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Creative Writing  
  .Hello, Mr. Benjamin Zephaniah, I am a student at Catholic Memorial High School (best school ever) and am studying British writers and your name appeared as one of them. Most of the authors in the book are quite talented, but no one compares to you. Please come to our school to read or show us some of your work. Your work is more appealing because it is entertaining and; because of your sense of rhyming and style. Like you, I was born in the Caribbean. I like to think that we have more flavors to our work as compared to others.

You are a good author to invite to my school not only because of your stylish dreadlocks and your amazing work. I like the fact that you have produced music recordings such as “Us and Dem” and “Belly of de Beast”. You are the only poet, novelist and playwright and musician that I have heard of and actually liked. As an author you produce your poetry for all ages. My favorite quotes is, “ Black employers will display notice-boards proclaiming me nu care whea you come from so long as you can do a good day’s work , dat cool wid me” this explains how we should live life and to not take it to seriously.

I enjoyed the fact that at one point in your life you attacked the British legal system of authority because sometimes I test my authority. What also caught my attention to you was your work that you did for teenagers called “Face”. The whole fundamental of the story was a great idea. The story was original and everyone can relate to this story someway somehow. I highly respect your work as an author as well as a writer.

I hope you can come read or even show us some of your work, because we don’t have enough time in the year to read any of your works as a class. I wish the best to you and good luck with the rest of your career.

Ps. Remember “Catholic Memorial is the best School” Hope to see you soon! Sincerely, Guilet Libby




















O God , Who by the leading of a star In the late 1700’s through early 1800’s many songs were being composed at this time which would either, leave a forever memorable memory or would be forgotten. A few songs that audiences today might have herd from these time periods would be O Danny Boy , When Irish Eyes are Smiling or even My Wild Irish Rose are some of the more popular songs of this era . There are also songs that are forgotten such as my main focus O God , Who by the leading of a star . This old church song which had to do with Britain’s culture at this time was written by Thomas Attwood in 1814. Only those of religious standards might recognize that the song starts out with part of a prayer from the Holy Epiphany said on January 6th. O God , Who by the leading of a star teaches us about the faith of the people in Britain at that time at how they were able to see Jesus Christ in their own lives. I have found much information on this song and author from many websites.

 According to one of my sources ,Thomas Attwood was born in 1765 and died in 1838. His father was part of the royal band of king George the third . Like father ,like son he was heavily influenced by his father to become a musician .Thomas Attwood was also taught by Mozart a master of composition . He was named organist of St. Paul in 1796 until his death .Thomas has composed other songs such as Come Holy Ghost and Turn thee again , O Lord , at the Last .

O God , Who by the leading of a star and many other of Thomas Attwood’s songs were written to be sung during mass . There may have been many reasons to why he wrote these songs . My logical guess to why he wrote these songs was because most of his life he spent his time in church practicing and celebrating mass as an organist eventually he got inspired by other composers to write his own songs.

O God , Who by the leading of a star functions are used in prayers and served as a psalm sung at mass. The title may also be used at the beginning of a lectionary done at mass. This song is still sung in a few churches today . There has not been a remake of this song in my opinion simply because its unheard of by many . Making a remake of this song could also cause a debate because this song is meant for mass.

No one that I have asked including friends and family have heard of this song .I got many of their opinions of the song just from the lyrics. My mom (very holy women) said that she thinks the song is very boring and plain . This song will live on for many more centuries through the psalms of the church .





























Many fear the U.S. why? Because we are the richest most powerful and advanced nation in the world. Two Planes crashed into the twin towers in the New York in attempt to weaken our economy. This brought death to many people but in some way made us a stronger nation. The attacks were brought upon by Al Queda member Osama Bin Laden. We are in the process of trying to find him still. Although he is hiding he still has many followers who believe in what he did. Abdullah Khadr is one of those followers who support Bin Laden’s acts he did upon U.S. soil. He is the son Ahem Said Khadr, and alleged Al Queda Financier and Partner of Osama Bin Laden. Abdullah Khadr has been accused of running an Al-Queda training camp in Afghanistan in the 1990’s. He is also accused of providing military weapons which are used against U.S. Soldiers. These crimes which were committed are all crimes which could be motivated by power.

