture by in those times people were dieing in their early ages and that you shouldn’t be worried because they are in a better place. The background of the song and the reason that “Any Old Iron” was about in the early ages how people were passing away in their early ages. Then people would be grieving over that person that had passed away. His song was telling us that not to worry and not to grieve because the person that has passed away is in a better place and good things will come to you later in life. Also it is better have loved someone than not to have loved someone.

The main function of the philosophy the song was for you to get cheered up. Also that you should not be grieving over the person who had passed away. This song influenced family that have been grieving or upset people that their loved ones had passed away, because you should be rejoicing and not be grieving or upset. I have referenced quotes from the song, “Any Old Iron” on International lyrics playground would be “Just then, the Mayor - he began to smile. He pointed to me face and shouted" Blimey! What a dial"! Then he came up ter me - well I thought I should've died Then pointing to me watch and chain, he hollered to me "Say"!” This quote clearly shows you that you shouldn’t be upset over the loved one that has passed away.

The functions that influences today is that no one has any idea about this song or the singer. I have asked several people if they have heard of this song and the singer. First I asked Matthew Charest a student at Catholic Memorial High School because he likes to listen to music and knows a lot of songs, that if he has heard the song “Any Old Iron”. Minutes later he responded, “No, I have not heard of the song “Ay Old Iron”. Then I asked another student at Catholic Memorial Sean Mannion who likes to listen to music if he has heard of the song “Any Old Iron” and he also replied that he has never heard of the song “Any Old Iron”.

The performance of the song “Any Old Iron” was not famous until World War I .

 The song was a big hit and a lot of people liked to listen to the song. According to Music Search Johnny Johnson, today “Any Old Iron” is still recognized to a singer named Johnny Johnson, who released his album in 2001 and composed the song

























It was a misty Augast day in Derry, New Hampshire. Gregory Smart lying in on the ground at his condo on the puddle of his blood when his wife Pamela Smart came and saw her husband dead. Billy Flynn was the criminal in this case, because he was the one who shot Gregory Smart. His motive was to kill Gregory Smart and then he and Pam Smart could be in love, because on one day Pam told Billy Flynn that her husband being controlive and abusive. Pam was not in love with Gregory Smart anymore and she was in love with Billy Flynn. She told Billy that if he kills Gregg that she could see Billy more often and that they could be love, but if he doesnt kill her husband than she wouldn't see Billy anymore. The progress of the ivestigation was that the police have arrested Billy Flynn and now he is in prison for 46 years for killing Gregory Smart and have arrested Pamela Smart and now in prison for life for telling Billy to kill her husband. This crime was motivated by power by power because if Billy had the power to kill Gregory Smart then he could see Pam more often and they could be in love. If Billy didnt have the Power to kill Gregg then he couldn't see Pam anymore.

Billy Flynn has said that he was told to commit the murder of Gregory Smart, but Pamela Smart told the media that she nver told Billy to kill Greg. "The reason that Billy said this because Billy would get less years in prison that Pamela was involved in the murder by telling him to kill Greg," said Pamela Smart to the media. Pamela, far has spent 16 years in jail and just regrets having the affair. She thinks that she is being punished by having an affair and that it was a big mistake. Her direct quotes about the media was "I am very different from the media's portrayal of me," she said. "I am not a cold, uncaring individual." The other possible culprints to this murder was that the media beneifeted by having an article about this and having intervieing the murderers.The police officers also benifeted by this by having to book and arresting Pamela Smart and Billy Flynn to make the community a safer place and getting paid. Detectives beniefeted by having to investigate this murder to have a job and get paid.

This type of murder has appeared in the literture of Romeo and Julliet by William Shakespear. The reason is because Romeo and Julliet were in love and wonted to be with each other just like Pamela Smart and Billy Flynn. Romeo also had to kill someone in order to see Julliet more often and Billy Flynn had killed Greg Pam's husband to see each other more often and to be with each other. A quote from the literture of Romeo and Juliet in Act 1 scene 2 that goes with this crime was "One fire burns out another's burning, One pain is lessen'd by another's anguish." However the endings have some differences such Romeo and Juliet commit suicide and Billy and Pam get arrested.

In conclusion Pamela Smart and Billy Flyn get jail time for the most of there lives time because of one mistake they did, by killing Greg Smart. Right now Pamela Smart has gotten most of degrees during time. I think both of them regret even thinking about killing Greg Smart to this day.


























Today laguages have many words to it and come from different origins from different languages. There are many languages today that people speak in different countries. Around the world, it is important for people to, know languages, speak it, and to comunicate with people in other countries. The English language is very important in our world because it is the 2nd most spoken language in the world and no language has ever had as many word as English. "Contrive" a word that was used 1st in 1335 by an author named E.E.Lallit.

