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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Robert Collins,

My name is Michael Collins I am a student at Catholic Memorial High School. In my English 10, British Literature class we are studying contemporary british literature. We came across youre name, I liked youre work so i decided to do some research on you, and I would really enjoy it if you came to Catholic Memorial for a day to recite some of youre work because i found youre work exciting and interesting.

At Catholic Memorial High School in Boston,Massachusettes i am currently in 10th grade. I would like it if you came to Catholic Memorial to show my classmates some of youre work. I like youre work alot, and I think my classmates would too, and as a class i feel like we would benefit alot by seeing you in person reciting youre work.

As i was researching, I saw that you were a garderner, and currently a teacher at the Institute of Rural Sciences in Lianbudarn. I dont know how you get youre writing done, you are very busy considering you teach at an Institute. I look forward to reading youre novel that comes out in 2006.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, I appreciate it, I hope you like it enought to come to Catholic Memorial for a day. I feel like my class would benefit so much if you came because i enjoy youre work and i think my class would also enjoy it. It would be a great experience to meet a famous contemporary british author. yours truly, Mike Collins



























“The Fenians Escape” was written by an anonymous author. I think that it was written by one of the six people that escaped from the jail. Through out the escape the six brothers stuck together and worked together, which is why they escaped with out getting caught.

The Fenains Escape by an anonymous author is about six men who escaped a dark Australian jail. They got away by sailing a ship across the ocean. The six friends fought for their country and their countries flag. I think they got back together after there escape and wrote this song as memorabilia to remind them what they have done in the past.

The Fenains Escape definitely influenced the people who lived in Ireland at the time, and it influenced the country as a whole. Throughout the song they referenced to there flag and country many times. “It’s the banner ill protect, old Irelands flag of green”. The Fenains Escape has not been “covered” by any new artist. It is an original song by an anonymous author.

The Fenains sailed a ship to Ireland. “She showed the green above the red as she did calmly lay prepared to take the Fenian boys in safety o’er the sea”. The citizens of Ireland were waiting for there arrival, “And manned by gallant Irish hearts, pulled towards the Yankee shore”. The Fenians loved the attention of the escape but on the way they ran into trouble. “It was the gunboat georgette, and on her deck there stood, one hundred hired assassins, to she each patriots blood.

In the Fenains Escape the six Fenains proved that there life revolves around there country and there flag. “The Flags for which our heroes fought, old Ireland’s flag of green”. The Fenains have showed us that there country is everything to them, they simply love there county, they escaped for it, live for it, and will die for it.






















Jill Carroll is kidnapped and held in Baghdad. She was kidnapped january seventh and was last seen on kuwaiti television on february ninth. The kidnappers had set february twenty sixth as a dealine for U.S. and Iraqi authorities to meet their demands or they would kill her.

The kidnappers use Jill Carroll to abuse and gain power because they demanded things like money and weapons, and if they didnt get it then they would kill jill on a certain date which was february 26th.

The Iraqis and the U.S. police and army searched suspected places but she was not there. The Iraqis benefit a lot from this little kidnapping because they can demand anything they want and probably will get it. The Kuwaitis working kuwaiti television can also benefit from this because they publicaly broadcasted this on television. Other possible culprits would be the kuwaitis because they did put the kidnapping on tv and the Iraqis could be paying them for publicaly broadcasting this. The Iraqis might have asked them to put it on tv, they said no. than the Iraqis bribed them and gave the stuff for the public broadcasting.

Charles dickens story great expectations ties in and relates to my subject with Jill Carroll being kidnapped. In Great Expectations a character is kidnapped and is held for ransom and the deadline was a certain date, the same situation that Jill Carroll was in. "Give us Bob back, we will give you any thing you want." A quote from Great expectations showing how kidnapping was used to abuse power.

This crime is used for power and does tie into the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. They never found Jill Carroll and we do not know if she is dead or alive.































The English language has over 800,000 words in it and this is on of them, Prejudice, which was first used in 1290 by Becket in the sentence "De King in prejudice of him, and to binmen him his ri3ht." The word prejudice, from the dominant language today, has been both helpful and hurtful to our world. It has been hurtful by being used against people to offend them in a certain ways but helpful in the way that we know not to be prejudice to people and not to use it against people. The Oxford English Dictionary has over two full pages of the word prejudice.

In 1920, by Becket the prejudice was first used in the sentence "De kind in prejudice of him, and to binmen him his ri3ht." Prejudice is injury or damaga caused to a person by judgment or action in which his or her rights are disregarded. In 1315 used by shoreham in the sentence "Hyt ne be haught to be prest malice ne prejudice." This is very much like the first example sentence. In 1686 Chardins uses the word prejudice in the sentence "to advare the younger son in prejudice of the eldest."

When I surveyed ten random people in the yeor 2006 on the work Prejudice the responses i got really varied. Twenty percent of the people I surveyed in some way said that the KKK were prejudice, this consisted of Thomas Flaherty and Jimmy harte. Forty percent of the people i surveyed said that the word prejudice was "wicked" funny but not right at all, it is the most harmful thing you can do to anyone, my sources were A.J. Curelly, Rob Schaetzl, Patrick Sweeney, and Mike Hawk. Forty more percent of the people i surveyed said that people who were prejudice should be killed or arrested to see what it feels like, this came from Kevin Philips, Mike O'Neil, Bob Flaherty, and Teddy Poppy. In the end i realized that being prejudice is not right.

When I surveyed three random people whose first language was not english, the dominant language today, i got some really interesting answers. I called my Uncle Ricko and asked him what he thought of the word, when he first heard it, and what it meant to him, uncle Ricko said that the word meant harm to some one that didn't "fit in" in society, he said he did not remember when he first learned the word and he thought the word was nota very good word to have in a language. I asked a random person on the bus what the word meant to him, all i got was a "No habla ingles." The thirst person i surveyed was my great uncle, he said that he learned the young when he was really young, between 5 and 8, he said that the word was very hurtful to a human being, and to him it meant disrespect.

 In conclusion we have learned that the word prejudice can some times be very harmful and disrespectful to people, Especially to people who are not from a country that they are in now, for example a person with a cuban descent in downtown Boston. Like my uncle Ricko said being prejudice is not right and can really harm some one on the insice with out any one really understanding why they have a certain grudge about there descent or where they are from.