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Creative Writing  

Dear ms. jk Rowling, My name is Ryan Brayden and i am a sophmore at Catholic Memorial High school.I was recently looking at a list of British authors that we would be reading about this year in my English class. I noticed that your name was not on it.The reason I was looking for you is because I have read your Harry Potter books and was very impressed by your imagination and crativity.

I think your books are impotant to the world because there are not a lot of books today that make us think the way your books do. So when I found out we were not going to read and learn about you I was very suprised.

I am writing to you because i would greatly appreciate it if you could take time to speak to my class about being a British writer. I know I would enjoy your visit and my classmates would to.

sincerely,Ryan Brayden



























“The Foggy Dew” a song written by Lesley Nelson-Burns, is the song I have chosen to write about. It was recorded in 1913 by John McCormack. The song is written about the Irish Easter Uprising of 1916.

This song teaches us about the politics and philosophy of Ireland in the early 20th century. “The Foggy Dew” sends out the message to Irishmen that it is more important to fight for your freedom rather than the English in wars. The lyrics stress the importance of freedom and fighting for your country: “'Twas better to die 'neath an Irish sky/ Than at Suvla or Sudel Bar.” It creates an image of war and what it is like to fight, as in these lines: “But had they died by Pearse's side/ Or fought with Valera true.”

Even though it is written for the Irishmen the philosophical message goes out to all. Every veteran can relate to this song no matter where they are from or which war they have fought in: “And the world did gaze in deep amaze/ At those fearless men and true.” This song does not only affect the Irishmen but it affects every one. The author explains how freedom is one of those things that everyone needs and fights for and that’s why it is important to everyone in the world: “Who bore the fight/ that freedom's light/ Might shine through the foggy dew.” During my research I asked five friends if they knew of this song. Two of them have heard the song and recognized the beat but did not know the words. Only one was aware of the message that was being delivered throughout the lyrics. As for modern versions of the song, there are none but there are two other popular versions that were written at the same time, one about love and the other about a different war. In conclusion, this song not only tells the story of a war, but also delivers a message about the importance of fighting for freedom.