Even though this word, "contrive" is an English word it came from the Latin root word controper which meant to invent. Today in the Merriam Webster dictionary the word, "contrive" has many definitions, which were both used as verbs 1. devise or plan and 2. to bring about by stratagem or with difficulty.

It is amazing that this word "contrive" was first used in 1325 to make plans, according to the O.E.D.. Also in 1330 the meaning of "contrive" which is extinct today meaning that the meaning of this word is no longer in use today. In 1330 "contrive" meant to be moreover. In 1432 the word meant to have cleaverness.

 According, to the O.E.D the author EE. Lallit uses contrive in a sentence by saying Theme founded in fleschlyon dedez and contrive werkez on. (page 266 of his novel.) Middle English was used in that sentence because we can understand a little bit of the sentencec. Then in +1330 an author named Brune Chrou. used this on his novel by saying, "Kyng controved berovr a brigge forto make." The sentence was used in middle English because we can understand a little bit of what the author is trying to say.1432 the author named Hidge first uses this in his novel in Modern English because you could understand what the author is trying to say by saying, "Which all most contrive the romes of this world."

Some recent authors use the word "contrive", for example a Brittish author named George Borrow quotes this in the novel "Lavengro," "If you must commit suicide... always contrive to do it as decorously as possible; the decencies, whether of life or of death, should never be lost sight of." Another recent American author Gene Clark who uses this word "contrive" in his novel, "You Can't Steal a Gift","The actual writing of a song usually comes in the form of a realisation. I can't contrive a song." It was intresting that how the authors in the recent years used this word in their novels compared to the older authors from before using the word in their novels.

 This word "contrive" has had different deffinitions from the old to the recent and to newer deffintons. On the Oxford English Dictionary there were 2 different definitons used 1 verb a devise or plan using skill and artifice. 2 manage to do something foolish. Contrive is now the name of the kind of a product logo called the ED-Contrive which are trademarks or registered trademarks. All other company names or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Another intresting fact about this word "Contrive" is that there is a band name called "Contrive".

It is nice to see that the, word "contrive" has been growing with new deffinitions and different kinds of spellings. An example of a sentence that uses the word in a different spelling or a different deffinition is , "It is odd, but most fortunate, that the contrivers of the Local Government explosion should have placed their nitro-glycerine in almost the only place in this huge city where it could make a noise and damage a building without injuring a single person." In that sentence the word contrive means people that work in some kind of contsruction. Another example is "A Northern Ireland company has been given the green light by Louth County Council to build 26 houses and three apartments after councillors agreed to materially contravene the Dunleer development plan." In that sentence the deffinition means to come to an agreement with something.

The servey that has been taken on this word it was intresting on how much people in this country know this deffinition and can put it in a sentence. First person that was asked was Sean Mannion what this word meant and he said for the deffinition means "to convince." Then he put it in a sentance and said, "The boys tried to contrive their parents by letting them sleep past their bed time."( high school edu., 16age, conntition) Cameron Ghorbi said, "this word means artistic" for the deffintion and his sentence was, The artist contrived his paintbrush into a form of art work."( highschool edu., 17 age, denstation) Another person that was interviewed was Margret Smith she believed the deffinition that first came to her mind was,"it has to do with something like a plot. Her sentence was, "the seniors contrived their high school prank without being caught."(college edu. 43 age denstation) When I asked Matthew Charest about the defintion and sentence he said' "um derive". "I contrived my English paper. (high school edu. 15 age connotation) The pecentage of the people that was intervied were 10% women and 90% boys, 10% college edu and 10% high school edu. 90%, and English as there 1st language 100%.

After that I had asked another person that had English as their 2nd language about the word contrive and Parisa Nejatian said "cleverness", "The younger childeren were bored but the clown had contrived ways to amuse the childeren later." ( college edu., 40 age,denstation) Then I asked her that if she had ever learned that word in English school and responded with with, "no" and, responding that she learned the word by reading books. the next person that was interviewed was Tony Valaszques and he did not even understand what the word meant by responding," I don't know what contrive is?"(36 age college edu) Samuel de Paz was the last person that was asked and he is just going to ESOL. classes and learning English for his 2nd language. When he was asked what this meant he had no clue of what I was saying and responded by saying' " no I don't what a contrive is?"(23 age college edu) I don't think English speaking schools don't help or teach different kinds of vocab, knowing most of the people that I interviewed did not know this word that people

In conclusion I think this word has helped the world in progress as a typical word from the dominant language on earth today because it is expanding our vocab knowledge of the people today making more and more intelligent people to know this word. It is also good to know the history of the English words and how you get the formation of your word. It is also positive to the word because you learn that were your words come from. Today it is boring if people just use the same words each day and not having and using different word. There needs to be a mixture and different words so that everyone wont use the same word each time for the meanaing of the word. Also I think that in schools in united States there should be biolingual languages being spoken because the more we know and mixture there would newer words that would be formed together, which this would create variety of new words. With that beinging done our language would be grown and so would our knowledge.