Abdullah stated “If I was running a terrorist camp, and on the plane which struck the twin towers, how would I still be here doing this interview,” to CBC news on February 25, of 2004 The prosecutors admits being wrong about that conclusion but the other are certain! What support their conclusion of the court is the fact that he is very wealthy and a very good friend of Osama Bin Laden. His family has also had a bad history of criminal activity in their past. On February 8 , 2006 he was convicted .

This criminal act is also located in a British poets work. The work is done by an anonymous poem called “November 5th which was inspired by Guy Fawks . He was an English soldier who planned the Gunpowder plot in 1605 ,which was to assassinate King James the first . This poem is about a terrorist who wants to overthrow his own government to gain political power. He uses the same extreme way of killing the one who holds the most power . “Please to remember the Fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot. And I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot’’.

Al Khadr is made history to those who support Al Queda . He may be remembered as a hero which maybe important to be a subject to be written on . Others are also being influenced by his actions .although he has committed this crime he has corrupted the minds as others and has left his mark on history .






























Language has been around for many years .Usually the stronger more useful languages will survive. For example Latin was a language which spurted the growth of many other languages which are spoken today .Languages which were spurted from it were French , Italian , Portuguese , Spanish and Romanian these are also called romance languages .Some of these languages use the word “love” in a different spelling .In Spanish the word “love” is amor ,in Latin the word is amore in English the word love could also mean zero this meaning is used in tennis .The spelling in Spanish and Latin are not that different . Although all these languages have different spellings meanings used for basically the same thing which is communication .Each language uses words or a group of words to express ones thoughts or point of view .An example would be take the word hate in this sentence “We all hate having plenty of work to do.” In this sentence it expresses how most of us feel about having plenty of work. Through times we have figured out how to either use some words to be helpful to the world or to be hurtful to the world.@ When it comes to words which would either be hurtful or helpful to the world I think of the word peace, hatred, fighting, war, care and finally “love”. these words are both hurtful and helpful to the world ,one which sticks out most would be “ love .” is a very important word towards being helpful to the world .Although Love can be used to be hurtful in some ways it is mostly a helpful word which express ones feelings to others .@ The word love in the Oxford English dictionary stated that the word love was used around the year 85 A.D. . . .The meaning of the word has not changed In old English the word was lufu and is related to the old Frisian luve , old German lube . The definition of the word “love” means showing affection and sexual passion .Later William Shakespeare uses the word saying “For stony limits cannot hold love out, And what love can do that dares love attempt. William Shakespeare 1564-1616: Romeo and Juliet (1595) .Love in the since would be expressing the way the characters Romeo and Juliet feel for one another in Shakespeare’s story.@ The word love is usually not a hard word to learn. Usually a child will learn this word around the ages of 4 and 5 according to the latest survey I have taken .This survey included both male and females of all ages and ethnicities from the survey I also concluded that although these people were different ethnicities and ages they still learned this word at around the same ages. As children they stated that the word “love” was used to describe to express their feelings towards their toys or even their food. When they became older the meaning of the word stayed the same but became a word to be taken seriously. Some of there experiences with this word have been good and others…..well haven’t had the best of luck shall we say.@ Lately the meaning of the word have stayed the same but recently in an article named I love-hate the eighties by McCarter, Jeremy on may 5, 2006. In this title the author uses love-hate meaning almost equal things he liked or didn’t like about the eighties. Other words that have used the word “love” are loveday, love-drink and loverwise these words are not use as often anymore in English’s fascinating language. The word love has been around for many years and seems to be surviving a strong word in our language.




















Adopted Child

She was constantly breaking her back .
To help me get exactly what I want.
She loved me as if I was her own too.

Now it is my turn to do my duty,
Because she brought up as a young man.